10 Signs Your Marriage Won't Last

How many marriages will there be by date of birth: representatives of fire

Very impulsive and energetic people. In principle, they try to convey this to their partner. Representatives include:

• Aries; • lviv; • Streltsy.

Each of them has their own unique character traits. Therefore, let's talk about everyone in more detail.

how many marriages will there be


Leaders by nature. Therefore, only the first role will be played in the relationship. If the partner agrees with this, then the union will be eternal. Otherwise, a breakup is inevitable. Most Aries have more than 3 marriages.


How to understand how many marriages they will have? It's a difficult question. The alliances will either be extremely strong, or it will all end in a honeymoon. In general, they try to contact the registry office no more than 2 times.


Fickle natures. They go through life quite easily and naturally. They can break their partner’s heart in the same way. It is not uncommon for Sagittarians to get married more than 4 times in their lives.

How many marriages will there be by date of birth: representatives of water

Sensual and vulnerable natures. Of course, with the exception of Scorpios. They are also vulnerable, but then it is better for the offender to emigrate immediately. Preferably to another planet. These include:

• fish; • crayfish; • scorpions.

All members of the family are unique. A detailed analysis of each will answer the question about the number of marriages.


There is no strong moral core. They will drive anyone crazy with their constant despondency and slight immaturity. Representatives of this sign are characterized by short and short-lived unions. They can marry more than 5 times in their life.


They quickly become attached to their partner. After that, they turn a blind eye to all his shortcomings and flaws in behavior. There are practically no initiators of divorce. Therefore, we can safely say - an alliance with crayfish for centuries.


The most paradoxical sign of the zodiac. He is distinguished by incredible intelligence, but in love affairs he often shows suspiciousness. The first union is perceived solely as a test of the pen, but the second one is approached more thoroughly.

Ability to tolerate everyday stress

Don't underestimate the pressure that stress puts on a marriage. According to studies that have analyzed the factors that lead to marriage breakdown, excessive daily stress is an important cause in many cases. Sometimes even trivial little things like being late for the bus create tension between spouses. If stress constantly accumulates, it turns out to be more destructive than feelings for another person, domestic violence or some difficult moment in life.

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How many marriages will there be by date of birth: representatives of the earth

The most down to earth signs of the zodiac. Only a careful analysis of the situation will allow them to conclude an alliance. This star family includes:

• Taurus; • Capricorns; • virgins.

They all have one thing in common: rationalism. Let's say more similarly about all representatives.


Alliances are concluded at a late age. At the same time, they check the partner as scrupulously and thoroughly as possible. It is often with Taurus that the strongest connections are created. They get married once in a lifetime, divorces are rare.


They are thorough in their actions and decisions. Often they are guided not by the will of the heart, but by the mind. They often come out according to calculations. Divorce means additional expenses and nerves, so they enter into an alliance once in a lifetime.


The constant search for an ideal is the main paradigm of the life of virgins. How to determine how many marriages they will have? It all depends on the partner. In their youth they may make a mistake once, but then they simply won’t allow themselves such luxury.

How many marriages will there be by date of birth: representatives of the air

These characters are used to having their head in the clouds. This applies to all aspects of their lives, including marriage. These include:

• Aquarius; • scales; • twins.

Each character is quite different. Therefore, we will talk about all of them in more detail.


They go from one extreme to another. It is as a result of this that it is impossible to give a clear answer to the question of how to understand how many marriages Aquarius will have. There are two options: either one or many.


They look for harmony and justice in everything. Often this search continues throughout life. They get married or get married only when they feel the corresponding aspirations from their partner. Most often they have no more than one marriage, sometimes they remain single in principle.


Their duplicity is the stuff of legends. They part easily and naturally, almost playfully. In this list they can easily be called real record holders. They often enter into 6 or more unions.

Lack of higher education

It turns out that spouses who spent more time on education are less likely to get divorced. This is exactly what research indicates. The statistics were created based on data from a broad group of people, and as a result, it was found that higher education reduces the likelihood of divorce, but for people without education, the likelihood is fifty percent. This may be partly due to the fact that low education means low income, which means a person's life is more stressful. Psychologists note that it is difficult to create productive, happy relationships in difficult life circumstances, for example, when you constantly have to do physical labor and take a long time to get to work by bus. If partners manage to cope with tension correctly, it will be easier for them to maintain their marriage despite all the hardships.

An overly passionate honeymoon

If you're completely averse to hugging, kissing, and holding hands on your honeymoon, this could be a problem. However, if the passion is too intense, this is also a worrying sign. Psychologists monitored data on more than a hundred couples for thirteen years from their wedding day onwards. Study participants were interviewed regularly. The result was surprising. In those families where the spouses divorced a few years after marriage, the honeymoon was usually very passionate and emotional, the partners showed a third more intense affection than in families where the partners maintained a happy union. All couples who begin their relationship in an incredibly romantic environment are more likely to divorce because such intensity of emotions is simply difficult to maintain. A marriage that begins with wild passion usually falls apart because the routine takes away the sparkle from the relationship. Those partners who start out more calmly usually create a much more stable union.

Trust issues

Problems with trust again stem from the inability of spouses to find common ground and unwillingness to seek it. If you no longer feel safe around your partner, as a companion, a friend, and as a support, you feel vulnerable and try to find someone you can confide in. Emotional infidelity often stems from a loss of trust and can be a more painful blow than physical infidelity because it is a deeper level of intimacy. Talking can help prevent infidelity and resolve other trust issues.

Disputes over the same things

Are you familiar with the phrases “You always...” and “You never...”? Often, throughout a marriage, people reproach each other for the same things. Such behavior can cause divorce, when rare verbal skirmishes over time develop into scandals, mutual insults and accusations. If you don't want to end the relationship, you will have to compromise and make some concessions to end the constant arguments and disagreements. Instead of general reproaches, identify a specific problem that bothers you. There is no need to once again create a scene with breaking dishes because your partner is “not able to take out the trash.” It's better to let him know how much easier he would make your life if he started doing this.


Marriage before twenty or after thirty-two

Of course, the best time to start a family is when you are most ready for it and have found someone with whom you think you could spend your whole life. You shouldn’t put off marriage or, conversely, rush into it too much, trying to adjust your conditions to the statistics. However, research shows that couples who were married in their teens and those who married after their thirties are at greater risk of divorce than those who got married after their twenties. The risk is especially high for very young couples. After thirty-two, the likelihood of divorce increases by five percent every year. In short, the third decade is the optimal period for marriage in most cases. In addition, studies have shown that the likelihood of divorce increases in proportion to the age difference between spouses. A difference of one year increases the likelihood of divorce by three percent, a difference of five – by eighteen. If spouses are ten years apart, divorce becomes thirty-nine percent more likely. If the difference is even larger, the risk for such a couple becomes especially high.

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