A complete guide to fashionable dresses 2020. 40 photos of new products
Skirt with sequins A skirt with sequins can be responsible for the effectiveness of a formal look. Fashion 2020
Fashionable trousers for the fall/winter season 2016-2017. Main trends
Colors and prints Seasonality has long ceased to play a role in choosing the colors of trousers. Therefore, despite
cannes 2016 photos
History of the Cannes International Film Festival in photographs
Jury[ | ] The decision to award film festival prizes is made by the jury, whose composition is determined by the directorate
Large curls
Curling hair into large curls at home and in the salon for long, medium and short hair: methods, instructions with photos
About the author Profile VK Ksenia Emelyanova Hairdresser-stylist with more than 7 years of experience, teacher-colorist. Neither
Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2016 (1)
Fashionable women's jackets spring 2020
A fashionable women's jacket is becoming one of the most important wardrobe items for spring and cool weather.
Songs, roles, words of friends: remembering Zhanna Friske
Songs, roles, words of friends: remembering Zhanna Friske
Zhanna Friske’s father about the valuation of her property: “We won’t let you touch the apartment!” Vladimir Friske //
Congratulations on March 8 for female colleagues and employees: in verse and in your own words
06-03-2020 9:47 On International Women's Day, which is celebrated annually on March 8, do not forget to congratulate
Green bean lobio with and without meat
Red beans with meat Appetizing and juicy red beans with meat at home
How and in what to celebrate the New Year 2019
2019: symbol, anniversaries, colors, what to celebrate New Year 2020 in
Many people around the world are wondering what year, next 2020 what animal according to Eastern
fashionable school uniform, fashionable school clothes for girls
What is the new standard that will make hoodies and bomber jackets the school uniform?
What should school fashion wear be like? Latest school fashion trends School fashion for girls
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