Complications and problems during pregnancy.
Causes of pregnancy complications The first group includes endocrine diseases (endocrine pathologies occupy a leading position
Read online “Become Your Own Parent: How to Heal Your Inner Child and Truly Love Yourself” by Zheng Yen Kang – RuLit – Page 5
Your DietOnline DiOn knows that when communicating with like-minded people, people are 3 times faster
What to do with a child on a plane? Added our experience of a 21-hour flight :)
Velvet season with your child Don't miss the moment for the whole family to enjoy the joys of bright and
These strict fathers were against pets in the house, but now they dote on them (36 photos)
Discipline and personal responsibility of the child for the result are required. Teachers are afraid to be demanding, but
Recovery after childbirth: what to do in the first 3 weeks
“I asked for a caesarean section, but they said I would give birth myself!” The woman was left disabled after giving birth, the doctors behaved rudely
Usually books on child care describe in great detail how to behave with a newborn,
Why not get rid of lice? Lice - how to get rid of nits at home. Removing lice and nits using folk remedies
An alarm bell that may indicate the presence of pediculosis can be constant itching of the scalp.
when can you conceive a girl table
How to make your daughter the main tenant?
The birth of a long-awaited and desired baby is a great joy for the whole family. AND
Causes of chills during pregnancy
Having felt pregnant for the first time, a woman wants the period of bearing a child to go as best as possible.
Contraception for women after childbirth
Contraceptive methods after childbirth are aimed at preventing the onset of a new pregnancy and protecting against sexual
Squash grows
How long to cook squash - oladi-iz-patissonov - post by user Tatiana (AVON - this is for me) (tanka_major) in the Nutrition of a newborn community in the category Rules for introducing complementary feeding - starting with VEGETABLES
What does this unusually shaped vegetable contain? Squash picked from the garden contains
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