healthy eating in summer
Nutrition in summer: principles of summer nutrition, summer drinking regime, summer menu
Healthy eating during the hot season: five useful tips Drink more fluids. In summer a person loses
Lemon fruit juice
Recipes with lemon to boost immunity
The modern beauty industry every day offers the fair sex more and more new cosmetics for
Don't have enough time for sports? Can a short, intense workout replace the routine of slow running?
Just get started Yes, it's very simple. You just have to start and you will see that
The nutritionist listed foods that can strengthen the immune system in the fall
The school year has just begun, and parents are already worried about how to protect their children from illness. More
How to fry minced meat in a frying pan. How to fry minced meat. How to fry minced meat
A gourmet who loves to cook will be interested in learning how to properly fry minced meat and how much of it
Why you shouldn't swallow chewing gum (the real reason)
Is it possible to eat or swallow chewing gum? What to do if you swallowed gum. Something about the digestive process
Incredible facts As a child, you probably often heard “Don’t swallow gum!” Usually this phrase
What alcohol can you drink while dieting and losing weight?
Alcohol while dieting. To drink or not to drink?
Alcohol diet menu It is necessary to exclude the following products from the main diet: salt, sugar, all drinks,
How to prepare and take a ginger drink for weight loss
The healing properties of ginger were discovered in ancient times, when this pungent spice was equated
Constipation after childbirth while breastfeeding glycerin suppositories
Expecting a baby is a wonderful time, but the expectant mother may be worried about health problems and
What foods contain iron: comparison table
The role of iron in the body Iron is an element necessary for the body. Its most important function
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