Curling hair into large curls at home and in the salon for long, medium and short hair: methods, instructions with photos

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Not a single special event is complete without beautiful and large curls. There are many options for hairstyles using them. You can choose depending on your mood and occasion. Let's talk about the secrets of this flawless styling.

Who is suitable for large curls?

Who is suitable for large curls?

Large curls suit almost every girl and add brightness, tenderness and romance to her image, emphasizing her individuality. You just need to choose the right hairstyle, depending on your face type and hair length.

For ladies with a round face, uneven styling is suitable: large curls at the roots and small curls at the ends.

For those with a rectangular or square face type, large horizontal curls are ideal.

If your face shape is oval, any type of hairstyle will do.

Important! Large curls serve as an excellent basis for creating different hairstyles for every day or for a special occasion.

Forming lush curls using a hair crab

Curling strands without a curling iron, curlers, or straightener is not at all difficult.
To do this, just use the following method:

  • First, you need to thoroughly wet your hair with water.
  • Divide them into several strands.
  • Twist each of them into a rope shape and attach it to your head with a crab hairpin.
  • In the morning, remove the hairpins, let your hair down and style it.

Lush curls with curlers

Another safe way to create lush and chic curls is curling with curlers. Using them, you can definitely get a whole waterfall of curls. Installation is easy to do if you follow the rules:

  • You need to take large rollers of the same size and wrap them around your hair in order to create volume at the roots. The strands are usually raised from the forehead upward, while twisting horizontally.
  • Medium-sized curlers should be wrapped around slightly damp hair to keep the curls bouncy.
  • If your hair is very thick, then you need to make as many small strands as possible.
  • To make your hair look fuller, using a comb, the curls must be divided into several separate strands, and a backcomb should be done directly at the roots. Then the hairstyle should be fixed with spray or varnish.

You can see how to curl voluminous curls using curlers in the video below.

Lush curls with a curling iron

  • Curling lush curls with a curling iron should begin from the back of the head.
  • The remaining strands need to be secured with a hairpin and released gradually one at a time, only after the previous one is ready.
  • For medium hair, you need to take a strand 25 mm long and then spray it with hairspray to give it shape.
  • Wind the strand onto a well-heated curling iron and wait 15 seconds, then carefully release it.

This is how you can get truly voluminous curls. If you want to get looser curls, you also need to gather all your hair up, while leaving some strands at the bottom.

You should start creating curls from the roots using spiral movements, slowly moving downwards. After all the curls are ready, you need to lower your head and shake your hair well, while straightening it with your hands.

To quickly create unique, lush curls with a curling iron, just watch the video tutorial below.

Creating luscious curls with a hairdryer

Using a hairdryer you can also get luxurious and voluminous curls. This method is most often used to create volume at the ends of the hair.

To create beautiful and large curls, you need to use a hair dryer attachment in the form of a brush. If it is missing, then you can take a regular round comb and, following the following instructions, curl your lush curls with a hairdryer.

  • First, the hair is divided into strands and combed properly.
  • Then twist one of the strands onto a round comb, pointing it from bottom to top.
  • The curled part should be heated with a hairdryer, and to give more volume, all hair should be blown with hot air.
  • After this, the strand must be freed from the comb as carefully as possible, holding the latter vertically.
  • Lush curls can be easily achieved with a hairdryer; to do this, we recommend watching the video below.

Types of large curls

Types of large curls

A large curl is a strand of hair, shaped like a spring, reaching 5 centimeters or more in diameter. They are:

  • spiral - clear curls, evenly wound from roots to tips;
  • cone-shaped - soft curls, wound along the entire length and smoothly tapering downward;
  • flat - twisted from the ends of the hair to the roots in the shape of a tube.

Reference! You should not combine different types of curls in one styling.

Romantic hairstyle for long hair

The easiest way to choose curly hairstyles is for those representatives of the fair sex whose hair is quite long. There can be a lot of options here.

A simple but very interesting hairstyle can be done on both straight and wavy hair. First you need to divide the curls into two parts horizontally.

First of all, you should treat the lower curls. They gather in a tail at the very base. The assembly location should not be too low. Next, you need to wrap your hair around your hand to make a neat roll and secure everything at the bottom with hairpins.

The upper curls need to be divided into 3 parts vertically. The middle is combed a little, and then this strand is wrapped around the bun obtained earlier. Everything is secured with studs. The remaining side curls should be curled with a curling iron and left as is for decoration. The hairstyle is sprayed with varnish so that everything is held more securely.

hairstyle for long curly locks

Advantages and disadvantages of this installation

Advantages and disadvantages

Thanks to styling, you can hide haircut imperfections and give beautiful volume to your hair roots. This hairstyle makes your facial features soft and feminine.

If you decide to have your hair permed, the disadvantages include the high cost of the procedure.

Frequent use of heating tools greatly dries out hair, and weak hair is damaged by strong tension, which can disrupt blood circulation in the hair follicles.

Features of creating hairstyles

Hairstyles should only be done with clean curls. If the styling is created using rags, curlers, elastic bands, braids or curlers, then the hair must not be completely dried. This will make the strands curl easier.

To achieve hairstyles on one side, you will need mousses, gels and other fixing cosmetics. If electrical appliances are used to perform side laying, protective equipment will be required. With them, the strands will be protected from the negative effects of high temperatures.

You need to start creating a hairstyle with curls from the ends. Curling the strands can be done from the ear or higher. The curls do not need to be combed; let them straighten on their own.

It is not always possible to lay your hair on one side, so you definitely need to use styling products. At the end you need to use a special hairspray. Only it should be used in moderation so as not to spoil the appearance.

How to make curls with an iron? Wedding hairstyle

Styling options with large curls for hair of different lengths

On hair of different lengths, this hairstyle differs in the nuances of styling.

For long hair

For long hair

On such hair, large curls look impressive. You can style from the roots, or curl only the ends with any curling tool. The hairstyle will turn out interesting if you twist the strands in different directions.

To medium

To medium

You can easily create a beautiful hairstyle with medium-length hair. Curl them to the best of your ability, using curlers, curling irons or straightening irons. You can achieve the effect of light waves using brushing and a hairdryer. The hairstyle does not require complex care.

For short

For short

If the haircut is short, achieving the desired result will not be easy. However, large curls add additional volume at the roots to their owners. Hair curls quickly and the style lasts longer. To secure the result, use fixing agents.

On a bob or bob haircut, large curls look beautiful and original.

Ladies with a square or triangular face shape are better off avoiding this hairstyle, since the chin and neck become open, visually weighing down the features.

How to curl short and long hair correctly

In order for your curls to remain healthy and beautiful after styling, you must adhere to the rules of use and not neglect thermal protective agents. An article about how to properly use tinted shampoo.

To maintain healthy hair and restore it after heat styling, it is better to use homemade masks based on natural oils.

Basic rules for safe heat styling:

  1. Curling is only possible on dry and combed hair.
  2. The head should be clean, but not freshly washed.
  3. The use of a heat protectant is mandatory.

After preparing for styling, you must follow the curling instructions:

  1. We select the strands - the curling zones. First, the occipital zones are laid, then the temporal zones and finally the frontal zones.
  2. The strand is wound from the roots to the ends. If your hair is long, you need to make an indent of 5-7 cm from the head. It is better to curl short hair starting from the roots and increase the heating time for it by 2-5 seconds compared to the standard one.
  3. Each strand should be up to 2 cm thick.
  4. Before final combing, the strand must cool completely.

Rush when curling with a device is inappropriate. If you have a choice between styling with a curling iron or going out without styling due to limited time, it is better to go without styling - any hairstyle or curl looks beautiful only on healthy hair. How to straighten your hair without a straightening iron or hair dryer is described in detail in this material.

The heating of the curling iron should not exceed 200°C, and the completely safe limit is 120°C.

To avoid mistakes and do everything correctly, watch the video about creating delicate curls using a curling iron from Rowenta:

Ways to create large curls at home

Styling should be done on thoroughly washed hair. Make sure in advance that all the necessary tools are at hand: a comb for separating strands, bobby pins or hair ties, styling products.

What you need and how you can make large curls at home

styling tools

You can make large curls at home in several ways, from curling irons and curlers to improvised means, for example, using a headband.

The result you get will depend on which curling method you prefer.



Using a straightener, you can not only straighten and curl unruly and problematic hair. The device must be kept in a vertical position. We start from the roots, wrap it twice and slowly lower it to the ends. The strands will be heated on both sides at the same time, this will make the curl more manageable.

Attention! Curling with a styler makes the surface of the hair smooth and gives it a shiny look.

Curling stages:

  • Apply a heat protection spray to clean hair and wait until it is all dry;
  • Select the appropriate temperature setting for your iron. If the hair is thin and brittle, it should not exceed 120-150 degrees; for thick hair, the optimal temperature is 170-200 degrees;
  • For those who prefer the effect of negligence, the curls should be twisted in different directions. The hairstyle will look as if it was tousled by a light breeze - romantic and natural. Do not hold the iron on the strands for long;
  • The strands should be curled from the bottom of the hair, and the upper part should be pinned. Divide your hair into small sections and gradually curl each of them with a styler;
  • To achieve the effect of bouncy curls, curl them with slow and smooth movements;
  • To get curls along the entire length of your hair, hold the iron as close to the hair roots as possible. Do not neglect safety precautions , otherwise you may get burned. If curls are needed only at the ends of the strands, start curling them from the middle;
  • If desired, you can fix the styling with varnish, mousse, foam, but do not overdo it with them, otherwise the hair will look unnatural and hard.

You can comb your hair only after the strands have completely cooled, otherwise you risk being left without curls and all your efforts will be in vain. After combing the cooled hair, the curls will turn into waves.

Using a hair dryer with diffuser

Using a hair dryer with diffuser

Using an additional attachment, you can create curls with the effect of negligence. Tilt your head back and place your hair in the diffuser. Next, you can start drying, making springy movements with a hairdryer.

Important! The shorter the hair, the smaller the “fingers” of the diffuser should be.

Curling iron

Curling iron

One of the most popular tools for creating curls. The temperature of the curling iron should be from 160 to 220 degrees, otherwise the curls will not last long. Curl only completely dry hair, comb it well before doing so. Be sure to use a heat protectant spray.

Choose the thickness of the strands depending on the size of curls you want to get. The ends of the hair should fall on the narrow part of the heating rod. The holding time of the strand on the curling iron is from 5 to 10 seconds. To keep your curls looking the same, curl them in one direction.

You can secure the curls with bobby pins, and after cooling, carefully remove them. If desired, you can use hairspray or additional fixation products.

Reference! The longer and heavier the strands, the smaller the diameter of the curling iron should be, otherwise they will quickly unwind.

Using curlers

Using curlers

This method is easy to perform and causes minimal damage to the hair, since there is no heat. With regular use, and without the use of additional care, creases and split ends appear on the hair.

Using curlers you can get almost any type of curls, but the result will be less lasting than with heating tools.

There are various types of curlers: plastic, rubber, soft, hot rollers, electric curlers and Velcro. Depending on the diameter of the curlers, curls can be made of any size.

Curlers should be applied to slightly damp hair using mousse. The longer you wear the curlers, the longer the curls will last.

We use brushing and a hair dryer

We use brushing and a hair dryer

By combining these tools you can create beautiful large curls. When used correctly, minimal damage is caused to the hair from such manipulations. The installation process does not take much time, and the result looks natural.

We use plaits for large curls

We use plaits for large curls

You can also create bouncy curls without curlers, curling irons or flat irons. You only need to have a few hours left. Twist clean, damp hair, distributed into strands, into a rope and secure in a comfortable position with a hair elastic or bobby pin. The result is small, voluminous curls. It’s better not to use a comb, it will weaken the curls.

Use a donut or headband

Use a donut or headband

With their help, you can make styling no worse than with a curling iron.

First, gather your hair into a ponytail, and then use a donut to create a bun. Walk with it during the day, and disband it in the evening. Large curls are ready to delight you.

To create a hairstyle using a headband, put the accessory on your head and twist all the strands around it one by one, starting from the forehead. Each subsequent strand should capture the previous one. Walk in this position for several hours or even overnight. This method is good for creating medium-length curls.



With this elastic band you get gorgeous curls. Apply hold and volume product to slightly damp hair and comb thoroughly. Put on the Greek jacket so that the forehead is slightly open and the back is slightly lower than the back of the head. Twist the strands and thread them into an elastic band. Carry out this procedure with the rest of your hair. After complete drying, remove the elastic band and comb with a large brush. Fix the curls with hairspray.

Important! You need to make curls on hair that has been washed the day before styling, otherwise they will not last long.

Beam method

Beam method

Gather the washed hair into a ponytail, and then into a tourniquet, then twist it into a snail and secure with bobby pins. After 4-5 hours, remove and style the desired shape.

Sugar styling

Sugar styling

This option refers to unconventional methods of creating large curls. You will need 100 grams of sugar and 1 liter of warm water. After washing your hair, rinse it with this solution. Then twist the strands into bundles and secure with hairpins. After complete drying, loosen your hair; no additional means of fixation are required; the curls will last until the next wash.

To create a chic hairstyle, you don’t have to go to a salon; every lady can do curls; it’s enough to have a good tool on hand.

Cheating techniques

The essence of any method is to wrap the strands around a heated tool. The appearance of the curls depends on what shape they have. To experiment with hairstyles, a multifunctional device with different attachments will be useful. Sometimes girls buy not a curling iron, but a styler for this purpose. But even if you have the most modest model of power tool without additional working surfaces, there may be several installation methods.


To get chic vertical curls, you can use a regular medium-diameter device or a conical model. In the second case, the spirals will come out textured: wide at the roots and more elastic at the tips. You should not make curls that are too large, because they will stretch under their own weight.


  1. Comb and divide your hair into several zones - the back of the head, the sides and the crown.
  2. Select a strand no more than 5 centimeters wide.
  3. Pull it at a right angle to your head.
  4. Warm the curl along its entire length, holding it with a curling iron.
  5. Twist the strand from the ends to the roots.
  6. After 5-10 seconds, remove the tool.
  7. Wait for the curl to cool completely and proceed to styling the next curl.


The result of curling this way is elastic, cool curls. The hair needs to be twisted in a spiral. A curling iron of any diameter is suitable for this - straight or conical. Step-by-step instruction:

Prepare your hair in the same way as for the vertical styling technique. Wind the heated strand around the device

It should be held horizontally. After 5-10 seconds, carefully remove the instrument. After it has cooled, continue curling using similar steps.

Advice. Following the general recommendations on hair curling techniques, you can create beautiful hairstyles using other types of curling irons: triangular or corrugated.

Laying with a rope

This curling option is suitable for girls who dream of flowing, wavy curls, but do not have a spiral nozzle with grooves along the entire cone in their arsenal. Guided by a few tips, you can get beautiful curls with an ordinary cylindrical or conical curling iron. There are two options:

  • alternately twist small strands into strands, and then wrap them around the working surface of the tool. The thinner the part of the hair, the more evenly it will warm up;
  • curl your curls from roots to ends, without straightening them and forming strands.

Making Hollywood Waves

A cylindrical device of medium or large diameter is suitable for this method:

  1. Make a side parting. While curling, keep the tool parallel to this line.
  2. Start curling from the bottom hair. Press the curls tightly against each other. Form them for 10 seconds.
  3. Carefully remove the curling iron and secure the curls with an invisible pin.
  4. Twist all your hair one by one clockwise and wait until it cools down.
  5. Remove the hairpins and comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb.
  6. If necessary, secure the front strands with bobby pins for 5-7 minutes. This will make the waves clearer.

Perm “Large curls” in the salon

To obtain a long-lasting effect of large curls on their hair, many girls turn to “chemistry”. With proper care, curls can delight their owners for several months.



Refrain from the procedure if:

  • There is an allergic reaction to the components of the product;
  • State of pregnancy or lactation;
  • Menstruation;
  • Taking hormonal medications or treatment with antibiotics;
  • Excessive hair loss;
  • There are unhealed wounds, abrasions, or pimples on the scalp;
  • Less than 2 weeks have passed since the last hair coloring;

Cost of the procedure in the salon

The average cost of a perm done by a professional hairstylist starts from 2,000 rubles. The price is affected by the length of the hair and the type of product applied.

Stages of the curling procedure “Large curls”

Stages of the perm procedure

Voluminous curls can turn out bouncy or slightly wavy. The result is affected by the length of time the composition is left on the hair.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum exposure time recommended by the manufacturer of the drug.

Effect duration

Effect duration

The duration of the result is influenced by many factors: hair structure, type of composition applied, quality of hair care after the procedure.

The most long-term effect is provided by an alkaline preparation - about six months. The acid perm lasts about 2 months.

Large curls unwind faster than small ones, especially on long hair.

Consequences and hair care after a major perm

The use of chemical compounds changes the structure, damages the outer layer of the hair shaft, makes it more vulnerable, and deprives it of shine. They may begin to fall out more intensely than before the procedure.

Care products should contain silk proteins, collagen, panthenol. The ends suffer the most; it is recommended to regularly renew them and use nourishing oils.

You should not go to bed immediately after washing your hair. Comb exclusively with a wide-toothed comb, giving the curls the desired shape.

How to curl your hair beautifully with a curling iron

So, you have prepared your curls for the process, washed and dried them thoroughly, the curling iron is already hot, the most important thing left is to curl. But is it really that simple? After all, you can get completely different results from one device. Do you want tight curls or messy waves? Do you plan to comb your hair after curling or will you just wave your head in different directions? The final hairstyle you get and the image it ultimately creates depends on all this.

Perm, a la “doll”

This hairstyle has tight curls.
To get this doll-like look, you should curl thin strands (the thinner the better). If you have thick hair, this will take longer, but, as you remember, beauty requires sacrifice. You can quickly curl medium-length hair in this style. Twist the strands from tip to root. There is no need to hold the curling iron on your hair for more than ten seconds. In this way, you will curl each thin strand, then, without combing your hair, fix the result with hairspray. Do you really look like a beautiful doll from childhood now? "On the Waves of Romance"

A very popular hairstyle that will help create a light and airy look. The strands in this case, unlike doll curls, should be soft, so hold the hot curling iron on your hair for a couple of seconds.

This type of curl will look beautiful on long hair. After completing the process, let the strands cool, after which you should go through them once with a comb, or better yet, with a comb, and then sprinkle with a fixative.

Volume curls

This option will be relevant for short hair. Using a curling iron, you roll each strand (not too thick) two or three times. Once your hair has cooled, you comb it carefully and fix it with hairspray.

"Beautiful Negligence"

This form of hairstyle will not leave any representative of the fair sex indifferent. Curls in this style look natural; they do not require varnish or other fixing agents. Let us immediately note that this curling option will not look as if you went to bed with a wet head and got a “hairstyle” in the morning. No. This type of “disheveled curls” will look playful and will fit perfectly into one or another festive event, including get-togethers with friends or a date. You twist strand by strand onto the curling iron. Moreover, you don’t need to take the strands too thin; on the contrary, you need scope here.

Hold the curling iron for a couple of seconds each time, don’t overdo it, we don’t want a doll-like look, we want naturalness. Once the process is complete, use a comb to separate the curls or you can simply separate them using your fingers. Some girls simply lower their head down and wave it sharply. Or they turn their heads left and right. Remember - no varnish!

Photos of beautiful hairstyles and styling with voluminous and large curls

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