Fashionable women's jackets spring 2020

A fashionable women's jacket is becoming one of the most important wardrobe items for spring and cool summer. You can choose for yourself a short jacket or a light summer jacket like a windbreaker, a model made of genuine leather that never goes out of fashion, a sports-style jacket that meets both the requirements of convenience and the latest fashion trends. Carefully follow the season's trends, and you will have no doubt about which women's jacket will become your main outerwear item for spring-summer 2020.

Leather jackets

A leather jacket is as valuable as a little black dress or pencil skirt. It just has to be, because it lacks neither versatility in purpose nor the ability to fit into absolutely any wardrobe.

Since we are talking about the spring-summer season, this means that it is worthwhile to step away from the uniformity of classic black or brown leather jackets for a while, preferring richer colors and cheerful options. Among them this season are shades of yellow, mostly dark, shades of red, dark blue and swamp green.

Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 (1)
3.1 Philipp Lim, Edun, Jil Stuart, Diesel Black Gold

Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 (2)
Courregès, Marni, Longchamp, Prada

Jacket spring/autumn

Not a bad jacket, but the sizing is confusing. With mistakes

Having returned from vacation, I realized that I had nothing for the fall. I decided to go through the sites and evaluate the offers. After a couple of days of viewing, I came across this one. And then the dancing with sizes began.

I went and got measured, and according to the seller’s table, it turned out to be a size “like M” (or maybe L), then I went and looked at the size of the “lighter” one I bought offline, and it was listed as XL. Then I added ± a couple of cm, as the seller writes, on the basis that “let it be more” and placed an order for XL

A month later, the jacket was in my city. The packaging is quite standard. 2 shipping bags and one “with a lock”

package and track

But after unpacking the parcel and trying it on, I realized that it was too small for me... I was sad, very big (the first snow had already fallen outside the window, and I simply had nothing to wear “out into the world”... Well, this is no reason to despair, I immediately found buyers) I was not the only one waiting for the parcel. Let's get down to details. In general, I am very pleased with the quality. Minor flaws and crooked stitching are only on the lining. Externally fully consistent with the seller's photo. On the left pocket there is a “label” sewn ON the laces of the hood, made of young leatherette. And under the collar inside, there is Velcro, but you can’t just tear it off (it won’t be convenient for some). But on the left edge the “label” comes off with a bang


The remaining parts are “noname”. The buttons are “nice”, partly matte, 22 mm in diameter, 4 mm thick. There is a rivet on the collar, 16 mm by 2 mm, flat matte.

little nothings of life

There are only 3 pockets. 2 outer ones under the arms, and 1 inner one on the left side. The pockets are not bad, quite nice. My hands fit into them well and it makes me happy. The inner one is also quite deep. 0.5 mineral glasses fit in and there is still room for a smartphone (I have a g4s chewer). One external “For beauty.


There are cuffs and decorative “overlays” on the sleeves. Initially I thought that there would be suede (like the pocket on the front), but it turned out to be some kind of fabric similar to suede. If you look closely, it is an ordinary fleecy fabric.

sleeve and elbow

There is a hood with a zipper. With ropes and some kind of incomprehensible pattern. The length of the zipper is 44 cm, therefore the hood itself is 44 cm. The pattern is on the fabric, and it cannot be cut or straightened.

hood details

And now 2 minuses. While I was pulling it on, I slightly “stretched” the lining. And also an incomprehensible seam, which is only on one sleeve. Everything is perfect on the second sleeve.

Shev and I tore

It's been 2 weeks since I got the jacket in my hands. I noticed that I’m small (183 height), my friend is small (175 height) and the guy from work is just right (185 height, but thin). It turns out that you need to take either a size larger, or be thinner than me) I wrote to the seller that the jacket was narrower than in his table and attached it and my photo. The seller apologizes and asks about my size (probably he will sew according to the size)) In any case, I will order a new one. And a couple of threads sticking out - I think it’s not a problem. All photos can be viewed here

overall plan

If you noticed, it is sewn evenly, it’s just too small for me and it “pulls” to the side. There is a photo where it is to the left, and there is where it is to the right
The seller returned me 300 rubles. He said that “according to the rules of the site, he can return me $5 because of the size.” I said that I wanted 10. But he insisted, “Give me 7.” I changed the price to 300 rubles and he immediately agreed with the dispute.

Biker jackets

Biker jackets this season are acquiring abundant metal fittings and expanding the possibilities of their decoration in terms of color. In the collections you will see not only classic versions of leather biker jackets, but also jackets of this design made of suede, contrasting colors, with prints, very short, bolero-type.

The fashion trend for spring-summer 2020 is bare shoulders, when a blouse or dress is either pulled down from the shoulders, or this area is literally cut out. A leather biker jacket in this style has appeared in the Guy Laroche collection. Also consider asymmetry, contrasting patch pockets, a very tight fit or metallic silver as a fashion trend for biker jackets.

Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 (3)
Guy Laroche, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Coach

Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 (4)
Louis Vuitton, Each x Other, Ralph Lauren, Burberry Prorsum

Fabrics and materials category fashionable jackets spring 2014

In the new spring season, materials for jackets such as flannel, denim, leather, nylon and polyethylene have become very popular.

Most fashion designers have been very creative in creating models using translucent and transparent materials. With such styles of jackets, it will be possible to demonstrate not only the model, but also all the advantages of the silhouette and figure.

At all the main fashion shows one could see an abundance of denim models , some of the most relevant for spring 2014.

The following fashionable jackets spring 2014 also stand out: models made of mesh material

decorated with perforation .

Short jackets

The popularity of clothing that barely covers the torso, sometimes stopping above the waistline, only covering the chest, has led to the emergence of outerwear of this cut into a separate fashion caste. Most of them are short leather jackets with a tight silhouette. There are also denim twists as an adequate replacement for warmer weather, including for “double denim” looks combined with jeans, skirts or denim shorts.

Short leather jackets go well with tight pencil skirts, including leather ones, but then you should take care of a calm shoe style, without aggressive heels and huge platforms. Such jackets go well with baggy trousers or flared skirts, long, midi or with lush flounces or multi-tiered ruffles.

Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 (5)
Au Jour le Jour, Diane von Furstenberg, Kate Spade, Diesel Black Gold

Jeans jackets

A denim jacket or jacket remains in fashion and increases in popularity. Denim in 2020 is incredibly relevant in a variety of fashionable guises, and a denim jacket is the simplest and most obvious way to demonstrate your awareness of this trend without changing your usual style and without going beyond it into a trendy shocking fashion.

The style of the 90s has returned, which means not just a fashion for denim in outerwear, but also the return of the once forgotten “varenki”, denim jackets in the men’s style, loose, oversized, such as were shown, for example, in the Saint Laurent catwalk .

Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 (6)
Mara Hoffman, Saint Laurent, Roberto Cavalli, J Brand

Rocking jackets

In the photo: fashionable print combinations

Every woman’s spring wardrobe should definitely include shortened outerwear, say the masters of fashion art. Today, a particularly relevant classic model is the rocking jacket. Its trapezoidal silhouette brings femininity and elegance. The photo shows products made of brocade and satin with abstract and floral prints, with turn-down collars, stand-up collars and a round neckline in the Chanel style. In the spring of 2020, you should buy a short, fashionable jacket with three-quarter or seven-eighths voluminous sleeves. These products are harmoniously combined with a loose fit and length of models up to the waistline. The authors of the Dries Van Noten collection experiment not only with colors, but also boldly combine different prints in one look, which is also typical for women's coats spring 2020.

Suede jackets

Suede has unexpectedly firmly established itself in the spring-summer season, showing its importance in skirts, dresses, and trousers. It is not surprising that designers offer a lot of suede jackets, especially since suede goes well with the colors that are fashionable this year - warm and soft shades of green, brown, yellow, brick, terracotta. Pay attention to plain suede jackets of almost any style, and you can easily adapt them to any skirts, trousers, or dresses.

Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 (7)
Daks, Emilio Pucci, Prada, Victoria Beckham

90s style jackets

What did we wear in the 90s? The grunge style with its sloppy layering and the absence of any rules for combining incongruous things, denim jackets, windbreaker jackets, sports-style jackets, baggy shapes in which any figure could be easily “fitted.” If you are nostalgic for this era, then don’t be embarrassed - go for it!

Lots of '90s-inspired jacket options hit the runway. If you need inspiration for specific images, watch a few films made during that period and choose colorful characters as a prime example.

Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 (8)
Vivienne Tam, Rag & Bone, Iceberg, Alexander Wang

Bomber jackets

Fashionable women's bomber jackets crown the ever-increasing and even worsening trend of introducing authentic sports style into everyday and even weekend wear, and also not forgetting to “cover” another trend - the already mentioned 90s in clothing.

The features of bomber jackets appear both clearly and almost imperceptibly, they are mixed even with pajama style and are successfully adapted, for example, to pencil skirts.

Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 (9)
Emporio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Iceberg, Marc Jacobs

What's fashionable this season

Paris Fashion Week in March this year surprised with bright, technocratic looks, diluted with retro and biker motifs. Originality, eclecticism, sharp contrasts of tight-fitting and baggy silhouettes are the trends of the season announced by Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and other famous fashion houses. Manufacturers of women's clothing quickly picked up the trend to translate it into elegant, quality solutions.

women's jacket color raspberry

Brands Veralba, Lusskiri, Money&You offer insulation in case of changeable spring weather. The prices are pleasing with their availability and the models with a wide choice. Inexpensive, comfortable jackets for spring 2020 protect well from bad weather and climate changes, and complement an urban look, a business suit or an adventurer’s wardrobe.

Shiny jackets

We have already learned about how popular futurism is in fashion today from the list of spring-summer 2020 fashion trends, and the demand for jackets made of shiny materials, including cold silver metallic, is explained precisely by this. However, you don’t necessarily have to buy a silver model, you can go for gold, but if such jackets seem outrageous to you, then choose other shine options, from patent leather to a holographic effect.

Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 (10)
Diane von Furstenberg, Isabel Marant, Paco Rabanne, Tracy Reese

Jackets in warm colors

This trend is closely related to suede jackets, which, as we already know, were often presented on the catwalk in warm colors. This color palette used to be typical mainly for autumn collections, which is why girls loved it so much and always looked forward to this time of year. But now, to wear fashionable jackets in beautiful warm shades of khaki, olive, cream, mustard, terracotta and others, you no longer need to wait for autumn.

Choose jackets from this range in matte and glossy leather, textile and, of course, suede.

Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 (11)
Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Stella Jean, Terry Mugler

Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 (12)
3.1 Phillip Lim, Dennis Basso, Daks, Trussardi

Fashionable jackets 2020 spring. Leather trend

The catwalks showed again that leather will be very popular in the spring of 2020. It may seem that there are no changes compared to the previous season, but if you take a closer look, it turns out that it has quite significant differences. Regarding the color scheme, it should be noted that a lot of black is not monochromatic; the designers presented bold combinations that sparkled with new colors in the familiar format. Of course, classic is just black, it will always be popular, but if you look further, you can see interesting combinations of black and white. Black and burgundy. The classic base is combined in some variations even with pistachio and chocolate. Such combinations may seem unusual, but they will definitely be in trend in the spring of 2020.

For outrageous fashionistas, there is an opportunity to purchase a plain leather jacket in a bright color. Only brave girls really make such a decision. Not everyone decides to try on crazy colors. Designers have practically abandoned all prohibitions regarding color combinations. You can observe very bold and unexpected solutions when many colors are combined in one thing. Another experiment by fashion creators made it possible to get a jacket with applique laid out in colored patches. It all looks very complicated and attractive at the same time. It’s simply impossible to tear yourself away from carefully studying all the intricacies of such a technique, especially since there is so much to study, because the appliqués are mainly located throughout the jacket.

Classic metal fittings also did not remain forgotten. Designers enjoy using rivets and spikes to create a biker style. Such decorative elements are most often located on pockets, fasteners or collars. It is wrong to think that such a model will be appropriate only for bikers. This stylish item can be combined with different looks and get a truly stunning effect. Sometimes you can find a jacket without fasteners. In this case, fashionistas are offered to use leather belts. It also looks quite interesting.

Jackets with buttons

Button down jackets have always been seen as a more summer style than zip-up ones. These jackets sometimes look more like jackets if they are short, and if they are long they look more like coats. Buttons can be large or small. Pay attention to fashionable double-breasted jackets, which most often have a spacious straight or trapezoidal silhouette.

Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 (14)
Miu Miu, Thakoon, Lanvin, Emporio Armani

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