Congratulations on March 8 for female colleagues and employees: in verse and in your own words

06-03-2020 9:47

On International Women's Day, which is celebrated annually on March 8, do not forget to congratulate your lovely ladies on a wonderful sunny and bright holiday. The beautiful half of humanity especially expects congratulations at work, so it is very important that men do not forget about this, and even better, that they start preparing for March 8 in advance.

Official congratulations on March 8 for colleagues will emphasize business etiquette and will help men congratulate their wonderful colleagues. Cool wishes will be appropriate only if you are friends with your female colleague.

It is accepted that official congratulations should begin with addressing the person by name and patronymic. If you communicate well with a colleague, you can congratulate her in your own words, the main thing is that it is sincere.

Original congratulations to women in verse on March 8

On International Women's Day, millions of women receive the most sincere congratulations on March 8 from men . None of them expects their girlfriends, friends, and buddies to send them the brightest, most heartfelt, heartfelt wishes from the bottom of their hearts. They themselves are happy to share simple-hearted confessions of good feelings towards each other. Girls and women always take this day seriously. They treat even the most cheerful and extraordinary congratulations on International Women’s Day responsibly, wishing the ladies they know well, health and prosperity. The most common wishes for ladies on March 8th are declarations of love and fidelity in verse.

Funny gif pictures with congratulations on March 8, 2020

Congratulations on the holiday are very easy these days. Just download and send cool gif pictures with congratulations on March 8, 2020 to cheer up your friend, colleague or relative.

A selection of funny pictures and congratulations for March 8, 2019

How to congratulate women in verse on March 8

Poems are written about women, the most beautiful creatures in the world, beautiful lines of prose are written. Paintings, feature films and documentaries are dedicated to them; their patience is legendary. Today, many argue about the legality of celebrating March 8 by the Orthodox, arguing that the days of celebration are directly related to the Jewish Purim - the holiday of the salvation of Jews. Whether this is so, or March 8 has nothing to do with Jewish celebrations, remains for historians to decide. We know one thing for sure - it is unacceptable not to congratulate beautiful women on their legitimate holiday! That is why poets compose poems in honor of the sweetest, kindest, caring and beautiful women; Famous writers dedicate their works to them; Artists depict captivating women in their paintings. You can congratulate your loved ones with poems of your own composition or lines from works, excerpts of which you will find on this page.

Let the drops wake you up, And let the rivulets ring at your feet, Let the earth come to life and thaw, Warming up with your steps. And let someone’s enthusiastic gaze follow you everywhere, Let there be no obstacles in anything, And there will be no troubles, no insults.

You enter into magical dreams, Every hour is dear and great with you. Happy New Spring Day, our dear women! You give life, you teach again what only mothers give, you give birth to love in the heart and create comfort in the soul. We wish you one endless spring in the midst of furious days, to be more loved, more desirable, and dearer! And see happy dreams!

Dear women, kind, faithful! Happy new spring to you, first drops! Peaceful sky to you, radiant sun, cherished happiness, the purest! There is a lot of affection, warmth, kindness in you - May your dreams come true!

Short beautiful congratulations on March 8

Even a schoolboy will tell everyone without hesitation that International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th. However, not everyone today is familiar with the unusual history of this real women's holiday. What exactly was the reason for the emergence of International Women's Day? How can you congratulate your beloved women on March 8 briefly and beautifully? You will learn about this by reading these lines to the end.

How to congratulate women on March 8 briefly and beautifully?

The history of this holiday filled with flowers and fun has the deepest roots. March 8 in Russia appears in events dating back to 1901, and the holiday came to Europe and America even earlier. It was then, even before coming to Russia, that women demanded equal rights with men, recognition of their equality with the stronger sex, and the establishment of limits on the length of the working day. It was the United States of America that became the first country to proclaim International Women's Day. The progenitor of All Women's Day is considered to be the German communist and female reformer Clara Zetkin. It was she, the leader of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, who proposed to start celebrating the day of solidarity of women around the world back in 1910. She believed that a single holiday would help them unite and continue the successful fight for equal rights with men. Today you can congratulate women on this holiday both in poetry and prose, in your own words, with postcards - the main thing is that your wishes are sincere, coming from the bottom of your heart.

I want to congratulate you on International Women's Day! To wish spring, blossoming, So that the cup is full of the house. So that the heart sings songs and relatives are together!

Work, everyday life, nervous problems... Leave all this for later! On the eighth of March, women are all queens, Let your heart be filled only with light and warmth!

Happy March 8th, I congratulate you, health, love, long years, I wish you happiness from the bottom of my heart, May your light of beauty be eternal.

On this wonderful holiday, I want to wish you spring mood, women's happiness, kindness and joy! Let men give gifts, surround them with care and love! Flowers, smiles and warmth on March 8th!

Congratulations to women on March 8 from the team leader

I drink to you, to our women, So that spring always blooms, So that you live together in the future - For this we will drink to the dregs!


Today I congratulate you on International Women's Day, I propose my toast to you, May you be happy in everything, May life have everything you need, Why life can be good: Love, health, money, friendship And an eternally kind soul!


With the spring March coolness and the subtle smell of mimosas, I congratulate you, colleagues. Let everything come true in earnest.


Let there be only happiness in life, May there be comfort, love, warmth in the family. And the bills crunch in your wallet, So that there is enough for a coat.


For diamonds, for delights For everything you want to have. And smile, blossom, So that the soul wants to sing!

Kind congratulations to colleagues on March 8 - Postcards for ladies

Despite the fact that the history of the March 8 holiday has political roots, today not a single man who congratulates beautiful ladies on their holiday connects this date with events that happened more than a century ago. March 8 has long been an official day off in Russia, so men begin to congratulate their work colleagues even before the celebration. As a rule, enterprises, offices and teams organize buffets, corporate events and parties in honor of beautiful ladies. Poems, songs and speeches are dedicated to them; They sign postcards with poems and congratulations.

How to congratulate colleagues on March 8

Congratulating work colleagues on Women's Day, men can say all the good things that they have long wanted to say to them in their own words on other days, but never dared to do so. It is a woman who gives life to each of us, raises him, feeding him with her milk. When we get older, only women - our mothers - take care of us, protecting us from ridicule, without adversity. By preparing words of gratitude to female colleagues, men can unite and present them with a general congratulations from the entire team. Probably, one of the representatives of the stronger sex will offer to sign an individual postcard for each of the ladies of the team. In this case, the texts of congratulations to women should be different. Of course, every beautiful lady in honor of March 8 will need flowers and sweet gifts - chocolate, boxes of chocolates, pastries, cakes.

March 8 is a special day: An occasion for gentle compliments, For new dresses, jewelry, Experiments with hairstyles.

A reason for fabulous tulips, Snowdrops under the late snow, A reason to get closer to your family and wish well to your colleagues.

Happy holidays and bonuses, more initiatives. Let our friendly female team always bloom and smell!

Today we are seeing widespread positivity. Happy Eighth of March, we congratulate the glorious women's team.

May faces always shine, May problems go away - We must strive for the best, Difficulties to overcome.

The female part of the team was given beautiful flowers as a gift. Let the holiday be beautiful, Let your dreams come true.

The eighth of March is not in vain. We celebrate it in the spring. After all, women are always beautiful, Like the sun and a forest flower.

Let roses give their scent, Let there be a lot of warmth, And there will be only happy tears, And everyone’s dreams will come true!

Funny congratulations on March 8 to loved ones, mothers, grandmothers, friends

If you prefer virtual congratulations and are not experienced in writing poetry, there are a huge number of sites at your service where all this has already been done for you. We have selected something and offer you several options for congratulations that can be sent as an SMS, put as a status on a social network, or even, especially if we are talking about a mother or grandmother, written by hand on a beautiful postcard. Well, if you made this postcard with your own hands, this is already aerobatics.

And if you don’t really like the proposed congratulation options, we suggest you compose something yourself: we are sure that you will definitely succeed!

Sincere congratulations on March 8 to mom

The main person in the life of each of us is our mother. Only to his mother can a man confess his shortcomings; only she can ask for support in difficult times, knowing that his request will not be denied. Mothers are always next to us - even before birth, during our birth, throughout all subsequent years of our lives. They say that children feel an invisible connection with their mother even after her death. Mom is the only woman who forgives all the insults ever inflicted on her. A mother senses when her baby is in danger; she is always the first to come to the aid of her children. Congratulating mothers on March 8, daughters and sons try to express in words everything they feel towards their closest person.

Examples of congratulations to mom on March 8

When congratulating your mother on March 8, you can dedicate poetry or prose to her. The form of congratulations is chosen depending on your and your mother’s mood. Perhaps your mother really likes the rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam? In this case, sign her picture card with these immortal lines. Perhaps she is a person with a wonderful sense of humor? In this case, she will like cool quatrains for March 8th.

Dear mom, happy holiday to you! I can’t live a day in the world without you. Be always happy, forever young, May misfortunes pass you by!

On the eighth of March, flowers as a gift to you, And may all your dreams come true! I also wish you health and goodness, so that you can please with your smile!

On Women’s Day, I’ll start my congratulations with the main one: What in the world is more important than communication with your mother? Dear, I wish you all the best. May immeasurable joy reign in your destiny!

Be happy even more than possible! Let there be no worry about your children forever, live in joy for many years, my eternal source of warmth and love!

There is no flower in the world with which I could compare you. You are so airy and light, You are a woman’s weakness and strength!

On a wonderful holiday of beauty and the awakening of nature, you have become even sweeter and the years have no power over you!

Mommy, the ice will melt again and the snow will disappear from the face of the earth, the soul will feel the flight and be reborn with a ringing song!

Happy March 8th - congratulations in prose for your beloved woman and wife

Dear, let me congratulate you on March 8th. You always illuminate me with your love and tenderness, you are the most caring and best woman in the world. Your beauty cannot be compared with anything, your kindness knows no bounds, you are sweet and friendly, you are perfect. I am ready to repeat this always because you are only mine! Darling, happy holiday!

My beloved, dear ****! I hasten to congratulate you on Women's Day on March 8! Perhaps I don’t often tell you the words that you undoubtedly deserve, but I want you to know that I value you. Despite the fact that you are so fragile, tender and vulnerable, and maybe that’s why, your support makes me incredibly strong! When you're near, I can move mountains! I am very grateful to fate that you are with me in joy and sorrow! Thank you!

Today the sun is shining in a special way, the birds are singing louder, the flowers smell stronger, and all because it’s March 8th, which means it’s time to congratulate the most charming young lady in the world. I wish you personal happiness, always a good mood, let all troubles pass you by. I want your life to be bright, for the stars to illuminate your path with their radiance, and for you to always be able to make any wish that would certainly come true, as if by waving a magic wand.

You know, I’m not a poet, and sometimes words come to me with difficulty. But for you I have accumulated a lot of warm and bright wishes. Know that you are the best woman in the world, a passionate lover, a gentle wife, a caring and affectionate mother. Your sophisticated appearance is still the standard of beauty for me. And I am proud to be the only owner of such a treasure! I am ready to shout to the whole world about my love and gratitude. Happy holiday. I love you!

Happy spring holiday, which personifies all the most beautiful things in this world! May not only this day be filled with delight, love, happiness, attention and joy, but every, literally every day of yours! I wish you undiminished health, unforgettable emotions and new impressions! Happy March 8, my dear!

My beloved, I want to congratulate you on this wonderful spring holiday, March 8th. On this day, all women deserve congratulations and gifts, but you are the one and only for me, so everything is dedicated to you alone. Happy holiday, dear!

Dear, let me congratulate you on March 8th. You always illuminate me with your love and tenderness, you are the most caring and best woman in the world. Your beauty cannot be compared with anything, your kindness knows no bounds, you are sweet and friendly, you are perfect. I am ready to repeat this always because you are only mine! Darling, happy holiday!

Be tender, like the first leaves, unpredictable, like a spring thunderstorm, kind, like a gentle sun, exquisite, like beautiful flowers, cheerful, like a nimble bird! Let life give you pleasant moments, great news and glorious discoveries any day, and especially today! Happy March 8th!

My angel! Congratulations on this wonderful women's day! May your eyes always sparkle with happiness, may a smile always shine on your lips, may there be peace and quiet in your soul, and may the endless reflection of my love reign in your heart! My sweet, gentle and kind, my joy and pain, my happiness and immeasurable excitement, my saint and alluring! Love you!

Cool congratulations and wishes to your friend on March 8th

Some women know for sure that it is almost impossible to live without friendship. Well, who can they complain to about their unlucky husband, if not their best friend? Where are they in a hurry after having a fight with their spouse again? Don’t their girlfriends give them new recipes for delicious cookies for the holiday? Of course, on March 8, your friend should prepare the coolest and funniest congratulations.

Examples of congratulations to a friend on March 8

If you still doubt which congratulations to your friend on March 8th she will like more than others, pay attention to the niche selection of poems and prose for the women's holiday. Choose lines and stanzas depending on the character, preferences and even hobbies of your girlfriend! If you are sincere and friendly, she will like your congratulations!

On the eighth of March, I, my friend, want to wish you big and pure love! May she live happily, without crying into her pillow! And don’t dare forget me! You and I have gone through many trials. You have always been faithful and devoted. I have a bunch of good wishes for you, I brought some sweets, a cake, and a martini.

March has arrived. The blizzards have subsided. The sun splashes the sky. Happy holiday to you, friend! May there be happiness and luck today and throughout the year, May there be strength and success, and health to boot - You are dearer to me than anyone else!

My beloved and dear friend, Today the day of spring has come for us! We will congratulate each other with you, I want to tell you now: May this gentle day of spring Give you many flowers, May the people of the whole country congratulate you, After all, you deserve the best words!

There is no better girlfriend, I love you like my shadow. The boys sigh for you and don’t get tired of giving flowers. You are a queen, you are beautiful, I want to congratulate you, On Women’s Day I wish in vain not to waste my youth. And keep your pride longer, your beautiful figure, your wonderful look. So that the boys, forgetting shyness, fall head over heels in love.

Wonderful congratulations on March 8 in prose

Not everyone and not always manages to congratulate loved ones and friends on March 8 beautifully, with poems and quotes from great people. You may find it difficult to recite great lines of poetry for various reasons. Many women and even men are simply embarrassed to speak in beautiful rhymes, considering it a weakness. This does not mean in any way that you should not stay away from congratulating women on March 8th. Just wish your friends, acquaintances, colleagues and loved ones good health and happiness in prose.

Examples of congratulations on March 8 in prose

March 8 is an amazing day. At this time, the streets resemble a flower exhibition; the air smells of vanilla chocolate, and the ladies look simply charming! However, not every man is able to congratulate women with lines of poetry - some simply do not have the courage to pronounce beautiful verses. However, each man always has the opportunity to wish his friends and colleagues happiness and prosperity in prose. How to do it? Our examples will help you decide on congratulations on International Women's Day.

Let me congratulate you on the holiday of spring, beauty and love - Happy March 8th! May your soul be filled to the brim today with light, warmth and joy from sincere wishes, delicate flowers, pleasant gifts! Let swallows build nests above your windows and bring prosperity and mutual understanding to your home, and let the first rays of the spring sun point to a happy path for your destiny!

Sweet, gentle, beautiful women! May this day, March 8, give you a wonderful mood and the fulfillment of all your innermost desires! Let it be the start of new beginnings that will bring only joy! Sincere compliments and kind words to you always! Happy spring holiday!

I wish you a fabulous mood, affectionate male hugs, a dizzying career, favorite hobbies, family stability, bright impressions, financial independence, happy smiles and many, many such magical days as today’s magnificent women’s holiday - March 8!!!

Official congratulations on March 8 to female colleagues in poetry and prose

I wish you well, good luck, more light and warmth, everything that means a lot, so that your life can be happy!

Let your wish come true, let your salary grow! I wish you to smile more often, Because spring brings joy to everyone!


On Women's Day, I wish you warmth, Only sincere words and confessions, So that your life can be happy, Many good wishes come true!

May luck accompany you, May you achieve your goals, May you, like flowers, open up together with this spring!


Happy International Women's Day Please accept our congratulations. Let happiness bring to your home: Love, luck, joy and luck.

May your dreams come true, And may all your hopes come true. Let your feminine beauty make the world bright, colorful and tender!


Dear colleagues, I congratulate you on March 8 and wish you great success in your business, a cozy atmosphere at home, peace and prosperity in the family, happiness and joy in your heart. All the best to you, dear ladies, confident positions in life and prospects in work.


Dear colleagues, on March 8th we bring you our sincere congratulations with wishes of love, spring in the soul, good health, happiness, and fulfillment of desires. May your loved ones always be near you.

Official congratulations on March 8 to employees


Dear and respected colleagues, I congratulate you on March 8th. I sincerely wish you well-being and prosperity, constant success and prosperity in your activities, respect from colleagues and mutual understanding with employees, excellent work with full dedication and complete self-realization in life.


Dear colleagues, we would like to wish you on this spring day to always be in the spotlight, let your femininity and beauty bloom and never fade, be loved, inspire and capture every day !


Happy International Women's Day Please accept congratulations now. Let joy shine in him and only happy moments.

Let renewal come in business, in the family, and success will certainly come, and with it - luck. And only change is for the better!


Happy holiday, dear colleagues! Let spring give you a sea of ​​positive charge and energy, sunny warmth. I wish that your work is like a field of flowers, and your job assignments are like flowers releasing sweet nectar. Well-being to your family and friends!


Happy March 8th to Women, Girls, Colleagues! May this beautiful spring day melt all the ice and snow! I wish you happiness, love, health and new discoveries in life. Warmth, good luck, prosperity to everyone, so that life goes smoothly! Inspiration, dreams, kindness and beauty!

Official wishes for colleagues on March 8


Dear colleagues, we cordially congratulate you on March 8th. We wish you a successful and successful career, respect from colleagues, superiors and administration, as well as prosperity, health and family well-being. May spring bring festive mood, smiles and elation. Happy holiday!


Dear colleagues, on the holiday of March 8, I would like to say a few words to the beautiful half of our team. To say that each of you is wonderful, successful, beautiful, smart and active. May your work always bring the desired fruits, may the family hearth glow with heat and fire, and may your feelings bring euphoria!


Happy International Women's Day, March 8th. Congratulations to you, dear colleagues. I wish you to live and think outside the box, I wish you creativity in your work.

I wish your salary to increase, your career to go up rapidly, I wish you to succeed in everything in life and success always awaits you ahead.


Dear Colleagues! We cordially congratulate you on March 8th! We wish you creative success, reliable partners and profitable ideas! May the spring be warm and bring many interesting discoveries!


Colleagues, happy March 8! We sincerely wish you all the blessings of life, moral and material! Let everything you plan happen with ease! Please us more often with your smiles and good mood! Be the most beautiful, healthy, cheerful and gentle!

Beautiful official poems and congratulations on March 8 to colleagues


Dear team, dear colleagues, congratulations on March 8! We wish you an easy work process, prosperity, career and personal growth. Let all your affairs be successful and life bring pleasure.


Please accept congratulations, colleagues, on March 8th. We wish you prosperity in life, success in work, completion of old projects and many new ideas. Quick climb up the career ladder worthy of reward for your work. Best wishes on International Women's Day!


Dear ladies, Please accept congratulations. On Women's Day we wish you happiness, joy and inspiration.

May you enjoy great successes in your career, peace, joy in your family, may victories replenish your personal dossier.


Congratulations to you, colleagues, Happy Women's Day on March 8, I wish you creativity and passion in your work.

I wish you inspiration, creative solutions, I wish you joy without restrictions.

I wish that you achieve success in everything, that your career grows upward, that your sweet home is cozy.

I wish you good luck, positivity and goodness in your life, so that the weather is always sunny.


Our employees, we congratulate you, we value and respect you, Happy March 8, we wish you well, so that your beauty blooms forever!

So that you can easily realize all your dreams, So that you never suffer, So that you are always loved deeply, So that you never know grief and evil!

So that you don’t encounter problems along the way, So that images are easily forgotten, So that you always live in abundance, Be happy ladies always!

Business congratulations on March 8 to female colleagues


Our dear colleagues, On this March day, We wish you harmony, happiness, So that a blizzard does not burst into life!

So that you smile more often, So that you always cope with your work, Dear, dear women, Happy March 8, we wish you well!


Congratulations on March 8, dear women. You are smart, very beautiful, joyful, changeable.

I wish you only happiness, Always move forward. May you be lucky in your work and in your personal life.


Female colleagues, we ask you to leave everything, Let your work wait a little, We would like to congratulate you on March 8th, After all, the spring holiday is coming across the earth!

Let your achievements, experience, competence and authority grow rapidly, But do not forget: you are a creation of spring And give a gentle charming light!


Spring is the time for romance, Poetry, love. Let only warm words fill these days. Colleagues, on this Women's Day, let me wish that the sun drives away the blizzard.


Congratulations to you, colleagues, Happy International Women's Day, Today we pay tribute to your charm and strength.

Goodness to you, joy, patience, heights, victories, love in the family, Let the golden days pass only in tenderness and happiness.


Happy International Women's Day, colleagues, I congratulate you! May life surround you with love, joy, and kindness all the time.

Let families prosper in prosperity, Let all things work out successfully. Sadness does not deplete the soul, And let happiness warm, of course.


How nice it is in spring! Nature revives its image, Sparrows and tits are hurrying somewhere, Birds are flying from distant lands... We congratulate you on a beautiful spring, We wish you all the best, kindness, love!


Let me congratulate you on Women's Day. For us, you are the best ladies in the world. How lucky we are to work with you, Although sometimes it can’t be done without drama.

We wish you only the best, May you captivate the world with your beauty as you enter the office every day. We will not exchange you for anyone.


The holiday has arrived! I wish you strength, a lot of inspiration, and, in everything, luck!


Happy new women's bright day and the end of the quarter, So that hard work does not frighten us all, So that debit and credit merge in a kiss, And let the boss pamper us all with a bonus.


My dear colleagues and employees! I congratulate you all on the wonderful Spring holiday on March 8! I wish women beauty, youth and tenderness. And I want to tell men to love your women, appreciate, care for and protect them and then you will see what they are ready for for you!


Our team today congratulates all women on the holiday of March 8th. And we sincerely wish you happy moments and a bright tomorrow.

So that you greet every sunrise with a smile, Hoping that your dreams will come true. So that you admire your beauty and give men flowers more often!


Colleagues, dear women, Happy International Day of March 8! Be a little carefree on this day, Let everything in it be festive and bright.

Let there be peace and understanding in families, a wonderful atmosphere at work. Let the holiday begin with attention and end on a positive note!


We have women in our team, It’s hard for us to imagine working without them, Employees! Let me now congratulate you on International Women's Day!

Success, all kinds of luck, Bright, new, interesting events, Solving all problems and tasks, And spring, sunny, wonderful days!


We congratulate everyone on spring, We give everyone a big bouquet: And smiles and flowers, These fiery poems, And also: we give luck, Festive mood!


Dear ladies, Please accept congratulations. I wish you to receive only pleasure from your work.

On Women's Day, of course, I wish you happiness from the bottom of my heart, Let the bad weather go away, Let the bright light of dreams beckon.


Colleagues, I cordially congratulate you on International Women’s Day. I wish you prosperity and success, so that your home always prospers.

Of course, I wish women happiness: pleasant cares, affection, warmth. So that all the bad weather melts away and so that your cherished dreams come true.


Colleagues, we sincerely congratulate you on this wonderful spring holiday. We wish you to be happy and to achieve the greatest heights in your work.

May peace and prosperity always reign unshakably in your families. And the path through life will be smooth, And sadness will never bother you.


Let the salary be decent: Let it allow you to dress, And let the desire in fashionable boutiques excite you to take a walk.

Don't let loans, clouds of inflation, and prices bother you. And let it bypass changes in exchange rates.

Let your work be not boring, And let your home always be a full cup. Health, good luck, success, fun on our holiday.


Dear ladies, Happy spring holiday to all of you! Happiness, joy, smiles, And in work - inspiration.

We want all your wishes to come true sooner, so that men confess their feelings to you more often.


Congratulations to you, colleagues, Happy March 8, Women's Day. We wish you happiness and good things. Respect to you, your helmet.

May there be success in your work, May recognition come, May your family give you joy, May you always be lucky in everything.


Colleagues, on the day of March 8, wishes for goodness, strength and respect in work, care, happiness, understanding in the family. May all aspirations be rewarded.


Dear colleagues, congratulations, Happy March 8, good luck to all, We know for sure, your wisdom and beauty saves us!

We wish you patience, Never lose heart, We wish you inspiration, Forget all grievances!


Together in joy and in sorrow, With salary and with delay, The sea is knee-deep with you, You will not be deprived of support.

Congratulations on March 8th, We are the best colleagues. We wish you to be successful, there is no better team!


On this holiday, I wish everyone well and good mood! On this holiday, I wish everyone warmth, Let congratulations sound everywhere!

Wonderful congratulations on March 8 in your own words

As you know, the most wonderful congratulations always come from the heart. If you want to congratulate a woman on March 8, you don’t have to prepare a long speech. Wishes from the heart, spoken in your own words, are sometimes more valuable than the most exquisite gifts and written lines of poetry.

Examples of congratulations on March 8 in your own words

There are days that color the lives of men like a rainbow in the sky after rain. The most important of these days is March 8th. Today it is simply a holiday for all women. No matter how old a girl, lady or woman is, she is congratulated on this holiday from the bottom of her heart, in her own words. On this page you will find examples of the most sincere wishes for women on their day.

I hasten to congratulate a charming, charming and truly beautiful woman on March 8th! May the spring holiday come with its best gift in the form of a great mood, happiness and elation. On this day, all that remains is to wish pure, true love, fidelity and, of course, excellent health.

Darling, my dear! I hasten to congratulate you on Women’s Day and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being in my life, because without you it would be boring and insipid. I wish you only a good mood, as well as fulfillment of desires and exceptional success in achieving your goals! You're the best!

The arrival of March 8 means that flowers are already starting a beauty parade. I wish that your sunny smile will bloom along with them. Let your heart smile - filled with light and warming with gentle warmth. Beauty pageant judges are blind, because on March 8th you should be crowned for your charm.

the best congratulations on March 8 to women published on this page to please colleagues, girlfriends and mothers on International Women's Day. It doesn’t matter whether you wish them well and happiness in poetry or prose in your own words. The main criterion for every congratulation is sincerity.

Official congratulations on March 8, 2020 to the boss in prose

If you work under female leadership, March 8th is one of the important holidays for you, for which the whole team needs to prepare. When presenting a gift, you can say official congratulations on March 8, 2020 to your boss in prose.

Options for official congratulations for the boss on March 8, 2019 in prose

Dear leader, on this wonderful day I would like to sincerely congratulate you with all my heart. You combine the ability to competently and professionally express yourself in the workplace, wisely manage a team and at the same time remain a beautiful, stylish, self-confident woman. May your path be successful and may the tasks set by fate be easy. We wish you prosperity, love, health.

Dear boss, on behalf of the entire team we would like to congratulate you on Women’s Day! We are very proud that such a fragile woman as you combines the best qualities of a leader, just a good person and friend. We wish that hard everyday work does not darken your life, that work brings only stable income and well-being. We wish that the team becomes even more united, and that your commanding voice rises only from good news. Happy holiday!

Congratulations on a wonderful holiday - March 8th! We sincerely wish you happiness and prosperity, prosperity and longevity. May luck always be there and life full of pleasant moments. We wish you to be enveloped in the care and attention of your loved one.

Congratulations to our charming boss on March 8th! Since you are a sensitive leader and a wonderful woman rolled into one, we wish you to also skillfully combine perseverance and strength of character with softness and tenderness. Let the spring wind bring new impressions and bright emotions into your life!

Dear boss, I sincerely congratulate you on March 8th. I wish you to inspire everyone around you to brave deeds with its irresistible beauty, I wish you not to stray from the rhythm of success and prosperity in your activities, I wish you to keep up with time and luck in life, I wish you to always feel the love of dear people and feel incredible happiness in your soul.

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