The thorny path to motherhood: 5 celebrities who became pregnant using IVF

Famous actress Evelina Bledans decided to undergo artificial insemination, despite being 49 years old for childbirth. And she's not the only one who took the risk of undergoing IVF surgery in hopes of becoming a mom or dad.

Evelina Bledans can be congratulated - in nine months she will become a mother again! The famous actress underwent in vitro fertilization and became pregnant...

Now Bledans is 49 years old, the star will give birth when she turns 50. But Evelina is not at all afraid of late childbirth. And the EG.RU portal decided to remember which other celebrities became parents thanks to IVF.

In the comedy “Plan B,” J.Lo played herself

It seems that the Hollywood actress and singer has it all: beauty, talent and wealth. Now this is true, but ten years ago she did not have the most important thing - children.

JLo repeatedly tried to get pregnant using IVF. Remember the comedy “Plan B”, in which its heroine became pregnant thanks to in vitro fertilization? In real life, even IVF did not help Lopez. But in the end a miracle happened.

On February 22, 2008, Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony gave birth to twins - a boy, Maximillian Davy, and a girl, Emma Maribel.

Jennifer Lopez

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The singer and actress could not get pregnant for a long time and became a mother at 39 years old. When she married Marc Anthony in 2004, she tried to get pregnant naturally, but it didn't work out. IVF also did not work at first - the embryos did not take root. Anthony even suggested that his wife use the services of a surrogate mother, but the next IVF attempt was successful. So Lopez became the mother of twins, son Max and daughter Emma.

Chrissy Teigen

10 celebrity women who became mothers using IVF

The model and her musician husband are raising a daughter named Luna. Most recently, Teigen announced that after years of trying to get pregnant, she and her husband decided on IVF. Chrissy also said that she knew the sex of the child in advance - the future parents chose it based on the embryos.

Teigen says she plans to have her second child the same way. This time it will be a boy, since there is a male embryo left.

Angelina Jolie

10 celebrity women who became mothers using IVF

In her marriage to Brad Pitt, Angelina gave birth to three children. Two babies, twins Knox and Vivienne, were born as a result of IVF.

Hello magazine bought the right to publish the first photos of star kids from young parents. For this, Jolie and Pitt received $14 million, which were spent on charity.

Diana Arbenina

Mother of the boy Artem and the girl Marta

The lead singer of the rock group “Night Snipers” decided on motherhood only at the age of 35 - in February 2010, Arbenina gave birth to twins Artem and Marta. The artist herself considers her late pregnancy very timely. “When you give birth to children at 35, you realize that the time has come to forget about yourself and give them everything,” Diana admitted in an interview. The artist carefully hides the children’s father, specifying only that one close and beloved friend, an American businessman of Russian origin, helped her become a mother. What a name, Diana hid the very fact of her pregnancy not only from the public, but even from her own family.

Stars give birth with IVF

On the second try

Evgeny Dyatlov, Yulia Dzherbinova and their daughter Vasilisa // Photo: Andrey Fedechko
- Yulia, who advised you to have a child using IVF?

– Among our friends there was no one who had already gone through IVF. And the doctors advised me to try it. When I had already been treated for everything that was possible, they told me that there was also such a method.

– And you agreed without hesitation?

– I had an excellent doctor, a real wizard! He said: the main thing is to believe that everything will work out. Zhenya and I came to the meeting with him almost in despair, we explained that for many years we did not know what was wrong with us. And he told me how the IVF procedure is carried out, what follows what, what will happen in my body. And that everything will be fine. They say that if talking to a doctor doesn’t make you feel better, it means he’s a bad doctor. So, after our first conversation, it was as if the sun was shining inside me. When I came to the medical center, I saw women my age and a little younger there. While you are young, you don’t think that there might be any problems from delaying the birth of a child for the sake of your career... If you saw the faces of the women who left the doctor’s office, they had light in their eyes! And on the walls in this center there are so many photographs of children who were born in this way - all pretty, healthy, cheerful. Everything is done in such a way that you understand that this is the island of hope.

– But you were still warned about possible complications?

- Yes, we knew that it might not work out the first time, and we were determined from the very beginning for a long way. In the end, we got it right the second time.

– Were you very worried after an unsuccessful attempt?

“I remember the terrible despair after I was told that nothing had worked out. IVF is not done in one day, besides, doctors prepare you for several months for this procedure - injections, medications, everything by the hour. I'm not even talking about the psychological moment. And when it doesn’t work out, you give up, as if life is over. And only thanks to the support of my husband and doctor I started breathing again.

– And started all over again? – Yes, every day at a certain time I had to give myself an injection in the stomach. When I told this to Zhenya, I saw him turn pale. But the doctor talked about it as something very simple: “Can you put a band-aid on yourself? Well, I cut myself and stuck it on.” He also told how some women deliberately inject themselves so that the needle marks form a butterfly shape, for example. Besides, when you know the future and believe that you will turn out to be a wonderful, healthy child, then nothing is scary.

– When you found out that you were pregnant, how did you feel?

– I even remember this moment - I was driving along Nevsky in a car, and before that I took tests. And the doctor calls me and tells me that this time everything worked out! I felt such happiness as if I had already given birth. I immediately called Zhenya, but he didn’t answer because he was working... And when he picked up the phone, he asked several times: “Is this true?”

– How was your pregnancy?

– There was a threat of miscarriage twice, in total I was in the hospital for a month and two weeks. But nothing overshadowed my joy. Doctors are now telling me: “You don’t even understand what a miracle it is that you carried your daughter!” It turns out that it was lying in my stomach incorrectly, but since I didn’t know this, I simply lived in anticipation of happiness. She played in the theater for up to three months, then went to filming with Zhenya.

– With IVF you can get twins or even triplets. Did you want more than one baby?

– I know for sure that they gave me twins, but I only gave birth to Vasilisa.

Down with prejudices!

Yulia with her daughter // Photo: Andrey Fedechko

– How did you feel after Vasilisa was born?

“I knew that postpartum depression can happen, and I saw how it happened in the women who were with me in the maternity hospital. But I sincerely didn’t understand them - they were sad, but I was bursting with happiness. And now my husband and I can’t get enough of Vasilisa. She is a real miracle for us, we give her so much love and attention that we are afraid to spoil her.

– Which of your loved ones did you tell that you became pregnant thanks to IVF?

“Only our parents knew.” My dad and mom still don't want anyone to know about it. They are modern people, but for some reason they still think that there is no need to say that we did it not ourselves, but with the help of doctors. On the contrary, I think it's great.

– Many people are prevented from seeing a doctor by prejudice...

– Yes, there is still controversy surrounding this method of fertilization. Some people treat IVF like plastic surgery. Some people like to gossip that since a woman cannot give birth, then she is an empty flower and has not fulfilled what she came into this world for. And many believers say: “Since God did not give children, we must reconcile ourselves, he knows best.” But I just believe that if God closes a door, he leaves a window - and IVF became that very window for my husband and me. I don’t think this is a shameful topic that shouldn’t be discussed. Prejudice must fade into the background. It’s good to reason when everything is fine with you, you are sitting, drinking tea on the sofa, and there are a bunch of children around you. And when for some reason it doesn’t work out for you, you use all the ways and possibilities. I feel the same way about surrogacy. You just want a child, you want to give him life, you feel that you are already ready for this with your soul, heart, mind, and there are people who will help you. By the way, a single woman can also resort to IVF - for example, if, due to moral principles, she cannot invite a man from the street.

– But the lack of money may become an obstacle: IVF is a fairly expensive procedure...

– Yes, mostly established and wealthy people resort to IVF, because it is an expensive pleasure: both the medicines and the operation itself. But I heard that we have government programs that help those who do not have enough funds.

– Will you tell Vasilisa about how she was born when she grows up?

– We have a book at home that tells, in the form of a fairy tale, how children are born – not “eco-friendly” ones, but ordinary ones. Vasilisa is very interested in where she came from, and we explain everything to her from this book - that mom had a cell, and dad had a tadpole, and they met. Everything is described in such funny children's words. For Vasilisa’s development, this is what is needed now. And then there will be nothing terrible if I tell our daughter that we have been waiting for her so much that we have tried all the ways - by the age when she becomes interested in such details, she will understand everything herself. In general, it seems to me that when Vasilisa grows up, a test tube baby will be commonplace. 20 years ago we didn’t know that there were mobile phones, but now we’re not surprised that we use them.

In the West, unlike Russia, stars usually do not make a secret of the “test tube” conception of their children.

ECO-nice kids you have!

Courteney Cox with her daughter // Photo: Splash News

Al Pacino, 71 years old In January 2001, actress Beverly D'Angelo gave birth to twins, Anton James and Olivia Rose, thanks to IVF. Each weighed about 2,300 grams at birth. The couple resorted to the in vitro fertilization method because of their age - at the time of the birth of the twins, Pacino was 60 years old, and his girlfriend was 49. “Children are the best thing that happened in my life,” says the actor.

Courteney Cox, 47 years old When the actress was married to actor David Arquette, all attempts to conceive a child ended in miscarriage. Finally, in the summer of 2004, Courtney gave birth to a daughter, who was named Coco Riley Arquette. “I think a child is wonderful, and a test tube baby too. I was lucky that I was able to afford this procedure,” admitted the actress. She was thinking about “going” for her second child, but the divorce confused the cards.

Brooke Shields, 46 years old In 2003, the actress gave birth to her daughter Rowan Frances and fell into depression, even thinking about suicide. But she managed to pull herself together and decided to have a second child, but nothing worked out. Together with her husband, screenwriter Chris Henchy, they survived seven unsuccessful IVF attempts, and in 2006 the actress became pregnant... naturally and gave birth to a daughter, Greer Hammond. “Women need to recognize that while pregnancy may be natural, they may face serious challenges and understand that they can be managed,” Brooke says of IVF.

Lance Armstrong, 40 years old

In 1996, the cyclist was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Before chemotherapy and surgery to remove the tumor, Lance froze his sperm. Subsequently, this helped him and his wife Christine Richard conceive three children: a son, Luke David, was born in 1999, and twin girls, Isabelle Rose and Grace Elizabeth, in 2001. Surprisingly, from his relationship with Anna Hansen, Lance had a son, Max, and a daughter, Olivia Maria, who, according to the athlete, were conceived naturally.

Celine Dion, 43 years old The singer and her husband Rene Angélil, who is 27 years older than her, have three children together, all “from a test tube”. In January 2001, their son Rene-Charles was born, and in 2010 the couple informed the world that after six IVF attempts they were expecting twins. The boys were born on October 23, 2010. “IVF is very difficult emotionally,” the singer admitted. “You should always remember how lucky you are to be a mother.”

Julia Roberts

Mother of three children

On July 4, 2002, Julia Roberts married cameraman Danny Moder, and more than two years later, twins appeared in the family - a son and a daughter. The actress does not hide the fact that the babies were born as a result of in vitro fertilization - mothers who decide on this procedure often give birth to twins.

In 2007, Roberts gave birth to another son.

For many years now, rumors about Julia and Danny's divorce have been appearing on the Internet, and the couple has been refuting them every now and then, demonstrating a happy family life. They started talking about the separation of the spouses this summer - they say they did not survive the coronavirus. One can only guess whether this is true or just another gossip; the divorce has not yet been officially filed.

Celine Dion

Mother of three boys

Singer Celine Dion met her husband and part-time manager Rene Angélil in 1980, when he was 38 years old and she was... 12! Of course, there was no talk of any romance: the future spouses began only business communication to promote Dion. But seven years later, the young singer still realized that she had a completely non-work interest in her mentor. In 1991, the colleagues in love announced their engagement and got married in December 1994. But the family never had children, which prompted the artist to resort to IVF. The first attempt resulted in the birth of a healthy boy, Rene-Charles, so, having decided to become parents for the second time, the couple again turned to the reproduction center. This time, Celine and Rene gave birth to twin boys, who were named after composer Eddie Marne and former South African President Nelson Mandela.

Unfortunately, in January 2016, Celine became a widow - her 73-year-old husband died after a long battle with cancer.

IVF – children.. Healthy children or not?!

IVF – children.. Healthy children or not?!To date, no data on deviations in the development of test tube children have been identified.
Now there are about 5 million such children in the world. But scientists are still conducting experiments and looking for a catch. Let's start with the main thing, what is IVF?

IVF - in vitro fertilization, first occurred in 1978 in England, carried out by Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe. The first child born this way was Louise Joy Brown. In Russia, this method of treating infertility began to be used only in 1986.

The first IVF baby and its creator Patrick Steptoe

At the moment, from 20 to 40% of all IVF attempts end in pregnancy. Experts say: a negative result does not mean that the IVF method is ineffective for you. Repeated attempts may be successful. The important thing is that with each subsequent attempt, the overall chances of getting pregnant increase significantly. Doctors advise leaving an interval of about 2 months between attempts.

The main reasons why IVF is done:

1. The most common causes in women: fallopian obstruction, in men: low sperm activity. Further statistics: 2. Endocrine infertility in women. 3. Infertility of a genetic nature. 4. Ovarian exhaustion or resistance. 5. Uterine form of infertility.

The latest positive news related to test tube babies:

Children born through IVF have a zero risk of developing cancer!

After analyzing more than 100 thousand children conceived through artificial insemination, English scientists were pleasantly surprised that none of these children suffered from cancer. The scientists compared the results obtained with a control group of children born naturally. This discovery has great promise and will help doctors reduce the level of cancer among children; they just need to continue to work in the given direction.

After IVF, a second child can be born naturally!

Scientists conducted an analytical study, according to the conclusions of which, after IVF, 17 percent of couples are able to conceive a second and third child on their own without the help of doctors. These couples, previously declared infertile by doctors, were able to conceive and give birth to their second and third children on their own, after the first child was born through in vitro fertilization.

There is, of course, a lot of negative news. Experts will argue and conduct experiments. Only in the third generation of IVF children will it become clear whether there are deviations or not. In the meantime, we can only hope for the best...

Courteney Cox

Friends star Courteney Cox had seven (!) miscarriages before she and actor David Arquette finally welcomed daughter Coco Riley. Courtney says that each time it was easy for her to get pregnant, but she couldn’t carry the child to term.

However, at forty, difficulties began with conception. So Cox resorted to IVF. And for good reason: at the age of 40, the actress finally became a mother.

Elena Borscheva

The former Comedy Woman participant has two children. The first daughter was conceived naturally, but to give birth to the youngest, Elena, in her own words, went through all the circles of hell. Several IVF attempts have been unsuccessful, but they are preceded by months of visiting doctors, endless waiting and considerable expenses. At some point, the actress and her husband decided to undergo the operation for free - the medical policy gives the right to two attempts at IVF. Six months of tests, and it turns out that couples who already have a child are not entitled to the procedure for free. The couple decided on one last, final attempt - it was successful, and Borscheva gave birth to a daughter, Uma. Now the actress has even opened a separate account on social networks, “I Can Become a Mother,” where she shares her experience and answers questions from women who want to use the method but don’t know where to start.

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