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Easter is the most important Christian holiday. Its date is calculated every year according to the lunisolar calendar, so it is moving. The resurrection of Jesus is the main event of Christian teaching. The solemn service on the night from Saturday to Sunday is a hymn to the Bright Resurrection of Christ, the victory of life over death. Throughout the week, services are performed with the Royal Doors open as a sign that the gates of the Kingdom of God are now open to everyone. Everyone congratulates each other. To ritual greetings along with the traditional “Christ is Risen!” refers to the triple kiss. Believers give each other Easter cakes, colored eggs, and sweets. We offer you beautiful Easter greetings that you can download for free.

Congratulations for Easter in verse

Christ is risen! The bells are ringing, Holy Easter has come to our homes. The heavens give us the love of the Almighty, And we hear the voices of angels.

May Easter bring happiness to everyone, May faith come to life in every heart. I wish you well and love for Easter. Christ has risen and remains with us.

On the day of Holy Orthodox Easter - The sky was dressed in azure, And the people rose with an ancient, meek, flowing Prayer. Smiles, joyful faces with Christ knock on every home. Today it is easy for everyone to pray, Jesus is Risen - church bells. I hasten to congratulate you on Easter, This holiday awaits believers, Today we will praise God, Let only a friend come to visit.

For Easter I want to wish you the warmth of dear hearts, great joy, comfort, happiness, because Christ is risen!

May an angel take care of you, Shelter you from adversity. Let everything you dream about come to life very soon.

Happy Easter, we sincerely congratulate you, We wish you good health and joy, Love and happiness, peace and goodness, May faith illuminate souls and hearts. And let the words fly to the very heavens Christ is risen! Truly risen!

On the Easter holiday, from century to century, the one who descended from heaven flies from person to person - Christ is Risen! Christ is risen! On Easter Day, the messenger of heaven, I ask you to give you health, goodness, love, good luck, bread. To help you in your destiny!

Happy Easter! I wish you peace in your home, Kindness, prosperity, laughter, Prosperous success.

The birds are singing about this, the bells are ringing, and the domes of all the churches sparkle with gold. Happy Sunday of Christ May joy be eternal, Love, health, happiness and faith to you from the heart!

Happy Sunday of Christ, Happy great bright day! Love, good luck, happiness, To swim in it.

Deeds that are righteous and pure, Roads that are always straight, All earthly blessings in the world. And may the Lord protect.

A truly beautiful day! Happy Great Holiday, Happy Holy Easter, congratulate all your neighbors. Let your wishes come true, Let all problems disappear, We will replace all mental suffering with Faith. Let your heart sing today And let the prayer sound, So that we may be covered by the right hand of the Lord.

Happy Easter. I wish you well and warmth. May the Lord protect you, May joy come to your doorstep!

On Easter day I wish you all kinds of pleasures, Trust in true friends and abandon doubts. So that warmth enters your home, So that you are lucky in all matters. Luck - joys without troubles, And various victories in life!

Bright Sunday of Christ - Joyful in the heart and calm And nature, with a stormy awakening, celebrated the patronal holiday with us. Be guarded by Christ forever, Be open to love and happiness, Be selfless and loved by fate, Let troubles and bad weather pass. May the soul in its swift flight remain forever young. And the more you give to people, the more generously the good will return to you.

There is a festive pattern on the eggs, Easter Easter cake is getting cold. Let it flow into glasses of Cahors, After all, there is no place for sadness. A great day will drive away sadness. It is the most important day of the year. Christ is risen! - Let our Orthodox people rejoice. Let us forgive each other's offenses and sins on the Resurrection, We were born to live in love With the hope of our salvation.

Christ is risen! The bells are ringing. And your heart will immediately beat joyfully. Let your life always be bright, let no grudges or evil remain in your soul.

The bright holiday is coming, the ringing of bells is heard... Congratulations on the Resurrection, And the cake is already ready.

May harmony come to your home, May life be full of miracles, May there be disagreements in the past. Happy Easter to you! Christ is risen!

Happy Easter! And from my heart I wish you a good, humane life, strong and heartfelt friendship, a piece of God’s bread, a sip of spring water, deeds according to conscience and honor, happiness in the home! Christ is Risen!

Easter wish

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On Easter, a lavish table is set in connection with the end of the Great Forty Day Lent. Since the holiday is associated not only with the Savior, but also with spring, it is desirable that fresh flowers be present on the table. On our portal you will find beautiful Easter wishes for your loved ones. Christ is Risen!

SMS congratulations on Easter: short wishes – Spaso-Kazan Simansky Convent


Easter is the brightest and greatest holiday for Christians and Catholics. This holiday is celebrated all over the world, because it is difficult to find a country where at least a few Christians do not live. It is customary for us to congratulate our friends, family and loved ones on this bright holiday. We have selected Easter SMS greetings especially for you - short and beautiful.

SMS congratulations on Easter

Congratulations! Christ is risen! I wish you well, great miracles. So that you can live brighter with God in your heart.

He is with us again - Christ has risen!

Holy Resurrection has arrived! How calm and light your soul is! Let life be generous with joy!

  • Full of warmth, hope and kindness!
  • Happy Easter, Happiness, goodness, beautiful life,
  • Health, warmth.

Spring has come - the time for miracles. The spring is babbling - Christ is risen! There are no brighter words in the world -

  1. Truly Christ has risen!
  2. Bright Resurrection of Christ. The ringing of bells flies from heaven, and hymns to the glory of God,
  3. Rejoicing - Christ is risen!
  4. Happy Easter, I wish you happiness many times over! May life give you only goodness,
  5. And your soul will be warm!
  6. May a bright Easter bring Love and hope to your home,
  7. Agreement in everything!
  8. Let your table be bursting with delicious dishes, And let money flow to you like a river, Let life pamper you with a fairy tale,
  9. I congratulate you on this bright holiday, Happy Easter!
  10. On the Day of the Bright Resurrection of Christ - love, hope, happiness and humility! Have a fragrant Easter
  11. yes a ring of sausage, wine and lard, a hard-boiled egg!

Happy Easter! Health and happiness to everyone!

Christ is risen!

Short SMS congratulations on Easter

Let the soul freeze with hope in anticipation of the mercy of heaven, May the Almighty not leave you in His kindness! Christ is risen!

Sweet Easter, smoked sausage, delicious salsa, hard-boiled egg! Christ is risen!

The song of resurrection, love and happiness, and forgiveness sounds to us as the covenant of the benevolent heavens - Christ is risen!

Hail majestic Easter! The Lord looks from heaven as the Orthodox rejoice: Christ is risen!

  • With a feeling of deep joy and from the bottom of our hearts, we congratulate you on the Bright Resurrection of Christ - the Easter of the Lord!

Happy holiday! Christ is risen! Happiness, peace and miracles!

  1. I wish you happiness and hope, faith and salvation on the holiday of Christ’s Resurrection!
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Happy Easter 2020 greetings: cards and short SMS

Very soon the brightest holiday of the year will come - Easter 2020, and we will receive Easter congratulations from our family and friends. To please them in return, as well as to congratulate those who are far away in an original way, Politeka has prepared Easter greeting cards, Easter greetings via SMS and Easter cards

Easter 2020 is considered one of the most beloved and revered church holidays among Orthodox believers, and is celebrated with special trepidation by the entire Christian world. On this bright holiday, Lent ends, during which it is customary to cleanse oneself of sins, adhere to the strictest dietary restrictions, and send beautiful Easter cards to one’s family, friends and colleagues.

From Saturday to Sunday, according to tradition, an all-night evening service is held after the descent of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem. The Holy Fire is sent to Kyiv by air, and after that - to all dioceses of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, so that all Ukrainians can touch it.

After 12 o'clock at night, the clergy put on their festive attire and announce: “Christ is risen!” After this, they begin to bless everything that Christians brought with them in Easter baskets: Easter cakes, eggs, cheese, butter and boiled pork.

Easter breakfast begins with a blessed egg and a piece of paska. And only then do they feast on meat and fish dishes, congratulating each other on the bright holiday, not forgetting to send SMS congratulations on Easter 2020.

Happy Easter greetings - cards

Easter greeting cards that will give you a festive mood

Easter 2020 is the brightest, kindest and favorite holiday of all Christians. They begin to prepare for it in advance by adhering to Lent, attending church and controlling their thoughts and actions. During this period, they try to be especially kind, generous and indulgent.

Happy Easter greetings - cards

Easter 2020 marks a great event - the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Therefore, Easter greeting cards often depict an Easter basket with traditional foods, a temple and the greeting “Christ is Risen.”

Happy Easter greetings - cards

With the onset of Easter, Lent officially ends and the church gives its blessing to return to normal life and meals. On this bright holiday, an atmosphere of triumph and goodness reigns, so you can share your positive emotions by choosing Easter 2020 greeting cards for your loved ones.

Happy Easter greetings - cards

Happy Easter greetings - cards

Happy Easter greetings - cards

Happy Easter greetings - cards

Happy Easter 2020 greetings in pictures: with animation and poetry

In all churches, on the night of April 27-28, all-night services will be held before Easter 2020. After the Easter liturgy, a religious procession will take place, which will end with the priests addressing everyone with the words “Christ is Risen,” and the believers must answer “Truly He is Risen.” Afterwards, the parishioners' Easter baskets begin to be blessed.

Happy Easter - pictures

Everyone needs to know how to answer Easter 2020. After all, it is with these words that you will start a conversation with everyone you meet on this day, as well as send wishes and congratulations on Easter in pictures with this traditional greeting.

Happy Easter - pictures

However, it is worth remembering that people who served in church or were the first to bless Easter cakes should also be the first to say “Christ is Risen” when meeting people who are just going to church. To which they must answer “He is risen indeed.”

Happy Easter - pictures

Therefore, if they sent you funny pictures of Easter, you should write the Easter answer - “Truly He is Risen.” Your Easter greeting pictures, which you will send first, should begin with the traditional greeting “Christ is Risen.”

Happy Easter - pictures

The tradition of how to respond to Easter 2020, “Christ is Risen - Truly Risen,” appeared in apostolic times. The greeting “Christ is Risen” expresses joy similar to the joy of the apostles who learned about the resurrection of Christ.

  • Happy Easter - pictures
  • Happy Easter - pictures
  • Beautiful and short SMS congratulations on Easter 2019

On the bright day of Easter 2020, it is customary not only to gather around the same festive table in a circle, but also not to forget to congratulate those who are dear to the heart, but, due to reasons, are far away. To save your time, Politeka has collected the most beautiful and short SMS greetings for Easter 2020.

Solemn Easter greetings will definitely please your loved ones and remind them of you. SMS congratulations on Easter contain pleasant wishes and sincerity of the holiday. In addition, short Easter SMS messages are a win-win option. SMS congratulations for Easter are perfect for congratulating family and friends, as well as work colleagues.

Christ is risen! Truly risen! The message is carried from earth to heaven.

Holy Easter has entered the house today.

I wish you happiness, joy, warmth.


SMS Happy Easter 2020 in verse and prose – Short beautiful funny SMS for Easter

Easter is considered one of the most joyful and long-awaited Christian holidays. Every year, Orthodox and Catholics prepare to celebrate Bright Easter Sunday - in 2020, according to the “old” and “new” styles, the date coincides and falls on April 16.

On this spring day, churches will open their gates to hundreds of thousands of believers who want to dedicate their Easter baskets with holiday food. After the solemn service, lavish tables with many delicious savory dishes are laid in every home. Of course, the main decoration of the Easter meal is Easter cake and colored eggs, blessed in the church.

It is customary to invite relatives and friends to a festive treat, and when meeting, to christen with the words “Christ is Risen!”, Hearing in response “Truly He is Risen!” If on this wonderful day your loved one, friend or good acquaintance is far away, you can send him an SMS Happy Easter 2017 to his phone - a short, beautiful congratulation with wishes of all the best.

In our selection you will find cool and official “strict” SMS in poetry and prose for Easter, with which you can congratulate all your loved ones and work colleagues on the holiday. Happy Easter to you!

Short SMS Happy Easter 2020 – beautiful congratulations to family and friends

According to tradition, on Easter it is customary to meet with loved ones and relatives - invite them to your place or go on a visit with the krashanki consecrated in the church.

After many days of Lent, it is especially joyful to meet everyone together for the Easter meal, taste delicious dishes and exchange good congratulations and wishes.

Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen! The good news spreads throughout the world - along with the ringing of bells, the singing of birds, and the joyful voices of believers. Today you can easily congratulate all your relatives and friends by sending them congratulatory SMS messages for Easter.

So, we have selected the most beautiful short SMS greetings for Easter 2020, which will fill the soul with joy, warmth and grace. All you have to do is choose the appropriate option and send a short SMS congratulations - a few beautiful, sincere lines in poetry or prose.

A selection of short beautiful SMS congratulations for Easter 2017:

  • Happy Resurrection of Christ to you,
  • With grace and salvation,
  • Congratulations on Easter holiday,
  • Let life be like a fairy tale
  • Happiness lives in the house,
  • Faith warms the soul,
  • And blush in the oven
  • Holiday cakes!
  • The holiday is bright and soulful,
  • Gracious, inspired
  • Spring has come again,
  • So that the Lord forgives us all,
  • So that we sincerely pray,
  • To learn love and goodness,
  • So that on Resurrection it
  • The whole planet rejoiced!

On the bright holiday of Easter, we wish you peace, goodness, and prosperity to your families. May God's blessing and good luck accompany you everywhere.

Cool short SMS Happy Easter to a friend

Friendship is one of the most important human qualities that has been valued at all times. On the eve of Easter 2020, select the best congratulations and send them via SMS to all your friends and good buddies.


Beautiful and short Congratulations on Easter

Congratulations on Easter in short verses
Happy Easter from the bottom of my heart! Let the days be full of hope and good, Just believe: there is someone who saves us and saves us from terrible mistakes.

Today is the holiday of the resurrection of Christ and the end of Lent. Paint eggs, help yourself to Easter cakes, meet with your family and friends on this day.

A miracle of miracles happened, Christ has risen again on earth! The domes sparkle in the sun, all the bells are ringing! Birds are chirping, everything is blooming, the Son of God is bringing us happiness! Happy Easter to you, friends, May your family prosper!

Easter means the transition to a new life from sin and captivity. If the people hear the Lord, great changes await them. Accept this truth with your heart and live according to the commandments of God. Your days will be joyful, Because Christ will always help you!

All faces shine with joy, Hearts are free from passions... Holy Words have such a miraculous effect on people! Christ is risen! O sacred moment! O miracle, above all the miracles that were in the universe! Christ is risen! Christ is risen!

On this great holiday, which was once called Easter, I want to wish kindness from the ruler And all earthly blessings at once!

Let your worries be pleasant and longing not touch your eyes, love gains momentum, and spring flows into your soul with the sky!

A white tablecloth, a candle, the aroma of Easter cake, pouring into the glasses of Cahors: Don’t drink too much - an agreement! Colorful eggs and smiles of bright faces, Happy Holidays! Christ is risen! Kindness! Love! Miracles!

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