A guy has a thin penis, what should I do?

A small size of manhood is currently considered a significant physical defect of a man, which makes him less attractive and capable in the eyes of a woman. Many people believe that the size of a phallus is primarily determined by its length. And if this parameter is below the generally accepted norm, then this promises a man big problems in the sexual field. But a survey conducted among the female population indicates the opposite. For women, the length of the penis is not so important as its thickness. After all, one of the factors in achieving female orgasm is sufficient friction of the penis against the vaginal walls. If a man has a very thin penis, such pressure will be extremely difficult to achieve. In this case, the quality of sexual intercourse will drop significantly.

Why does the phallus grow poorly?

The genital organs are formed in the fetus already in the seventh week of pregnancy. Boys under five years of age are no different from girls in terms of physical characteristics.

From the age of 10, children synthesize testosterone, adolescents develop a phallus, their voice changes, and abundant body hair appears. From the age of 13, the penis begins to grow.

Before answering the question of what penis size is considered normal, you need to understand what factors influence growth.

  1. Genetic predispositions – heredity is considered the main factor determining the dimensions of manhood. If the father and grandfather could not boast of great length, then the next generation is unlikely to be born with an impressive phallus.
  2. The health of the cardiovascular system affects the sexual organ. If the blood supply is obstructed, the penis suffers from a lack of oxygen and develops worse. According to statistics, boys with clogged arteries had much smaller penis growth than their healthy peers.
  3. The state of the hormonal system is an important factor influencing the length and width of the trunk. If in adolescence boys have lower testosterone levels than expected, then the entire reproductive system will suffer. The penis grows worse and smaller, facial hair will be lower than that of peers, even the timbre of the voice will practically not change.

Attention! Usually, by the age of 18, the dignity stops growing, and the final dimensions are formed. But sometimes, when sexual development has begun a little later, the phallus continues to enlarge until the age of 25.

Opinion of the girls themselves3

Many representatives of the fair sex sincerely do not understand men’s concerns about what size a penis should be. After all, on their part it looks simply ridiculous, because they themselves know that they can enjoy sex even with a small penis. Although some women say that some characteristics of the penis bother them.

But we are not talking about length, but about thickness. According to the girls themselves, it is not the depth of penetration, but the force of pressure and stretching that gives them the greatest pleasure. That is, if a man’s penis is not particularly long, but moderately thick, then this will be ideal for girls.

Unfortunately, many women are also influenced by culture and advertising that blatantly convince them that they can only enjoy sex with a partner who has great “worth.” This is best seen in pornography, where all the men have very impressive penises.

And girls, in particular inexperienced ones, after watching such videos begin to think that only with such an organ will they have pleasure. They know as little about their bodies as men who worry about the size of their penis. Therefore, they succumb to this type of suggestion and create situations in which men more acutely feel the need to have an impressive organ.

Men should not particularly listen to what women say about what size the penis should be. Often they are caused only by culturally imposed opinions. It is much more important to listen to the girls’ reactions during sex, because at such moments they don’t really have time to come up with anything, so all their actions and words will be as honest as possible.

And if a woman enjoys a penis that is 13 centimeters long, but at the same time says that a man “should” have a penis that is at least 16 centimeters long, then she is simply lying and trying to fit in with the environment in which she finds herself.

Measurement results

Scientists learn averages through measurements. They are conducted by men of different ages and different nationalities on all continents. Representatives of African countries have the most impressive bodies. So, guys from the Republic of Congo have an average size of about 17 cm. But Asians (Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Japanese) have small phalluses, only 10-11 cm.

It is difficult to answer the question of what penis length is considered normal. Here it is worth taking into account genetic predispositions, health status, absence of bad habits, and nationality.

Men from Europe and Russia have an average length of the phallus from 12 to 16 cm. According to research, the largest number of representatives of the stronger sex (23%) have a genital organ of 15 cm. 15% of men each boast a length of 15-16 cm or 12-14 cm. Owners Megalopenis (over 18 cm) is only 6%. But young people who are thinking about an increase for medical reasons are only 2%. Their length does not exceed 8 cm in the erect state. The diameter is approximately the same in all countries, the average value is from 2.5 to 3.5 centimeters.

The average size of the phallus (in centimeters), based on the country, can be seen in the table.


Size of porn actors

It should be noted that when watching an adult video, men always have penises that are taller than normal. The impressive size of porn actors is always impressive. Some of them are not true. To enlarge their penises, porn actors use special gels, lubricants, extenders, and optical illusions.

Porn actors with huge dicks:

  1. Omar Williams. The owner of a phallus length of 28 cm. Producer and actor in intimate films.
  2. Shane Diesel. He has the largest penis size not only in length - 24 cm, but also in circumference - 19.5 cm. He began acting at the age of 30, now he not only takes part in porn films, but also directs them. Participated in more than 1000 films.
  3. Richard Mann. The length of the porn actor’s penis is up to 26 cm.
  4. Rocco Tano. Penis size reaches up to 23 cm. Italian porn actor. Since 1993 he has been working as a producer, screenwriter, director and writer.
  5. Orlando Newman. The highest paid porn actor with a large and thick penis of 25 cm.
  6. Clifton Todd. American actor in the porn industry, who has starred in more than two hundred films. The length of the manhood is 21 cm, and the girth is 16 cm.
  7. Matt Hughes. Has a phallus of 22 cm.
  8. Prince Yahshua. American porn actor and director, winner of the AVN Awards, XRCO Award, XBIZ Award.

Prince Yahshua

Interesting Facts

  1. Men are more likely than women to think about the length of their penis and perceive these issues more acutely and painfully. Usually guys are unhappy with the size, but their partners are happy with everything.
  2. Every 5 young people used a sexual enhancement product.
  3. In overweight people, the organ appears smaller than in thin people. This is explained by the fact that part of the shaft is hidden behind a layer of pubic fat.
  4. Each man has an individual form of dignity. For some it looks like a mushroom, for others it looks like a cylinder. There are penises with a thick base and a thin head.

What women talk about

Contrary to stereotypes, ladies are not so categorical about the size of their partners' genitals. They are quite happy with the average length. More questions arise regarding the diameter, because the thicker the penis, the more sensual sexual intercourse. Scientists and sexologists have found that most erogenous points are located at the entrance to the vagina, at a distance of 6 cm. A guy should not have a super-huge phallus.

There are ladies who do not mind their partners enlarging their penis a little. But usually, among representatives of the stronger sex, their dignity really does not reach the average results. 15-18% of women are looking for a partner with a large phallus (over 18 cm). But they agree to a single sexual contact, they would just like to try intimacy with such a large organ.

Wives whose husbands own giants, on the contrary, are not too happy. The depth of the vagina is from 14 to 16 cm. A large penis can injure the delicate mucous membrane. Couples have to constantly experiment with positions, looking for the most optimal one for shallow penetration.

What is the normal penis size from a woman's point of view? The ladies answer that from 14 to 16 cm. They also admit that they love to look at large and beautiful phalluses, but not everyone will decide to go to bed with a young man who has impressive dignity.

Sex shops sell attachments that regulate the depth of insertion of the phallus. The devices limit deep penetration.

Opinion of urologists and andrologists2

As for the specific size of the penis that he really “should” have, it is worth seeking the professional opinion of urologists. Over the past fifty years, a tremendous amount of research has been conducted on what penis size is absolutely normal.

And in the end, experts concluded that the average size of the male genital organ around the world is 12-13 centimeters in length. Not 20, not 18, not even 16, but only 12-13. And there is a physiological explanation for this, which is primarily related to the characteristics of the female body. In particular, with the structure of their reproductive system.

Urologists are confident that men simply practically do not need a huge penis for sex, because in the female body there are several features that speak in favor of penises measuring about 12-13 centimeters.

The first of these features is that the depth of the female vagina, depending on the body type, is 11-14 centimeters, which seems to very openly hint that penises beyond these dimensions are not really needed by them. To enjoy sexual intercourse and to guarantee fertilization, a penis of the size that almost all men on the planet possess is more than enough.

The second feature of the female reproductive system, which will help men get rid of doubts about length and thickness, is that girls experience sexual pleasure only from stimulation of the first 3-5 centimeters closest to the vaginal opening.

That is, in all other areas, stimulation by the penis is felt at best... not at all. At worst, it may simply be unpleasant for a girl to have a penis being inserted deeply into her, because it is much more pleasant for her to feel movements only in the first centimeters after entry.

The third feature of the female vagina is its ability to adapt to almost any penis size. During sexual intimacy, if a girl experiences a sufficient level of arousal, her vagina can either become narrower in order to put pressure on a penis that is smaller in size, or wider and deeper in order to accept rather large penises without discomfort and pain.

That is, size, in fact, is not important at all, and you should not worry about it except in those cases when a man really has a pathology that leads to an unhealthy small size of the genital organ.

The fourth feature of the female reproductive system is the fact that many of them rarely experience vaginal orgasm. That is, the exact orgasm that is achieved during stimulation of the vaginal walls almost never happens during regular sex. According to statistics, more than 70% of girls have never experienced it.

How do they enjoy sex? With the help of clitoral orgasm. Yes, yes, stimulation of this intimate part of the body allows you to achieve vivid sensations that girls like so much. And for this they don’t really need a large penis.

Measurement Rules

Men and women interested in what the normal penis size should be should initially measure their manhood correctly. Often, people make mistakes during measurements, and the results turn out to be unreliable.

First you need to follow a few rules:

  • Check the air temperature in the room. The optimal parameter is 20-23 degrees;
  • the young man is recommended to have sex 24-36 hours before the measurement;
  • physical and psychological stress should be excluded;
  • measurements are carried out only in the evening hours.

How to find out the length

  1. Measurements are carried out only in a vertical position. A man needs to stand on the floor and first undress completely.
  2. Bring your penis to full erection. Place the genital organ parallel to the floor. It is advisable to place it on the table, this guarantees parallelism.
  3. Take a ruler, place one edge against the pubis, and press the ruler itself against the shaft. At the end of the head will be the final result.

Professionals advise taking measurements over several days in a row. After this, the average length is calculated, this is the final value of the length of the phallus.

Measurements of a man's penis in a calm state are carried out in a similar way. The only difference is that the organ does not need to be erected.

How to determine the diameter

The width of a guy's penis is an important indicator. Most of the nerve endings are concentrated at the entrance to the vagina, so a thick penis can give women bright moments.

  1. The young man needs to prepare a lace or thread and a ruler.
  2. You need to bring yourself to an erection. Using a string, measure the volume of the genital organ at the base, in the middle of the shaft and at the head. Leave marks.
  3. Then attach the string with the mark to the ruler and write down the value.
  4. The average of the three indicators must be divided by 3.14 (Pi). This will be the diameter.

It is advisable to take measurements for 5-7 days, then determine the average value.

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When to sound the alarm

The penis actively increases in adolescents, during pubertal development. If growth has slowed down significantly or stopped, then there is no need to panic.

The following measures will help:

  1. It is necessary to take the boy to the doctor. A urologist or andrologist will check the size of the penis and compare it with the average values. If there are problems, then research will be carried out and treatment will be prescribed.
  2. Often, a child needs consultation with an endocrinologist, cardiologist and other doctors. The level of testosterone in the blood will show a picture of the hormonal system.
  3. Overweight teenagers are advised to lose unnecessary pounds. A layer of fat forms on the pubis, which visually makes the penis smaller. The same applies to adult men who are overweight.
  4. Smoking provokes the development of atherosclerosis. The disease impairs blood supply to all organs. In mature and elderly people, the penis even becomes slightly smaller. Therefore, doctors recommend getting rid of bad habits. If boys 12-15 years old smoke, this will certainly affect the health and growth of the genitals.

What will help make your penis bigger?

If a representative of the stronger sex has a very small phallus, then the problem can be solved with the help of surgery. This is a surefire way to add up to 5 cm in size. The intervention is carried out under general anesthesia, but this requires a doctor’s testimony (the size of the organ interferes with sexual activity). In other cases, fat implants can be inserted under the skin. The penis will become wider and larger for several years, then the procedure will have to be repeated.

There are other ways to increase your dignity a little. They are carried out at home:

  • regular exercises with devices. You can add a couple of centimeters for men who wear an extender, use a vacuum pump or weights;
  • the use of creams and ointments that increase length. Advertising promises unrealistic growth figures of up to 5 or 7 cm. In fact, this is a myth. But creams increase blood flow to the genitals. The erection becomes stronger, and the penis itself can grow by 1-1.5 cm;
  • jelqing or uli technique. These are special exercises that train the muscles of manhood. The effect is similar to working out in the gym. Muscles are injured and restored. Due to this, growth occurs.

Results after training are possible only with regular exercise. The first effect is noticeable after 1.5-2 months.

And if it's the other way around

For guys, a large penis is not a problem. More like pride. But if it is too huge, then you can forget about anal sex and deep blowjob. In women, the intestinal mucosa will simply rupture and the throat will be injured. Also, not everyone will agree to deep vaginal penetration, especially daring sex.

Men can only adapt to the large dimensions and put on restrictive rings before sex so as not to injure the woman.

There are sad cases in history when guys had such a huge penis (over 30-40 cm) that they were deprived of the opportunity to have sex. Some men are even included in the Guinness Book of Records. But they try to lead a reclusive life; few people advertise the problem.

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