Top 4 tips for choosing the perfect highlighter based on your skin color

Why do you need a highlighter?

To use makeup to make your face bloom, young, fresh, and then be surprised by your own natural beauty, products are used, among which facial highlighter is especially popular. The classic answer to the question of why highlighter is needed in makeup is: to give the skin a flawless look and a soft glow.

Some people call highlighters pencils and powders, with the help of which the cheekbones and areas under the eyebrows are emphasized. However, modern products, often called luminizers, are applied to foreheads, eyelids, cheeks, lips, shoulders, décolleté and even legs.

What kind of wonderful ingredients do these magical cosmetics contain?

– reflective particles that can visually smooth out skin unevenness and improve color;

– mother of pearl, which refracts light rays and makes the skin radiant and fresh;

– mica, the presence of which contributes to a metallic luster; the larger the particles, the brighter the highlighter;

– silk proteins for uniform application of highlighters, lotions and creams.

A few basic rules

In the list of highlighters, the clear leaders are dry pressed or crumbly product textures. They leave the finest mark on the skin and give the most gentle and delicate glow. This product can be used in different ways: either as a finishing touch to your makeup, or applied before powder and blush to get a glowing effect from within. You can apply this highlighter to any base - a couple of strokes with a fluffy brush, and now you are shining and your skin looks great.

However, it should be noted that dry highlighter usually has a denser structure with a larger number of reflective particles. And if you want a more natural effect, then it is better to use a liquid highlighter.

Liquid highlighter creates a light, almost weightless coverage, so it is best suited for daytime makeup. However, keep in mind that liquid highlighter is not recommended if you used powder as a base.

Cream highlighters were extremely popular a few years ago, until they gave way to powder highlighters. The dense creamy texture required more effort to smooth it onto the skin, and, as it turned out, the presence of mineral oils in the composition can cause allergic reactions.

Products in sticks and pencils are distinguished by their density and therefore also require time to shade. However, this texture is very convenient to have in your daily cosmetic bags or when traveling.

On a note

Want to create a radiant facial effect? Mix your regular foundation or BB cream with highlighter in a 70/30 ratio and apply to face. Your face will be transformed and will glow as if from within.

In addition to the texture of the product, it is important to consider the finish, that is, the trace it leaves after application and shading. He can be:

Shimmery. Characterized by a large number of medium and large sparkles. These products are good for evening makeup. In addition, they can emphasize not only the lines of the face, but also the décolleté area.

Satin . Contains smaller reflective particles. That is why such highlighters are indispensable when creating an everyday look when you want to have skin that is slightly glowing from the inside.

With HD effect . A special feature of such highlighters is the presence of tiny reflective particles. It is with their help that you can add volume. Such tools do an excellent job of their functions on set. But for daily use they can be a bit heavy.

Types of highlighters

To understand what a highlighter is, let’s look at its types:

– creams and lotions – used for a delicate and moist glow and have a creamy soft consistency, they are applied to the face, around the eyes, on the shoulders and décolleté; they are easily distributed over the skin, but in large quantities they give an oily sheen;

– pencils with a creamy formula are easy to store, even when used outside the home they instantly give the skin a perfect look; differ in a huge range of shades (from mother-of-pearl to metal), but can settle into wrinkles and clog pores;

– fluids with a liquid formula are absorbed into the skin, giving it shimmer, a slight glow and masking wrinkles; applied on or under the base, and without it;

– loose (powdery) powder has sparkling particles that are ideal for evening makeup, but tend to crumble; with Vaseline or cream used for “wet” eye makeup;

– compact pressed powder with light reflection hides imperfections, fixes the foundation, mattifies the face, but on dry skin it can noticeably accumulate in wrinkles;

– a gel with a transparent formula, shimmering particles or very large sparkles is easily applied to any part of the body and face, used on beaches and discos, but can be sticky.

Eyes - more brightness, cheekbones - more definition, lips - more plumpness!

All highlighters reflect light from darker areas of the skin, giving it radiance and highlighting facial features. They can emphasize cheekbones, make eyes larger and brighter, and make the chest appear more voluminous.

And yet, why do you need a highlighter for the face? This is a way to create additional accents on the perfect base.

Rating of highlighter manufacturers

A good result in makeup can only be achieved by using high-quality cosmetics. We have made a selection of the most famous highlighters based on reviews on forums and online stores. There are options for every taste and budget.

Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder and Catrice & Marina Hoermanseder (Catrice) - dry highlighter for a typical and thick face from a German cosmetics manufacturer. It is characterized by ease of application and natural pearls in its composition. Many people say that the glitter in it is too huge and upon closer examination they are clearly visible. Available in 2 shades. The Hoermanseder series belongs to a limited collection - these are reflective blush in balls.

Smart girl Incredible Hollywood (Smart Girl) is a fairly budget option from Belarus for creating a soft glow on the face. It is recommended for use on thick skin: it contains strong absorbents and antioxidants. These are jojoba oil, macadamia oil and pearl particles. Can be used for body shading.

Essence Blossom Dreams Rainbow Highlighter (Essence) is an iconic light highlighter for all complexions with a soft creamy texture. It literally shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. Exceptional, not suitable for dark or tanned faces - it will look flashy and vulgar. It goes on softly, very naturally, and blends out perfectly. Available in 2 versions: liquid (described above) and dry (Essence Prismatic Rainbow). The closest analogue of this luminizer is MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (MAC).

NYX Professional Makeup Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator (Nix) is a highly professional cosmetics from an overseas manufacturer. This is a liquid fluid to give your face and body a glorious natural glow. The product can be mixed with other cosmetics, creating the result of a shiny haze.

Revlon Highlighting Palette (Revlon) is a highly professional stick from the famous cosmetics brand. The palette includes 5 shades for correction. Each can be used separately - in the form of blush, powder or concealer. Or - together and get a wonderful result of iridescent shine. For those who like more affordable cosmetics, we also suggest trying My Must Haves Highlighter Powder from Essence. It's no crappier, and costs about half as much.

Maybelline Master Strobing Stick Illuminating Highlighter (Maybelline) is a liquid highlighter from the famous company. Allows you to paint even the most problematic areas. It contains silicones, so the product blends out perfectly and applies evenly. Although it is not suitable for daily use, it clogs pores.

L'Oreal Alliance Perfect (L'Oreal) is an impeccable liquid highlighter for every complexion. It has the usual shine, and each comes in a variety of multifunctional shades: pearl-silver tone and beige-pink. This is absolutely enough to create a regular glow. On dark and tanned girls it looks catchy.

H&M Highlight cream delicately highlights the areas under the eyes and on the forehead, but is not suitable for sparkling contouring. Its cost is within 20 bucks. This is a stick with liquid cream and a professional brush made of unnatural wool. Available in gold and pearl shades. As an alternative for dark skin, you can try Diorskin nude air Glowing Gardens from Dior.

SLEEK MakeUP Barekissed Illuminator is a semi-professional luminizer for anti-aging techniques (shading the skin around the eyes, disguising bruises and age spots). Its structure is dense-liquid: slightly denser than cream, but lighter than a pencil.

Highlighter Eva Mosaic (Eva Mosaic) is the most inexpensive light reflector for facial skin of all those described above. It is sold in the Eva and Magnit chain stores and is a thick baked stick. Despite its affordable price, the forums say that it creates a very well-deserved result of overflow. A similar thing can be achieved with the more expensive option from Pupa – Highlighter Bronze.

By choosing the right highlighter, you can immediately solve the problems of “not getting enough sleep” eyes and noticeable bruises. We advise you to buy two versions of the product at once - liquid for thorough correction and dry for working out small imperfections.

Preparation of the “art canvas”

To make beautiful makeup you need to complete several main steps. The first is to prepare the skin with:

– moisturizing face cream,

– lip balm;

– applying a makeup base to areas of wide pores and deep wrinkles;

– smoothing the skin of the eyelids with an eyeshadow base.

The second stage is the sequential application of tone in small portions to the forehead, nose, area around the mouth, chin, cheeks, moving from the center to the edges. You need to use the flat surface of the brush, and to achieve perfect smoothness, lightly tap with a sponge.

The third stage - secret camouflage with a concealer brush - will help hide problem areas (redness, pimples, bruises, blood vessels). Liquid concealer is often applied to the nasolabial folds.

The fourth stage is to consolidate the uniformity of the skin using powder. You need to use the brush carefully, without becoming like a janitor. Without lifting the vellus hairs, you should powder from the forehead to the chin, achieving a smooth, even “artistic canvas”.

Conclusions: before using highlighter, you should achieve perfectly clean, moisturized skin or apply foundation to it. The exception to the rule is liquid or cream highlighter. It is applied after foundation and is not powdered so that the shine is not extinguished.

How to choose

Highlighters come in cream, liquid and dry textures. Liquid ones are suitable for those who are not yet familiar with this product; they can be used as a base for makeup and mixed with foundation. When using eye makeup, you need to be as careful as possible with liquid products, because contact with the mucous membrane is unsafe. A cream highlighter is convenient for highlighting the area above the cheekbones, forehead, chin and bridge of the nose. Dry resembles powder in texture, applied to individual areas of the cheekbones, forehead, nose, and under the eyebrows. An ideal choice for girls whose skin is prone to oily skin. Dry highlighter is applied to foundation or powder.

If you plan to take the product often on the road, then it is better to choose a cosmetic product in the form of a stick or pencil. The highlighter will not spread throughout the bag and will not crumble. But products in jars or tubes are more suitable for home use.

Consistency Advantages Flaws
Liquid Wet glow effect The product is difficult to shade, cannot be used in combination with powder, because the effect disappears
Powdery The cosmetic product is easy to use and looks great in combination with powder, foundation and other products. It's hard to overdo it with powder highlighter. The product can break if handled carelessly. Powdery consistency emphasizes fine wrinkles
Cream A good option for correcting cheekbones. Combines with powder The cream product can cause oily shine, so it is not suitable for oily skin.

Face - sculptural, skin - radiant

After preparing the skin, modeling begins. The artistic tools of a makeup artist are bronzer and highlighter . about how to use them .

First, let's define what bronzer and highlighter are? These are two decorative cosmetics that promote the “sculpting” of faces. The first transforms facial contours into clear and expressive ones. The second makes him younger and brighter, bringing him closer to the dawn of youth.

When using bronzer, you should decide which effect is most desirable? After all, shiny will eliminate cold pallor and promote sunshine, and matte will provide a sculpturally sculpted face.

To apply bronzing powder, use a large angled brush and follow these steps:

– place the powder high on the cheekbones and temples; it is shaded thoroughly and “taken” into the hair;

– bronzer is applied along the contour of the face, shaded from the chin to the neck in a downward direction;

– a wide eyeshadow brush is used to perform the fine work of applying bronzer to the tip of the nose;

– a high forehead requires applying bronzer along the line where the hair grows with shading towards it.

The diagram shows how to properly apply highlighter and bronzer to faces of various shapes .

How to properly apply highlighter to your face

To clearly see the application areas, you should turn ¾ towards the mirror.

First, the powder should be applied to the cheekbones, above the areas highlighted with bronzer. Then - to the center of the chin, to the area of ​​its hollow. The illuminator is applied high on the cheekbones and blended towards the temples.

When planning your next eye makeup, apply the product under your eyebrows. I wonder what the highlighter is here ? To artificially “open” the gaze.

The bridge of the nose stands out if it is not wide. Otherwise, the shine will make your nose even wider. The diagram informs you about how and why to apply highlighter to your face .

application scheme

Some people ask how to apply highlighter to the face if you have dry skin? When the face is dull, the skin does not have enough shine, or age-related makeup is being applied, a highlighter is placed in the center of the forehead.
This is not required for oily skin. If your face is too oily, apply powder exclusively to the cheekbones and under the eyebrows.

How to use highlighter for each face type?

As we have already found out, using a highlighter in makeup helps not only to draw attention to certain areas of the face, but also to visually correct its features. The main thing is to learn how to use this magical remedy correctly and apply it to your face correctly.

Correcting the forehead

Using highlighter in the central part of the brow area will make the forehead appear higher, and you can widen it by applying the product on both sides of the forehead above the eyebrows. If you are the owner of a low forehead, use highlighter directly under the hairline, but do not forget about careful shading.

Correcting the shape of the nose

A nose that is too small can be slightly enlarged or lengthened, for a harmonious relationship with other parts of the face, if you put barely noticeable highlights on the sides of the nose; a long or wide nose can be visually reduced or narrowed by highlighting the area from the bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose with the thinnest line.

Eye highlighter tips

Making a neat line under the eyebrows and carefully shading it will visually enlarge the eyes. But this technique is not suitable for drooping eyelids - in this case, the highlighter should be applied in the area above the eyebrows (follow the curve of the eyebrow with a neat line and blend well).

The following advice will help solve the problem of deep-set or narrow eyes: use a highlighter to mark the center of the moving eyelid, then carefully shade it. In this case, a compact porthole is best suited. Applying it in the corners of the eyes will widen them and give a mysterious shine.

Lifehacks with cheekbones

Highlighting the highest points on the cheekbones will help highlight this seductive part of a woman’s face and make it even more expressive. This technique allows you to divert attention from facial wrinkles or signs of fatigue under the eyes. Proper highlighting of cheekbones with highlighter is a magical life hack that every woman should know about. With its help, the protrusions of the cheekbones acquire relief contours, become more feminine, and the face itself, thanks to the shimmering natural radiance, looks very fresh and youthful.

Shaping the lips

Highlighting the outlines of the upper lip with a highlighter and applying a spot highlighter under the lower lip with careful shading will help make your lips look plumper and more self-conscious. This trick is suitable for those who do not use lipstick or prefer natural tones.


To apply highlighter to your face, you need to know how to use cosmetic tools. The cream can be applied with your fingertips. The main thing is to keep your hands clean. What else can you use to apply highlighter to your face? For this purpose the following is prepared:

– wide brush for blush;

– a large beveled brush for sculpting;

– a medium brush for highlighting powder , as well as a powder puff that helps create a velvety, dense coating.

Dry cosmetics are applied using natural brushes; for all others, synthetic ones are used. The rounded large natural brush is used to apply setting and bronzing powder to the face, neck and décolleté. A good brush is always elastic. Place it perpendicular to your palm. If the hairs “spread apart”, then the brush is loose.

The beveled natural sculpting brush has “mastered” a complex correction technique. Parts of her face are darkened. With its help, it is easy to highlight and even create non-existent cheekbones on faces, to create a clearer oval of the face, to visually reduce the forehead or make the nose shorter. Bronze powder is applied with the same brush, which gives the face a tanning effect.

A makeup artist needs large, medium and small eyelid brushes. The latter will be needed for jewelry application of highlighter in the corners of the eyes and under the eyebrows.

Mistakes in using highlighter

photo from

It would seem, how can a transparent glow on the face harm? But even such a harmless product has its own rake, which inept makeup artists never tire of stepping on. It will be easy to avoid mistakes when working with highlighter:

  • Don't try to remove excess product by blending, as you risk spreading the glitter all over your face. Take a cotton pad and carefully remove the excess, and only then start blending.
  • Do not apply highlighter directly between your eyebrows, even if diagrams found on the Internet recommend it. At a quick glance, such makeup will give the impression of oiliness in the T-zone.
  • Select separate tools for different types of decorative cosmetics. Mixing bronzer, concealer and highlighter with the addition of powder creates a hellish mixture that you should not try on yourself.

After mastering the information about what a highlighter is in cosmetics, you are one step closer to 80 lvl. All you have to do is practice a little, and Kim Kardashian will be enviously biting her elbows while looking through your Instagram.

Types of fresh makeup

Let's look at how to properly apply highlighter fluid. First, cleanse your skin or apply a clear foundation. Powder cannot be used under fluid because... it will roll on it. Two or three drops of the product are applied along the cheekbones and shaded towards the temples. To give lips plumpness, apply a little product to the center of both lips.

How to apply highlighting powder correctly? Dip a large soft brush into the powder, shake off the excess and move from the apples of the cheeks towards the temples. The product remaining on the brush is applied with a light movement along the forehead and nose.

If the facial highlighter is used as a cream, applied to damp skin, a foundation cream or a tinted moisturizer. It is applied with your fingers to the upper parts of the cheekbones, shaded towards the temples. Apply the product to the collarbones and shoulders in a circular motion.

If you understand how to use facial highlighter correctly , your skin will be perfect. Otherwise it may become spotty. One way to determine the areas in which the product needs to be applied is to enter a well-lit room, stand by the window, take a mirror and look at which “platforms” of the face the light falls on. Otherwise, which points “catch” the light. It is on them that you need to apply highlighter.

tells you how to use highlighter for different face .

Highlighter application pattern
How to use highlighter for dark and pale faces

Many people are interested in the question of how to properly use highlighter depending on skin color. It needs to be selected. After all, highlighters contain coloring pigments and can be multi-colored, pearlescent, golden, etc.

Tanned girls can choose golden highlighters . Asian women with yellowish skin will suit peach tones. On skin with a reddish tint, lilac and pink colors will give the most beautiful effect.

Many people experiment with different paints. Indeed, among modern cosmetics there are shades of champagne and purple.

White and light pink products should be used to work with the eyes; these delicate colors are suitable for fair-skinned girls. And with a shade like beige, you can use a highlighter for both pale and dark complexions .
Classically, it should be 1-2 shades lighter than the skin.

Which highlighter is better, liquid or dry?

When choosing a highlighter form, many representatives of the fair sex prefer the powder form. But why use highlighter powder? You can see the main advantage of a powder highlighter - such a highlighter is small in size, in other words, such a cosmetic product is suitable for connoisseurs of compactness, because the convenient packaging can easily fit into absolutely any handbag. Manufacturers often combine several shades in one palette - this move allows you to create smoother shades that look very soft when applied to the skin. It is also worth noting that the convenience of such palettes lies in their irreplaceability, since such a cosmetic product can be used for everyday makeup, and for business, and even for bright evening makeup.

Warm and cold type

To decide how to use highlighter correctly in terms of shade, you need to understand the characteristics of warm and cold types of appearance.

The cold type is characterized by milky white or porcelain pinkish non-tanning skin; light or medium beige, tanning to a cool brown color; olive skin with a yellowish cool tint. The cold type, for example, includes actresses Monica Bellucci and Kate Winslet. How to choose the right shade to use a highlighter for a cool-toned face? You should choose from the list: milky white, white-golden, pink-beige, pink-golden. Beige-pink has been proven to be naturally refreshing, and reddish shades should be avoided.

The warm type has snow-white, non-tanning skin with a light peach blush, as well as ivory or milky-golden skin that can be covered with a light tan, and also golden-olive skin, which is characterized by a bronze tan. The warm type, for example, includes Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman. highlighter suits them and what color scheme should they use? Choose from the list: warm gold, beige, smoky brown, rose gold, beige gold, warm brown, bronze. The main rule is that the warmer the skin, the softer the tone.

The perfect highlighter for your skin tone

Only the highlighter that was chosen taking into account your skin tone will give the maximum effect in your makeup. Usually, based on color shade, light, olive and dark skin tones are distinguished.

Girls with fair skin do not need to think that the only ideal option is products in cold blue and silver tones; they are only suitable for evening receptions. And for daily makeup you need to choose calm shades of pearls; they will give the skin a glow and revitalize it.

What you really need to avoid are warm and dark colors. The thing is that on too light skin they risk remaining unnatural spots, even if they are well shaded.

Girls with olive skin have a slightly yellowish undertone. That is why it needs to be slightly adjusted with a warmer color palette, otherwise the face will appear dull. Take a closer look at the shades of ripe peach and golden. If you apply this highlighter shade correctly and harmoniously, it will not only highlight the lines of your face and make them thinner and more aristocratic, but will also give your skin a healthy tanned tint.

If nature has blessed you with dark skin , then to give it radiance, avoid cold and metallic products, as well as those with a pearlescent effect. They are not suitable for this skin color type, and can make you look gray and sallow. Your colors are warm. Bronze, copper, gold. It is these shades of noble metals that will give you freshness. Highlighters with shimmer and brightly shimmering particles will also be good.

Basics of shadow eye politics

Among the main rules for applying makeup:

– do not perform it only with matte shadows; it will be dim; to add shine to your eyes, choose at least 1 additional shade of eyeshadow with a shiny texture;

– do not use blush instead of eye shadow; No one likes red eyelids;

– shiny shadows should not have a sparkle like a disco ball; give preference to a soft silky shine;

– choosing 3 very shiny shades at once means moving into the territory of evening makeup.

Inexperienced makeup artists should not experiment with many shades. It's better to learn how to use highlighter and light eyeliner. You need to start with a brightening highlighter , which is applied using a flat small brush, ending up under the eyebrows and at the inner corners of the eyes.

For any eye shape, corrective makeup requires 3 shades of shadows that combine harmoniously with each other . See below for how to apply highlighter Despite the fact that there can be a lot of shadows in the sets, it is recommended to start with 3 main ones, adding other colors after.

Is it possible to make a highlighter yourself?

Recently, it has become fashionable to create homemade cosmetics. Many girls wonder whether such a product can be made at home, and whether it will shine as beautifully as a store-bought one? Answering this question, we can say with confidence that in our time everything is possible, if there is a desire. But you need to act extremely carefully, and it is better to first consult with a professional.

If you are an experimenter, then try to create your masterpiece using:

  • loose transparent powder (or the same product of the lightest shade);
  • natural lotion or body oil;
  • light eye shadows (you can choose shadows with the shade you need, but, of course, it is better not to use dark colors) with a pearlescent sheen.

To begin, take a shallow bowl and a stirring stick (even a regular teaspoon or a thick brush will do). Be sure to make sure your tools are clean and dry, otherwise you risk ruining your creation.

The highlighter recipe is very simple:

  • Pour some powder into a cup or bowl.
  • Add some pearlescent eyeshadow (about a quarter of the amount of powder). Mix thoroughly until the powder becomes uniform in color.
  • Pour in a few drops of body lotion or oil (you can use your favorite essential oil). Stir again.

That's it, your home remedy is ready. Now it should be tightly closed in a jar and placed in the refrigerator. The shelf life of hand-made highlighter is approximately 1-1.5 months, then it is better to repeat the preparation and throw away the rest of the product.

Highlighter, base and eye contour

So, to start corrective makeup, three shades of eyeshadow are enough. The lightest of them ( highlighter) is applied to areas that need to attract attention or make them visually larger. Preferred highlighter colors for eyes :

– bodily;

– beige-pink;

– light golden;

– milk;

– vanilla;

- eggshell color.

The base, darker tone is applied either to the upper eyelid or into the crease. Primary colors: light brown, beige, peach, deep pink, silver, light gray.

Using a dark contour shade, the contours of the upper and lower eyelids are emphasized. It is also applied to the outer corners of the eyes. The color of the outline can be: dark brown, dark gray, charcoal, bronze, mahogany.

How to properly apply highlighter for different eye shapes

Almond eyes (classic)

Almond eyes (classic)

Almond-shaped eyes are considered ideal for any makeup. They have an elongated shape and a clearly defined movable eyelid. The distance between the eyes is equal to the length of the eye. Makeup is only needed to highlight natural beauty. So, how to apply highlighter in this case? It is applied under the eyebrow and on the moving eyelid. In this case, the base shade will go into the crease, and the contour shadows will emphasize the outer corners of the eyes and the contour of the lower and upper eyelids.

Close-set eyes

The goal of corrective makeup for close-set eyes is to make the distance between them visually larger. But how to apply highlighter? It is used to cover the inner corners of the eyes in order to maximize the lightening of these areas. Shiny shadows will be more effective than matte ones, so shimmering or pearlescent ones are preferable. Afterwards a little highlighter is applied under the eyebrow. The base shade is used to cover the upper eyelid, and contour shadows (with a line maximally elongated towards the temples) are applied to the outer corners of the eyes.

Eyes with drooping eyelids (age-related, Asian)

Eyes with drooping eyelids are characterized by drooping skin. For drooping eyelids, eye highlighter is applied to the inner corners and shaded so that the lightening area is at least 1/3 of the eyelid. A little more of the product, in order to “open up” the eyes, is applied under the eyebrows. Matte shadows of medium shade are applied (with open eyes) to overhanging skin. The place of the contour shade is the outer edge and part of the eyelid.

Protruding eyes

Eyes with voluminous eyelids are the only ones that need to be made visually smaller, not larger. Otherwise, your eyelids will appear swollen. With childishly voluminous eyelids, where should you apply highlighter ? Matte and shiny shadows are applied under the eyebrows and a little in the inner corners. Basic shadows cover the entire surface of the eyelid. Contours darken the moving eyelid (it cannot be highlighted!) and focus attention on the lower contour, shading the corners towards the temples.

Deep-set eyes

For such eyes, glitter shadows are recommended as a highlighter . They work better than matte ones, promoting the so-called radiant look. Their place is the corners of the eyes, moving eyelids, including folds. The rule is to never darken the moving eyelids, but use a medium shade to work on the overhanging part of the eyelids up to the eyebrows. Contour shadows should slightly highlight the outer corner and subtly follow the lower contour.

Drooping corners of the eyes

A face with such eyes takes on a sad look. To lift the “falling lines”, eye highlighter is applied to the inner corners, movable eyelids and a little under the “tails” and bases of the eyebrows. The medium shade shades the creases of the eyelids. You need to model the outer corners, shading the shadows upward.

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