Correct eyebrow tattooing: stages of the procedure, care recommendations

How to do permanent makeup

  • Permanent eyelid makeup
  • Eyebrow tattoo
  • Permanent lip makeup
  • Other types of permanent makeup

Permanent makeup allows you to change the shape of your eyebrows for a long time, making your eyes and lips more expressive. However, this makeup technique also has significant drawbacks, which is why there are mixed opinions about this cosmetic procedure.

What can be done with permanent makeup and how much does it cost?

Permanent lip makeup will improve their color, shape, contour, eliminate asymmetry and even visually add volume to the lips. And you will also be spared the constant need to use lipsticks and, accordingly, the costs of purchasing them. “contour + shading” scheme emphasizes the contour of the lips and their natural color. With the “contour + full filling” , the shape and color of the lips can be completely changed. Depending on the type of makeup in the salon, work can cost from 6,000 to 14,000 rubles.


Permanent eyelid makeup looks like eyeliner with a pencil or liquid liner, and is most often done in black (although you can make a line of blue, green, or brown if you wish). Emphasizing the “eyelash edge” of the upper eyelid makes the eyes more expressive and the eyelashes appear fluffier. The “arrow” on the upper eyelid will help give the eye a beautiful almond shape. Drawing the lower eyelid is not suitable for everyone, because it can visually narrow the eyes and lower the eye level. In addition, unfortunately, this can lead to deterioration of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles. In salons, the price for eyelid makeup ranges from 5,000 to 12,000 rubles.

Drawing the upper eyelid is similar to pencil eyeliner.


Permanent eyebrow makeup is a suitable solution if the eyebrows are very light or simply do not grow. In addition, you can completely change the shape of your eyebrows to your liking (Anastasia Volochkova is a star example). The technique of softly shading the eyebrows is the most preferable because it gives a natural result, as if the eyebrows were simply tinted with a pencil. hair technique will help disguise scars or scars in the eyebrow area, but the eyebrows will look rather artificial as a result. Getting permanent eyebrows done in a salon costs from 5,000 to 10,000 rubles.

Face and eyebrow shape

In order to choose the right eyebrow shape for a client, a novice permanent makeup artist, after training, needs to know what basic face shapes exist and what eyebrow shapes are suitable for them.

Eyebrow shape depending on face shape:

  1. An oval face is a slightly elongated face, the widest part being the cheeks. Therefore, the shape of the eyebrows is without bends, straight lines of medium thickness, the tip of the eyebrow is slightly thinner, the base.
  2. Round face - the length of the face is equal to its width. The most common face shape among people. Almost any eyebrow shape will work. Everything is at the discretion of the client.
  3. Long face - the length of the face is greater than its width. To visually brighten up your eyebrows, you need to make them straight, with a slightly raised tip. Average line thickness.
  4. Square face - the cheekbone part of the face is equal in width to the cheeks. The eyebrows are wide and shaped like a house.
  5. Triangular face - small forehead and sharp chin. The brow lines are gracefully arched and not too thin.
  6. Diamond-shaped face - high cheekbones, pointed chin. The shape of the eyebrows is thick, curved lines, and the tip of the eyebrow is thinner than the base and the trail is raised upward.

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How is the procedure done?

1First, there is a consultation with the master , during which you discuss the sketch of the drawing, technique, color and other necessary issues.
Do not hesitate to ask about what interests you, because you are deciding on a rather serious procedure. It wouldn’t hurt to ask the master for his diploma or certificate: now, unfortunately, there are many short-term courses that teach anyone without asking about their medical education. 2 The sketch is drawn by a master, but you and no one else approve it. The master has no right to insist on his options if you are unhappy.


Anesthesia is a necessary part of this complex procedure; approach it with all seriousness and be sure to mention whether you are allergic to any drug. If you are not sure that you can safely endure the procedure, insist on anesthesia, even if they assure you that everything will be painless. Due to anesthesia, swelling occurs after the procedure, so if you want to avoid it, you will have to endure it without pain relief.


The procedure continues in completely different ways in different types of permanent makeup and depending on its complexity. For example, on the lips it can take from 40 minutes to 3 hours, so it is better to be patient. For eyebrows the duration will be approximately 30 minutes - 2 hours, for eyes from 20 minutes to 1 hour. You may not be able to do it in one go and will need to continue.

Permanent makeup can significantly change the shape of your lips.

All eyes on the eyes

In the video you can see how the permanent eye makeup procedure (upper and lower eyelids) is performed by cosmetologist Tatyana Maltseva.

Not all girls want to emphasize the lower eyelid, because drawing both eyelids visually makes the eyes smaller. In addition, an emphasized lower eyelid visually lowers the eyes, and not everyone likes this result.

On the lower eyelid, the eyelashes are located in only one row, therefore, a thin line is drawn just under the eyelashes or at their roots. This permanent is the best option for the eyes, as they appear large and expressive.

Drawing lips is important for those who want to change their shape, add volume, even them out, or change their color. Modern technologies allow you to achieve the desired result!

What then?

After the session, the treated areas become quite red and swollen, swelling from anesthesia and crusts of dried skin appear, which under no circumstances should be peeled off. Proper home care , which the master should tell you in detail.
It necessarily includes the need to use special wound-healing preparations, which must be applied regularly until the treated areas heal. You should wash your face with warm water without using cosmetics. It is not recommended to sunbathe or steam your face. After the procedure on the lips, prevention of herpes will be required. On average, the healing period of permanent makeup is 3-5 days, sometimes more. If you follow proper care, by about day 5 you will already look presentable. Masters believe that the final result of the procedure can be assessed only after 28-30 days.

Working with pigment and color selection

Permanent makeup: training for beginners involves instruction in working with pigment. A pigment or “permanent paint” is a special coloring solution consisting of two substances: a dye and a solvent.

The solvent can be alcohol-based, glycerin-based or sorbolite-based. (It was previously said that it is better to choose sorbolite-based pigments.).

The most dense in texture are glycerin-based pigments, the least dense are alcohol-based pigments.

Dyes can be of organic origin or mineral.

In order to choose the right pigment color, it is necessary to take into account the client’s natural skin and hair shade:

  1. When performing tattoos for blondes, it is necessary to use a range of brown and light brown shades. You can also use a gray tint if the client's hair is ashy.
  2. When performing tattooing, women and girls with light brown hair (as you know, there are a lot of shades of light brown) need to select a permanent tone that is 1-2 shades darker than the client’s natural hair color.
  3. When working with red-haired clients, it is necessary to use a palette of brown and dark golden shades. It is necessary to make the eyebrows 1 shade darker than the hair.
  4. When working with brown-haired women, it is necessary to use a brown and brown-gray palette of pigments. You need to choose a color based on your hair color and skin tone. Eyebrows should be the same tone as your hair.
  5. When working with brunettes, a range of brown and dark gray pigments are also used. Eyebrows should be the same tone as your hair.

Girls, even with black hair, should never have black eyebrows! It looks unnatural and vulgar. It is better to use dark gray shades.

Are there any contraindications for permanent makeup?

There are quite a lot! Be sure to first consult with a specialist, who should tell you a complete list of contraindications, including:

In addition, it is not recommended to carry out the procedure during “critical days”, when sensitivity is increased, and on the day of the procedure you should not drink coffee or alcohol.

Makeup removal

Did you see something on your face that was not what you expected, or has this appearance gone out of fashion? You can remove the injected dye by choosing the appropriate method. But don’t rush to completely remove traces of the cosmetologist’s work.

There are ways in which you can correct the shape or change the color of the paint. And if you are tired of the tattoo and you want to get rid of it forever, you can remove it with a laser or chemically.

Both methods have their pros and cons. But no matter what method you choose, you should have a lot of patience, since the manipulation of removing unsuccessful or annoying lips and eyebrows will take a lot of time, and you will have to visit the specialist more than once.

Laser technology

This is the most effective technique, because the laser beam easily penetrates the skin to a depth of 4-5 millimeters. In this case, a thermal reaction occurs that destroys the paint capsules. Then phagocytosis occurs, as a result of which the dye is gradually removed from the body over 2.5-3 weeks.

Although easy, this method has its drawbacks. Laser beams do not affect the warm tones of the spectrum (red, yellow), but perfectly remove the cold tones of the dye (blue, black, green). In addition, after laser treatment, some warm shades may change their color, that is, become even darker.

The easiest way to remove traces of makeup is from the eyelids, since in this area the dye penetrates to a small depth. The hardest part to remove pigment from is the lips and eyebrows. In these places, the paint penetrates to a fairly large depth, therefore, at least 4 sessions will be required.

How is the procedure performed? First, the skin is treated with an antiseptic, then a cooling gel is applied. The session lasts only 5-10 minutes, a repeat session is carried out after 2-3 weeks. If you want to apply different makeup to the same places, you will have to wait at least 30 days.

Are there consequences? Small scratches form at the site of laser action, which heal quickly. Just do not remove the crusts yourself, so as not to get unsightly scars. Swelling may appear, which quickly passes, but some traces of annoying makeup disappear right before your eyes, while others disappear in a few days.

Using the chemical method, traces of the permanent are completely removed, but the procedure is more painful and healing takes much longer. The procedure for applying a new pattern can be repeated only after 6 months.

Incomplete removal

If it is not necessary to completely remove the dye from the face, then only correction is carried out:

  1. Correction of shades - sometimes black or brown tones become green, and the lip contour becomes almost invisible. In this case, the master selects the desired color and applies it again to the selected area.
  2. Contour update. In 1 session, the old tattoo is chemically removed and a fresh tattoo is applied.
  3. Camouflage is the injection of flesh-colored dye under the skin to cover the pigmented area. This method is used only on small areas of skin.

Pro and Contra

• if you don’t have enough time to put on makeup in the morning, permanent makeup is the way out. Experts say it saves an average of 30 minutes a day;

• thanks to the “permanent”, athletes and lovers of outdoor activities will be able to look good during competitions or hikes;

• permanent makeup will help you avoid choosing between “beautiful” and “comfortable” on a summer vacation: it will not melt under the sun and will not be washed off with sea water;

• allergy sufferers who suffer from a reaction to decorative cosmetics will forget about their problems thanks to permanent makeup (however, they should not be allergic to permanent makeup dye and anesthesia);

• permanent makeup will help correct those appearance flaws that you are dissatisfied with.


• the procedure for performing a “permanent” is painful;

• a sudden allergy to the dye or anesthesia is possible, even if you have done a preliminary test;

• for some time after the procedure you will look, to put it mildly, not like a screen star and may not be able to appear in public;

• the risk of herpes on the lips increases;

• there is always a chance that you will not like the result, but you will have to live with the resulting shape of your eyes, eyebrows or lips for several more years, and you will not be able to change them according to your mood or in the light of new trends.

Remember that this lip shape will stay with you for a long time.

Makeup artist recommendations

  1. If a woman has deep-set eyes, the cosmetologist will suggest making narrow arrows without shading, with a slight widening at the tips. Light shadows will suit it: the eyes will become much more expressive.
  2. For large, “bulging” eyes, wide shading and dark shadow colors are suitable.
  3. In the case of small eyes, the artist will suggest long black or colored arrows, shaded at the outer corner, extending beyond the boundaries of the eyelids.
  4. For far-set eyes, intense coloring is shown at the inner corner, tapering towards the outer edge.
  5. If the eyes are set close to each other, then arrows with a gradual expansion towards the end of the line will help to visually bring them closer.
  6. Narrow eyes will become rounder if the arrows are thicker in the middle of the eye.
  7. The drooping outer corners of the eyes will raise the arrows on the upper eyelid, expanding from the center to the outer corner.

Answers from experts

Experts answer some questions about permanent makeup. Marina Merenkova is a cosmetologist and esthetician at the network of Oblaka Studio beauty salons .

– Is it possible to reduce discomfort during the procedure to a minimum? – There is pain, because the needle is pinpointing under the skin. This pain is comparable to electrolysis or mesotherapy. To alleviate pain, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, or various anesthetics are used. When permanent makeup is done on the eyelids, special eye drops with an anesthetic effect can be used. But everything is individual and depends on your pain threshold. – Is it true that the eyebrow “hair” technique gives an unnatural effect? –The essence of this technique is that lines are drawn on the eyebrow line, imitating hairs. And this looks natural only in one case - if you have your own dark, thick eyebrows. If nature has not endowed you with luxurious and lush eyebrows, then even from a short distance the eyebrows will seem drawn on and produce the effect of unnaturalness.

The technique of “soft shading” of the eyebrows gives a more natural result.
Elena Gennadievna Andronova, cosmetologist and esthetician at the BiCode clinic. – Are permanent makeup and tattooing the same thing? – Yes, this is the same thing, you can also find other terms, for example, micropigmentation or dermopigmentation. All these are synonyms, meaning the process of introducing natural pigments into the upper layers of the skin. – Statistics say that tattooing in almost 99% leads to an exacerbation of herpes lips. Are there any ways to avoid this? – I would call 99% an exaggerated figure... 80% would probably be more objective. We always recommend that our patients take a course of prophylactic antiherpes medications to avoid this problem. – What happens to permanent makeup over time: does it fade, fade, change color? – This is not to say that it fades or burns out, but over time, as the epidermis regenerates, the effect becomes less pronounced. The color becomes paler. In this case, a correction needs to be made.

Luxurious gift for women

There is no other way to describe what modern cosmetology has come up with for the fairer sex. Pigments have been invented that have special properties that can be used to beautifully transform the appearance of every woman.

Pigmented particles are introduced into the first layer of skin, thereby providing makeup. How long does such beauty last? The dye lasts from 3 to 5 years, which is quite a lot. New technology makes it possible to hide many imperfections in appearance and also saves time. You can look well-groomed and beautiful at any time of the day.

Advantages of permanent:

  • does not wash off with water;
  • no need to pluck your eyebrows;
  • you can get the effect of thick eyebrows, as well as moles or freckles that do not differ from natural ones;
  • no need to carry out tedious manipulations with makeup every day;
  • saves from skin irritation from cosmetic products.

Tattoos have been known for a long time, and permanent makeup became known at the end of the 20th century. Today, very thin needles, completely harmless paints and other devices have appeared, therefore, women calmly trust themselves to cosmetologists.

Most often, women agree to have their eyebrows drawn in. The artist can apply the thinnest stripes that fit as if it were your natural eyebrow, and each hair is pinned separately. At your request, the master can give your eyebrows any shape and width.

Alcohol or drug intoxication

The combination of tattooing and alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited. Already a couple of days before the procedure, you need to completely stop using such substances. It will take several days to completely remove the products of the toxic breakdown of alcohol, which means that tattooing earlier is prohibited.

It is strictly prohibited to come to the procedure while hungover. In this case, it is better to postpone the manipulations to another day.

It should be noted that taking any medications to neutralize the effects of drugs, alcohol, or sorbents is strictly prohibited. It is difficult to predict what the interaction of such drugs with the dye will be.

You should not take drugs or alcohol before getting a tattoo for the following reasons:

  1. Drinking alcoholic beverages leads to a sharp decrease in the level of platelets in the blood. This leads to the fact that while the master is working, blood will constantly appear on the surface of the skin, preventing him from doing his job properly. For this reason, part of the pigment may leave the body, or it will be completely rejected by it.
  2. There is a high probability of an uneven process of engraftment of the coloring pigment, which can cause spots with different shade intensities to appear on the eyebrows. A repeated correction session is unlikely to have a positive effect; it can only worsen the situation.
  3. While the craftsman is working, individual strokes of the blade may be blurred, creating a sloppy effect.
  4. The combination of an alcoholic beverage and a pigment can cause the dye to change color unexpectedly. Very often black turns green.
  5. The body’s negative reaction to an injected foreign substance only intensifies if the person consumed alcohol or drugs shortly before the procedure.

After the procedure for creating permanent makeup, drinking alcoholic beverages is also prohibited. It is difficult to give exact dates; they depend on the individual speed of healing of the skin. As a rule, during a normal recovery period, you can drink a glass of wine no earlier than a week after the procedure.

If healing goes poorly, the bright shade disappears intensely, the contour is blurred, and you will have to give up alcohol for a period of up to two months.

How to properly care for eyebrow tattoos

If you have had a tattoo, you need to provide proper care after the procedure. Immediately after coloring, eyebrows may look very bright, and the surrounding skin may appear swollen and red. After a day, all these symptoms disappear, but until this happens, the inflamed areas should be wiped with Miramistin or Chlorhexidine. Crusts that form the next day will make permanent makeup less bright. It is necessary to continue treating damaged areas with antiseptics.

Very dry skin should be lubricated with Bepanten cream, applying it in a thin layer several times a day. The scabs promote a faster and more natural healing process, so if possible you should try not to disturb their integrity. The skin usually recovers within 5–7 days, during which time it should not be wetted, stained or touched.

Correct eyebrow tattoo

It is recommended to refrain from visiting a bathhouse, sauna or swimming pool for at least 14 days. In the summer, apply sunscreen to your skin every day for several weeks before going outside.

How to choose the right salon for eyebrow tattooing

Correct eyebrow tattoo

To remove permanent eyebrow makeup, we recommend choosing a beauty salon that specializes in this service. Before you save money on this procedure in a tattoo studio, think carefully. Find out:

  • Do they use tattoo machines in the salon?
  • What kind of paints and needles are used?
  • What proven knowledge in the field of tattooing does the tattooist have?
  • Will they advise you in detail on the choice of color?
  • What measures will be taken to correct or remove tattoos that you don’t like or that are too deep?

Correcting, adjusting or deleting an erroneously made drawing will require time, money and nerves. There are so many non-professionals now that this has led to the emergence of salons that specialize in correcting or cleaning the work of such “would-be masters.”

A large number of beauty salon specialists are happy to offer permanent makeup services. If they have the necessary correct education and qualifications, they will definitely display documents confirming this in a prominent place.

Correct eyebrow tattoo

If you don't see this, ask a specialist. If you are not provided with anything, it is likely that no training was completed. They often make excuses, for example: “The certificate was sent, lost, etc.” Then you need to ask about who was trained and when. It is necessary to find out whether the answers received correspond to the truth. Ask about everything in detail and call. If you receive opposition or some questions remain unclear, and you do not have confidence in the master, then say goodbye, promising to think about it. Do not return to this salon, as it is very important in this case to think not about the cost, but about your face and image for the long term. Carefully choose a tattoo studio and those who will take responsibility for such important work.

Let's play with one more situation and assume that you found a salon where you were presented with all your education documents. However, you still are not convinced that the master is sufficiently qualified. You need to find out what professional qualities a tattoo specialist actually has. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What are your impressions of this salon?
  2. Is the studio sufficiently maintained and cleaned?
  3. Analyze the smells, do you like them?
  4. Are you comfortable here?
  5. Think about your impression of the master, how he seemed to you: immaculate and well-groomed, handsome and confident, or, on the contrary, fussy, tense and nervous?
  6. Have you reached mutual understanding?
  7. Can you consult on questions of interest regarding permanent makeup?

If at the moment you do not have enough time, then the best way out would be to agree on a deadline. A conversation in the form of a consultation makes it possible to get to know the master better and about his qualifications, as well as obtain the necessary information. The first thing you need to ask is about the types of tattooing that they can offer you here. If you are interested in drawing on eyebrows, they should advise you on the options, explain their essence in detail, and give them a rationale. It is worth listening to all the proposals calmly, and then carefully comparing them with what you would like.

If you are only interested in your own opinion, you will not be able to get an idea of ​​​​the professional competence of the master. You need to give him the opportunity to advise what and how you can change on your face. When you can’t reach an agreement right away, a preliminary sketch of your eyebrow shape will help you make the right choice.

Correct eyebrow tattoo

Be sure to ask about caring for the tattoo area before and after the procedure. Find out how long it takes to complete one session. The procedure should not be carried out in a hurry, and it must also be taken into account that at first it will not be clear how your skin will react to the dye.

It may happen that a lot of time has already passed since the start of the procedure, and the pigment composition does not apply well. In this case, you need to interrupt the session and agree on the next one. What will characterize the master positively is that he will not continue to “torture” you in order to achieve results.

Sometimes makeup artists take photographs of their work and will be happy to show them to you. With their help, you will understand what style a specialist works in and how he or she uses equipment. Perhaps this will encourage you to create your own permanent makeup look. If there are no photos, you must form your own opinion about the qualifications of the specialist based on the consultation. Correct eyebrow tattooing should be different in the before and after photos.

When viewing photos, look at the background of the room, is this the same salon? Sometimes the client may get the impression that the pictures are taken from magazines. Anyone who regularly photographs their work probably has a portfolio.

Ask about prices. The work of qualified personnel who have undergone good training, working with professional equipment and high-quality dyes and consumables will cost quite a lot. First of all, compare prices throughout the city. The cheapest services will not be of the best quality. Cheapness may indicate that the salon is skimping on hygiene. There you risk getting an infection. Ask if adjustments are included in the price. If you need to pay extra for it, customers can refuse and save money, but this rarely happens. It is important to monitor and correct the correct result obtained in the first two weeks.

A long period of work in the field of permanent makeup does not indicate the high professionalism of the artist. It happens that no more than five procedures are performed in a month. Often, after receiving a certificate, they do not improve their qualifications, so the level of education remains the same.

However, it also happens that a specialist, after completing his training, tattoos his eyebrows 2-3 times every day, thanks to which he accumulates good practical experience and the necessary skills.

At the end of the consultation, let them show you the tools, materials, and workplace. Judging by what the area where the procedure will be performed looks like, one can judge the future result. What is the condition of the workplace? Is there any clutter, dust, or tobacco smell? The area should look neat, be medically compliant, and smell like an invigorating disinfectant. If the product is used frequently for disinfection, it should be in plain sight. Also, pay attention to whether there are laundered towels, work gloves, a face mask, and a work robe. What else you should see:

  • sealed sterile needles;
  • small (10 ml) bottles with a label indicating the name of the pigment contained;
  • clean, disinfected device.

Since the work is performed on exposed skin, hygiene requirements must be strictly observed.

Only after this should you evaluate all your impressions and decide to set a date for the procedure. Nothing should put pressure on you, be it a low price or other factors. If after talking with the master you have no doubts and you feel comfortable, you can safely contact him.

Various websites can tell you how to do proper eyebrow tattooing at home, but we recommend not taking risks and turning to professionals.

Correct eyebrow tattoo

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About the permanent tattoo artist

Modern tattoo techniques require experience, skills and professionalism. A beginner in the tattoo service will never make the result of the work high-quality. Everything is important here: how the specialist’s hand is positioned, how deeply the pigment penetrates the skin, the quality of the pigment, the quality of the equipment. The experience of a specialist is important. It is better to read reviews about it in advance on forums, websites and other thematic or non-thematic resources.

You should also pay attention to the salon itself. This should not be a salon from the nineties, where workers have never heard of disposable gloves, consumables and disinfection of the work surface. It is better to go to a specialized salon that provides exclusively permanent makeup services. It is better to first familiarize yourself with the portfolio of the specific master you plan to contact, consult with him and ask all questions. For example, in the Kyiv permanent makeup studio you can get a free consultation on all issues, see examples of work and find out the necessary information. This is a shining example of what a good salon should be.

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