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How to push a man to propose: effective methods, tips and tricks

The relationship between a man and a woman is a normal phenomenon, but the process is quite complex. In the process of building a fairly strong relationship, both participants become closer and closer to each other. Probably one of the first important stages of a successful relationship is marriage. It is believed that all girls are only dreaming and dreaming of quickly putting on a beautiful white dress and exchanging golden wedding rings with their boyfriend, sealing strong ties with a signature on an official state document...

Probably, indeed, most of the fair sex certainly desire such a turn of events in their lives. These girls and women are patiently waiting for their cherished hour, when they can joyfully shout “Yes! Agree!". But, unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy this moment of true happiness and has to wait quite a long time. In this case, the lady has the following questions: “Why am I not being offered marriage?”, “How to encourage a man to propose?” Have you also faced such a difficult situation in your life and you don’t know your man at all, you don’t understand why he is so slow and you want to speed up the process of your rapprochement? This article on how to get a man to propose was written especially for you! We wish you pleasant reading!

Understand your desires

As strange as it may be, before you push a man to propose, you really should understand your desires. What do you want from this marriage and why do you need it? Do you want to get married because all your friends have already put on a wedding dress? Do you want to have a certain status as a wife in society? Do you want constancy, certainty and some kind of guarantee of a strong relationship? Listen to your inner voice and think about how you frame the question in your mind. Do you want to know how to get a man to propose, or how to get him to ask you to be his wife? If you chose the last option, then you are thinking completely wrong. If you want a normal marriage, you should not force a man to propose to you. This is a completely extreme case of action... First, we will act differently.

How to push a man to propose: effective methods, tips and tricks

Light hints a la “look at our friends’ weddings!”

This option is perfect for those whose friends have already begun to tie the knot. When a vivid example of newlyweds appears before your eyes, it becomes much easier to deal with the question of how to push a man to propose marriage. Hint more often, give examples and remember the weddings of your friends. More often, but at the same time unobtrusively. Just a couple of words about your friend’s beautiful wedding dress and a dreamy question “into the void” about what your wedding dress will look like will be enough. Perhaps your man will also begin to imagine some plans and even imagine you in a white dress... In any case, this will remain in the subcortex of his consciousness. And a smart man will also understand where this sudden conversation is leading... If this plot does not suit you, let's move on to the next plan of action and find out how to push a man to propose marriage!

How to push a man to propose: effective methods, tips and tricks

What to remember

  1. If you want to motivate a man to succeed, start making changes with yourself.
  2. Accept and love your individuality.
  3. Become calm and serene. Take care of your life, development (beauty, hobbies, business activity, health, etc.)
  4. Live with pleasure and gratitude.
  5. Believe in your man and don't rush things.

How to talk to a man when he is going through a difficult period. Stimulate, reproach, criticize? What words don't work and make him want to run away? These and other questions were answered by coach Oksana Vovchenko and other specialists.

Masha Kovalchuk

18:04 17.09.2015

Because of our reproaches, men often want to run away somewhere for a few days. And the woman is partly to blame for the fact that they disappear in the evenings with a friend at a bar or stay late at work. Claims against a man give rise to a feeling of inferiority in him; he withdraws into silence, trying to escape the conflict. Especially if a difficult period has come in his life: he was fired, he has a midlife crisis, many problems have appeared... There can be many reasons, but how can I help? How to properly stimulate your loved one?

“By avoiding solving problems, a man seems to forget about what bothers him,” says psychotherapist Igor Larin. “He hides from himself and at the same time protects his self-esteem. Often, the partner understands what the hidden cause of the problem is, but the unpreparedness or unwillingness to cope with the task—leaving everything as before is always easier—does not encourage him to take action. A woman thinks a man is indifferent and indifferent, but the common conclusion “You don’t love me” is not true.”

An explanation for this behavior of a man can be found in his childhood. Parents, constantly blaming the carelessness and lack of talent of their child, raise And there are two ways: either try with all your might to prove that you are worth something in this life, or admit your powerlessness and agree with the opinions of your loved ones. It is not for nothing that it is believed that the fortune of many rich men is the merit of their women.

A wise companion will make her chosen one believe in her own omnipotence. He will support him no matter what happens. Financial failures can be solved, dealings with unreliable colleagues will help you be more selective in partnerships, a failed deal - perhaps it was a wrong choice from the very beginning.

Thus, a man is not afraid to discuss fears and concerns with his half, admit to mistakes, and seek advice. When there are no complaints, it is possible to communicate normally. At home, a man relaxes, can trust a woman and just be himself. This encourages him to continue to resolve issues with his wife. Of course, this is great happiness for the husband and his wife certainly works on herself.

And the couple’s future together largely depends on this work.

“A woman should often ask herself questions, such as: “What can I personally do for our relationship so that my loved one earns more?”, “What kind of person should I become, make coffee in the morning/take care when I’m sick?” recommends our expert Oksana Vovchenko. “Sometimes, for the situation to begin to change, it’s enough just to learn how to correctly voice your desires to a man. After all, it’s not uncommon to think that it’s easier to do it yourself rather than rely on your partner. For some it’s easier, but for others it seems awkward or shameful to ask for help: I’ll take the child to kindergarten myself, I’ll pay the rent myself, I’ll cook dinner myself, and so on. And then we wonder why the man doesn’t take the initiative?”

A hackneyed truth: a woman’s strength lies in her weakness. Our weapons are softness, flexibility, tenderness, inherent in every representative of the fair sex by nature. A man is more likely to respond

to an affectionate request, and not a fundamental demand in an orderly tone, if you let him understand that you simply cannot do without him - so strong and skillful.
Old barrel organs in the style of “You will never get help”, “Couldn’t you really guess what you needed to buy?”, “You’ve got a stake on your head, you do everything your own way” do not inspire men to good deeds at all.
Taboo reproaches

When criticizing, it is very easy to cross the line of a man’s patience, even to the point of breaking off the relationship. Oksana Vovchenko warns how not to end up with nothing, or what you shouldn’t say out loud. “Refrain from making a biased assessment of a man’s actions and actions,” says the expert. — If at the decision-making stage a man consults with you, you can honestly express your opinion. But if your partner has already received it through trial and error, it is better to support him rather than nag him. Also, you should not control a man at the stage of resolving any issue. If he doesn’t consult you during a difficult period, leave him alone.”

Many women wonder how to motivate a man to succeed. After all, everyone wants to live in abundance and have a strong family. Most people find this incredibly difficult. However, thanks to women's tricks, they will be able to move mountains. The main thing in this matter is not to stop there and forget about scandals and comparisons.

Watching a wedding-themed movie

Why don't you two sit down on a soft sofa in the evening after a working day, taking with you various goodies, and watch a movie? After all, the fact that the film turns out to be a wedding comedy or something else in the same spirit is a pure coincidence. While watching the film or after that, you can ask your loved one a question: “How do you see our wedding?”

Of course, your man will most likely be a little shocked by this question at first. Don't worry, this is a normal reaction. Well, if your loved one has really started to wonder what that day will be like, that's a good sign. You manage to lead him to similar thoughts... At first, some people may be stubborn, but try again with naive eyes and ask him to think about how it will be. Imagine this. If a man persistently avoids such a conversation and is somehow irritated by this, then here he should turn to the advice of psychologists. They will be discussed below.

How to push a man to propose: effective methods, tips and tricks

Method two: extreme exposure

  • If there is a pet in the parents' house, even better. Of course, it’s not all their fault, but you can give your mother-in-law’s favorite cat or dog a couple of kicks, or you can pull them by the tail. You can also throw gobies into your father-in-law's aquarium
  • State that you are allergic to wool and give an ultimatum - either you or the pets.
  • Tell your mother-in-law, a passionate dog fan, how delicious your Korean friend cooks their dog roast.
  • Dump all your computer hardware onto the coffee table in the living room and make a scandal about something missing from there. At the same time, gather the whole family and interrogate who dared to steal your video card.

If you are not supposed to live with the bride’s parents, all this, of course, makes no sense. In this case, sometimes it is worth having conversations with potential father-in-law and mother-in-law about your vision for your future life. Explain to them that you are not going to go to work at all, at least for 5 years, since you are a creative and searching person, and you don’t see yourself in this life yet. When you find the meaning of your life, you will become rich, although no, you will not be famous and rich during your lifetime. You have firmly decided to become a poet, and those, as you know, are rarely recognized during their lifetime. When asked what you will live on, open your eyes wide and state that your wife will work, and you also count on the support of your wife’s family.

What do psychologists say?

How to encourage a man to propose? The psychologist's advice is that you and your lover should just talk frankly about this topic. Without any flamboyant quarrels, scandals and everything else. This option is most suitable for those women who really think that their man is afraid of something or is otherwise wary of the fact that your relationship may be registered at the state level. The conversation should begin with the words: “Dear, it seems to me that you do not want to make our relationship official. Just tell me why?

Your tone and your appearance must be calm. You must make it clear to your man that you are only in the mood to talk calmly and “in an adult way” with him without any quarrels. The further plot of the conversation depends only on the answer that follows from your man.

How to push a man to propose: effective methods, tips and tricks

What should you do if he is afraid that after the wedding you will restrict him more?

Calm him down. Promise that your relationship will not change in any way. You just need the status of his wife to feel more confident, more protected. To make you believe more in the depth of your relationship, explain to him that such a step to the next stage means to you that he is really serious about you and is not going to leave you. Of course, everyone understands in advance that after the wedding you will really begin to limit him in some way, because, most likely, many of his habits will simply not correspond to his new status as a loving husband... But now all this is not important. You can return to this topic only a few months after your wedding. For now, prove to him that his usual life will not suffer in any way after your engagement.

Alex Axler - Advice for newlyweds - how to avoid a wedding altogether

Exler Alex

Advice for newlyweds - how to avoid a wedding altogether

Alex Axler

Advice for newlyweds

Lecture No. 2: How to avoid a wedding altogether

We have already talked about how to submit an application to the registry office. Today we’ll talk about how prospective newlyweds can avoid becoming newlyweds at all.

Usually young people don’t want to get married, so I will mainly advise them. So, how can you avoid getting married if you absolutely don’t want to shoulder this yoke at such a young age? There are several methods: the method of careful permanent influence on the bride's parents, the method of extreme influence on the bride's parents, the method of treating the bride, and the most severe method - disrupting the wedding.

What is the first method based on? Constantly conditioning the bride's parents towards a strongly negative perception of your personality. This method works especially well when it is assumed that the young family will live with the bride. In this case, the parents of the prospective wife need to subtly and tactfully understand what their life will turn into if this young idiot (you) moves into their apartment. This does not require much effort. It is enough to behave as you usually behave at home. Don't be shy. The more you annoy the bride's parents, the greater the chances that they will strictly forbid their daughter to associate her life with such a scoundrel. You need to soak your socks in the bathroom sink and create a terrible scandal when someone dares to pull them out. It is advisable to cook your lunch from time to time in five to six frying pans and two saucepans, using all the food from the refrigerator and two or three bottles of oil. The resulting dishes must be placed in the sink, making sure that one of the pans falls to the floor and spreads there as a greasy stain.

If the bride's parents have pets, so much the better. Of course, they are not to blame for anything, but it wouldn’t hurt to give a couple of kicks to the mother-in-law’s favorite dog, Zhuchka, to pull the tail of the cat Murzik, whom the father-in-law adores, and periodically throw bulls into an aquarium with fish that the whole family loves. You should also sometimes state that you are allergic to cat fur, so either Murzik or you. It is recommended that your mother-in-law sometimes tell you how your friend - a Korean cooks delicious dog stew.

You should carefully dump all your computer hardware on the coffee table in the living room and periodically start a wild scandal about something missing from there. At the same time, gather the whole family and arrange agonizing two-hour interrogations - who dared to take your favorite video card.

If you are not planning to live with the bride's parents, all these tricks make no sense at all, since in this case the parents will try as much as possible to bring the wedding day closer. In such a situation, it is recommended to periodically hold conversations with potential mother-in-law and father-in-law on the topic of how you see your future family life. Share with them your views on life. Explain that you are not going to apply for a job in the near future. Well, let's say ten years. Because you are a creative and seeking person, but you have not yet found yourself in this life. When you find it, you will become rich and famous. Although, no! You will not be famous and rich during your lifetime. Because he firmly decided to become a poet, and they rarely receive recognition during their lifetime. When asked how a young family will live, open your eyes wide and say that your wife will go to work, and you also clearly count on the full support of your wife’s family.

An important point is that your parents meet the bride’s parents. This issue needs to be taken as seriously as possible, because with the right approach, there is a chance that you will very quickly be kicked out of the bride’s house with a request to never appear here again. About a month before your parents’ visit, tell the bride’s family that your father works as a janitor and has long since gone crazy due to oxygen starvation. Imagine your mother as a hereditary alcoholic. If the bride's parents still want to meet them, go to your parents and tell your father that your future father-in-law works as a janitor and is simply crazy about cleaning up dirt. Tell your father, who spent his whole life in the laboratory of the Institute of Physics, that your father-in-law loves to talk about janitor topics, and doesn’t want to hear about anything else. When your father asks what gift is best to give to your father-in-law on the day you meet him, offer to give him a janitor's apron and scissors for trimming bushes.

Tell your mother that your mother-in-law is a hereditary alcoholic, and that the best gift for her is a liter bottle of vodka. And also state that the mother-in-law simply hates it when there is little drinking in her house, so ask your mother to sip at least five to ten glasses at the table. If everything is prepared properly, the evening should be successful. The father will long and laboriously tell his father-in-law, who is stunned by the gift, his views on cleaning the streets and entrances, and the mother, having slammed a couple of glasses, will get tipsy out of habit and sing to the petrified mother-in-law, “The reeds rustled, the trees bent.”

If this doesn’t help, admit to the bride’s parents that you have a couple of children on the side, whom you will definitely take into the family after the wedding, since their mothers are long-distance sailors and cannot devote themselves to children. If the bride’s parents don’t buy this, then the last resort remains: “lose” the passport, get a new one, and make a stamp on the old one on the computer about the registration of marriage with some citizen. Show your stamped passport to the bride's family and explain that this is a mistake of youth and that you will definitely divorce her in five years, when you have paid off everything you owe her. It would also be useful to hint that you are currently on trial for bank robbery and planting a bomb in the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Say that you have little chance of getting out, but you hope that if the bride’s parents give money for a lawyer, you can count on a term of five years, no more.

If nothing helps at all, then the only thing left to do is delay the wedding as long as possible. What to do? Lose your passport, definitely. Lose it and restore it. The recovery process already takes quite a long time, and if you are in no hurry, then you can do this for years.

The described methods are aimed at treating the bride's parents without losing contact with the bride herself. If you feel that you can’t persuade your parents to forbid their daughter to connect her life with this scoundrel from such a bad family, all that remains is to confess to the bride that you have suddenly lost interest in the fair sex and are now full of interest in the masculine sex. Try to make sure that she catches you at least once putting on makeup or trying on her underwear. In this case, the bride herself will offer you to break up without much scandal.

“Twice for the same rake? Never!"

How to encourage a man to propose if he has already been married? Most likely, his last marriage was not entirely successful and that is the only reason why now he cannot afford to make the same “mistake”. First, you should find out why he thinks marriage is bad. Why did his last marriage break up? Compare yourself and his last wife, if possible. Consider whether you could end your marriage for the same reason that his last marriage ended. Prove to him that everything will be different with you, and that you are different. If you already have a fairly strong and serious relationship with this man, then know that all is not lost.

How to push a man to propose: effective methods, tips and tricks

Method four: disrupting the wedding

Well, if this doesn’t help, there may be different reasons for not getting married. For example:

  • Admit to the bride's parents that you have a couple of children on the side, and you will definitely take them.
  • Make a fake passport on your computer with a marriage stamp, and say that when you pay all the money to your ex, you will definitely get divorced.
  • Hint that you are currently under investigation for robbery, and hope that the bride's parents will give money for a lawyer. Say that there is little chance of getting out, and if there is a good lawyer, then maybe they will give you 5 years, no more.
  • Lose your passport and get it every time.

This may help you if you are of the opinion that I love you, but I won’t marry you. If you have no choice, you can admit to the bride that you have suddenly lost interest in the opposite sex, and now you like men. But in this case, your bride should catch you at least a couple of times applying makeup or trying on lingerie. Then the bride herself will invite you to leave without much scandal.

Just like that! I don’t want to get married, but I want to study, and this happens!

Do you live together but are not married?

How to encourage a man to propose if we live together? Nowadays, many couples decide to move in together long before the wedding. This allows you to get to know each other better and seriously think about whether you are ready to spend the rest of your days with this person. After this, a man should not have any problems with fear of marriage. But if for some reason he is still hesitant to propose and all previous methods do not help you, go to extreme measures. Pack your things and move to your parents, to a friend, to a hotel in case of emergency! Tell him that you can't live like this anymore. And until he decides to take an “important” step forward, you want to live in a different place from him. Tell him that you will wait until he gathers his thoughts and decides to propose. But time is not rubber... After all, the clock is ticking, your years are also ticking, but this relationship is still standing still. Which means it's time to change something.

How to push a man to propose: effective methods, tips and tricks

Praise is the best way to motivate a man

Motivation is incredibly important for men, but it needs to be gentle. It’s best for a girl to not criticize him with or without reason. If you use this approach, your significant other will understand that he is valued, valued and admired. All this will create. If there was some kind of omission or unpleasant situation in the past, it is better to forget about it and not remember it.

Some girls may say that they simply have nothing to praise their chosen ones for. However, in reality this is not at all the case; psychologists point to a lot of things for which it is easy to thank the stronger sex. Motivating your boyfriend is not difficult, you should start small. For example, say what a great guy he is for:

  • fixed a leak in a pipe;
  • washed the dishes;
  • cooked scrambled eggs or toast;
  • picked up the kids at school;
  • was nice to his not-so-loved mother-in-law, etc.

Some may think that there is no need to praise for such little things, since it goes without saying, but this is not so. Men love to be valued and adored, so they subsequently easily achieve success just for the sake of the one who looks at them with admiration. are capable of working miracles, so you should not skimp on praise, especially if the chosen one has earned it.

Joint goals

Many women motivate their man by setting joint goals. Thus, they talk about their own desires and set priorities. You can choose different goals, taking into account men’s interests, for example:

  • buying an apartment or car;
  • travel to an exotic country;
  • updating furniture in the house;
  • improving family relationships, etc.

It is important to choose based on your own needs, and then write down the steps that will help you achieve what you want. However, you should not take the lion’s share on yourself; the male investment should be maximum. Girls need to guide their chosen one, advise them on what to do. When the goal is achieved, you should celebrate the victory by telling him that he did it all. However, you should not order, men do not like this. They love being the captain of the family ship, so they should be at the helm. Success gives men wings; thanks to this motivation, they subsequently do even more. Any guy will be there to please his beloved again, and he will conquer any heights in the future. The main thing is to encourage him in case of failures and try to be a support.

Support in difficult situations

Not always everything goes well in life. Problems often arise that are difficult to get out of. Often men hide their failures so that their beloved does not doubt his abilities. Of course, any woman will notice if something is wrong. In this case, the best motivation for men is “be strong.” It is important to tell your loved one that he will overcome everything, since he has all the makings for this: will, a strong hand and a faithful companion.

Personal growth experts do not recommend judging your spouse or reproaching him for a wrong decision. This will not lead him to success, it is better to cheer him up, advise him on how to get out of a difficult situation correctly, assure him that everything will definitely be fine, and the troubles are temporary. Such motivation for men will be more effective than reproaches and scandals. The chosen one will understand that he has support, so he will perk up and begin to act.

Women's tricks in motivating the stronger sex

Any representative of the fair sex can manipulate a man and inspire him to perform deeds for the sake of his beloved. To do this you will need to use various tricks. The right tactics will allow you to achieve unprecedented heights. If, for example, you want your chosen one to take up sports, you should more often look at magazines that depict men with ideal bodies. You don’t have to admire them, the guy will definitely be interested in this, and he will subsequently get into shape.

When you want to go on vacation, it makes sense to tell your friend about it over the phone. Men always keep their ears on top of their heads, so the chosen one will definitely do everything to fulfill the desire of his beloved. This way you can talk about all your desires, they will be heard. At the same time, you do not demand anything, but motivate your lover to please you. Don't forget to thank him for every gesture and tell him that he is the best, then there will be more gifts and surprises.

In some situations, you can hint in a conversation that you want new boots or go out of town for the weekend. This will create a strong desire to please you, and the chosen one will be happy to fulfill your plans. If male motivation is high, then later there will be no need to even hint at anything. The husband will try to earn more to satisfy the needs of a woman who believes in him and constantly inspires him. You will become a man's dream because you will be different from other wives who create scandals and constantly demand something, not allowing you to breathe.

Men love to be praised, it motivates them to succeed. Don't forget to thank your chosen one even for the smallest thing. To make it successful, set joint goals and achieve them. Don’t forget about men’s weaknesses, be affectionate, loving, and your loved one will do everything to make you happy.

What interferes with family well-being?

Some female attitudes and stereotypes are quite harmful to the situation. For example, cash flows are blocked by fears. As long as you fear that wealth will force your man to look for a more attractive companion, your family will not see material wealth. No less destructive are the thoughts that you will have to pay for wealth with your health. And any similar installations. In a good way, you shouldn’t think about money. Think about the tasks that you intend to solve - build a house, open your own business, buy a car. It may not be so global, the main thing is that the role of money in your dreams is reduced to an auxiliary, and not to the main process. When money is tight, it can be difficult to make the switch, but understand that the sooner you do it, the faster things will get better.

It is also not easy to change a behavior pattern once you are used to it. But you can’t do without this if you plan to turn your life around for the better and turn your husband into a Man with a capital M. First, don't take full responsibility for your family. A woman's will is usually stronger than a man's. This is due to biological necessity, because it is the woman who gives birth to children and is responsible for their lives until they can take care of themselves. But this does not mean that you should be equally responsible for the family as a whole. If you carry everything on your shoulders, a man, after twitching a little, will either end up under his heel or leave you. In this situation, it is possible to maintain a normal relationship only if both partners are satisfied with the situation in which a woman and a man change roles. She achieves success, and he provides the rear. Given our mentality, this option for family well-being is quite doubtful, because in this case, partners most often lose mutual respect.

Wanting to fix everything and return it to its place (remember how it was in ancient times: he is the hunter, she is the keeper of the hearth), a woman can subconsciously begin to play the role of mommy. It will seem to you that you are directing your husband’s activities in the right direction, constantly telling him what to do and how to do it, getting him a job, choosing useful friends and cutting off unsuitable ones. And it will even give certain results. But as soon as a man achieves success, the first thing he will do is leave you. Because even if he was silent all this time and agreed with your decisions, it was only a semblance of submission. Moreover, such an ending will seem quite fair to the man. After all, from his point of view, he achieved everything on his own, and you only “nagged” him and poisoned his life in every possible way. So don't expect gratitude.

Another extreme to which women are prone is sacrifice. A wife who is ready to lay down her life for the good of her husband and for the sake of his success is soft, understanding, feminine. Isn't this what most men dream about? You will be surprised, but no. After all, when a person just gives, he very quickly wastes all his energy. It is these women who most often turn into tortured housewives. By voluntarily choosing the role of a servant, in return you can achieve a condescending or dismissive attitude, rather than admiration and love. If the husband succeeds, the result of the relationship is no less disastrous than with a woman-mother. He leaves to look for someone who knows how to give with joy, and not fulfilling his marital duty. How to behave in order to inspire a man and, at the same time, take into account the interests of both parties?

Attitudes and motivation of men

Age, negative experiences and laziness often drive a man to the sofa, where he philosophizes while you spin around to provide for your family. Such drones should not be tolerated, but educated, which does not mean nagging them from morning to night or reminding them ten times about the obligation to take out the trash. You need to figure out what’s wrong and correct your man’s settings. The right motivation will help with this.

The most neglected option is when a man is determined that he cannot and does not want anything. It will be necessary to invest so much energy into such an object that before starting, you still need to think about whether the game is worth fixing. This attitude, first of all, characterizes weak men. Even after awakening him to activity, after a while you will be faced with the fact that he is again trying to climb onto the sofa and command the world from there.

A man who is disappointed in himself tends to fold his wings. From his point of view, it is an extremely courageous act to admit one’s inadequacy. He would like to, but he cannot. In no case, do not set another man as an example for him - he can do it, but you can’t. This way you will achieve the opposite effect. It’s better to try to figure out what has already been done to achieve the goal and what else can be done. Don't forget to praise your loved one and highlight all his successes. He needs support like no one else. Once you restore his faith in himself, things will go smoothly.

The “I can, but I don’t want to” attitude is most often present in men who have achieved a lot in life. Or from unpretentious sloths who are happy with everything anyway. It's easier to accept everything as it is than to try to change something. It all depends on your ability to interest. The potential of such a man is usually high, only motivation is lacking. Show him how much he will gain if he gets off the couch.

Motivation for a man can be: love and faith in him, understanding, support, a cozy atmosphere in the home, recognition of his intelligence and talents, passion for his ideas, sexual interest in him as a partner. Ignore anything you don't like, but as soon as you see even the slightest movement in the right direction, don't hesitate to express your delight. A man will very quickly realize that lying on the sofa is neither interesting nor profitable, but taking out the trash or doing something will pay off handsomely, with your smiles, good mood and family happiness.

What does a woman need to be happy? Yes, in fact, not so much: mutual love and devotion, a couple of children and, perhaps, peace in the whole world. And if the latter is not in the power of a mere mortal, then the first two are achievable points. But how often do people prevent themselves from being happy? Complexes and prejudices inherent in childhood interfere with this. And if you yourself are not satisfied, it is unlikely that the person next to you will be happy either.

If you don’t see support or love from him, and you only get one grumble in response to your requests, then you need to start with yourself.

How to encourage a man to perform feats in the name of love? Change your own behavior and don’t rush ahead - take it with affection.

Tricky way

When your man asks you for some advice or something like that, show him your right hand and ask him if he sees the ring on your ring finger. He may not understand at first, but will eventually answer that he doesn't see it. Answer that this is a sign that you are not his wife, which means, based on your status, you are not able to give him wise advice and so on. At first it will be perceived as a joke. But if you repeat this method more often, then believe me, it will work...

How to push a man to propose: effective methods, tips and tricks

That's probably all. We wish you good luck, a beautiful wedding and a happy family life!

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