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How to use Letual Fatal eyebrow pencil

Letual eyebrow pencil is used by many women. This cosmetic product is a budget product, but is not inferior in quality to products from expensive brands. A powder-based pencil makes eyebrows natural, giving them the desired shape and volume; the strokes are neat, but not too bright. There is a brush for shading. Makeup done with this pencil does not require adjustments throughout the day. The presence of several shades allows you to choose the right one for each girl.

What you need to know about eyebrow makeup

What you need to know about eyebrow makeup

Shaping eyebrows with a pencil is a short-term coloring using decorative cosmetics. The main advantage and at the same time disadvantage of such makeup is that it is easy to remove.

On the one hand, this is good, because any wrong movement can be corrected with a light movement of a cotton swab, on the other hand, perfectly drawn arcs will last until the first wash.

The most common mistakes in eyebrow design and modeling:

  • long ponytail. An eyebrow that is too long gives the face a sad expression, makes it tired and drooping;
  • lack of form. Simply painting over existing hairs is not makeup. Unshaped eyebrows look untidy;
  • spaces. Not all of us have naturally thick eyebrows - somewhere between the hairs there are voids - you must fill them in, otherwise all your efforts will go by the wayside, and bald spots will catch your eye;
  • wrong shade chosen . The most common mistake with tone is too dark a color. Traditionally, for blondes and brown-haired women, a color that is 1 tone darker is used, and for brunettes, a color that is one tone lighter is used. For colored hair, you need to focus on the color of the roots;
  • bad shading . This is when you can see from 3 meters away how diligently you drew the border during makeup. Always blend the lines well, especially along the contour;
  • monotonous eyebrows . When an eyebrow has the same color from its base to its extreme point, it is immediately clear that it is drawn. To avoid this. Shade it - leave the base lighter, gradually add more color to the body and tail.

Review of the best eyebrow shaping products

Wax pencil is used by professionals when creating makeup for catwalks, filming, and photo shoots. This multifunctional eyebrow product has a lasting effect and simplifies the work of the artist.

To choose the right product from the assortment, you need to determine what problems need to be solved - fixation, protection, care or coloring and styling. After choosing a brand, study the ingredients and expiration date.

The composition of wax cosmetic products for eyebrows is almost the same, the difference is in the additional components for caring and nourishing the hairs.

Substances contained in the pencil:

  1. Beeswax – reliably fixes and holds hairs.
  2. Talc – provides a water-repellent effect and promotes fixation.
  3. Silicon is a binding element for the density and viscosity of the wax product.
  4. Plant extracts in the pencil - to nourish the skin and eyebrows.
  5. Essential oils - for aromatization.
  6. Synthetic substances - to absorb fluids secreted by the skin. They allow the pencil not to smudge on oily skin, not to clump, and the waxy texture lies evenly on the eyebrows.
  7. Vitamins, antioxidants, preservatives - to protect the skin from the influence of external factors, nourish, and establish metabolic processes in cells.

Wax product for eyebrows is available in two types: colorless, tinted. To make choosing a pencil easier, you can study the ratings of popular brands with positive reviews.


A colorless pencil with a wax base is used in combination with decorative cosmetics as a finish. But for thick eyebrows of rich color, you can use it as an independent means of modeling and fixing the shape. The product styles hair, adds shine and volume.

Wax beauty products are produced by many companies.

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Popular high quality pencils:

  1. Brow Fix from Anastasia is a colorless eyebrow shaping product that is convenient to use. A thin wax rod of medium hardness lays down softly in a thin protective layer. Contains nutritional elements that provide care and care for skin and hair. Invisible, makes hair look natural and expressive.
  2. NYX Eyebrow Shaper is a cosmetic pencil containing a complex of vitamins and wax. The best way to use it is as a makeup base. Provides adhesion of cosmetics to eyebrows, allowing you to completely fill voids.
  3. Finesher from MAC is a product with a thin beveled wax shaft. Often used in beauty salons to reliably record the result. The tool allows you to adjust individual sections of the arch and the entire shape for a natural look.


The tint pencil can be used as a separate eyebrow tinting product or with decorative cosmetics to enhance the brightness of pigments.

Usually the wax product is used without additions - one shade is enough to enhance the natural color and fix the shape.

Popular means:

  1. Eyebrow wax from Lumene – a bottle with a brush for easy application. The palette contains shades for blondes and dark-haired women. The product reliably secures the shape and holds it throughout the day.
  2. Modeling pencil from Inglot - has three shades, a soft formula takes care of the skin and hair. It does not stick, it paints the eyebrows in an even thin layer, creating a thickening effect and fixing it.
  3. Eyebrow Stylist Wax tint pencil from Eva Mosaic is a soft formula with a wax base that envelops and colors every hair. Easy to use, paints the space between the bristles, enhancing the natural shade, and fixes the desired shape.

Which pencil to use to draw the arches depends on their type and condition. Sometimes styling is enough, in other cases you need to enhance the natural color of the eyebrows, creating a bright look.

How to choose a color

How to choose a color

Before applying makeup, you need to choose the right eyebrow pencil tone that will look harmonious with your hair color.


Suitable for natural blondes:

  • brown-gray;
  • warm browns;
  • milk chocolate.

If the blonde is dyed, then you need to focus on the hair color at the roots. The same rules apply to girls with light brown hair.


The eyebrows of brunettes are usually 1-2 shades lighter than their hair, mostly in black shades. Also used:

  • dark brown;
  • grey-black;
  • graphite.


  • classic brown;
  • chestnut;
  • terracotta.

What should you pay attention to before purchasing?

Before you choose and buy a specific eyebrow wax pencil, pay attention to your own characteristics and needs. As we said above, girls whose hair is very dry literally need wax. The same can be said about those with hair that is too coarse, too long and simply unruly. We also additionally note that transparent wax is a godsend for those who have naturally thick, rich and expressive eyebrows. It happens that such natural characteristics do not make it possible to re-paint the hairs and the spaces between them, because as a result the image becomes too “gloomy”. And wax in this case only fixes the shape, gives volume and shine to the hairs, secures them and lasts throughout the day. If there are no such problems with eyebrows, and you are satisfied with colored pencils or shadows, then, perhaps, there is no need for such a beauty product at all.

Step-by-step instruction

Step-by-step instruction

What you need:

  • eyebrow pencil of the desired shade;
  • Eyebrow Tweezers;
  • brush-brush;
  • flat eyeshadow brush;
  • highlighter and styling product are optional.

The work begins with the most important step - the sketch. The shape of the eyebrow and the degree of its curvature is determined by the type of face, but the basic marking rules apply to any variations :

  • take a pencil and press it to the side of your nose, drawing it through the inner corner of your eye. This axis defines the origin;
  • Now place the pencil so that it passes through the iris, while looking straight ahead. The place where he will point is the rise;
  • the last point is determined by positioning from the wing of the nose through the outer corner of the eye - here the eyebrow ends.

You need to be guided by the three points set when constructing the form and try not to go too far beyond the set limits. Once the dots are in place, start carefully drawing the outline.

Some people advise plucking your eyebrows before you start “drawing,” but we recommend doing this after you’ve created the outline. In this case, it will be easier to remove really unnecessary hairs and not act at random.

Instructions for using eyebrow pencil:

  1. Take a brush and gently comb the hairs up;
  2. Draw the lower and upper boundaries using the given points. Life hack - to prevent the lines from being too clear, use a pencil with a slightly rounded tip. After sharpening, “draw” it on your hand or a piece of paper and only after that start drawing the eyebrows. Under no circumstances “cover” your eyebrow with a vertical line at the bridge of your nose - this will make the makeup look artificial and too clumsy;
  3. Using tweezers, remove excess hairs that extend beyond the drawn lines. When correcting with tweezers, hold the instrument almost parallel to the surface of the skin so as not to break off the hair when pulling it out;
  4. Using stroke movements, fill in the voids where there are gaps between the hairs;
  5. Using a brush, blend the pencil both inside and along the edge. When shading the lines along the contour, try to do it as carefully as possible. Your task is to make the line less pronounced, but not to smear it;
  6. In order to visually lift the eyebrow arches under the lower border, apply a thin line of highlighter and gently blend;
  7. Take a flat eyeshadow brush and carefully apply the final blend;
  8. If necessary, style your eyebrows using eyebrow gel, wax or soap.

Instructions for use

Beginners can use a wax eyebrow pencil; there are no special requirements for shaping the arches.

Instructions for using natural makeup products:

  1. If you are going to use the pencil as a standalone product, you need to comb the bristles along the growth line. Straightened, styled eyebrows are a base that securely holds the wax layer. Gently apply the product in the same direction, modeling the shape.
  2. If you need additional cosmetics to enhance the effect, comb the bristles, apply a decorative product, and fix the result with a layer of wax coating. Apply the pencil with light movements without pressing. The application should not be multi-layered, otherwise there is a risk of creating the impression of drooping eyebrows.
  3. Makeup errors that extend beyond the general shape of the pencil line can be erased with a cotton swab.
  4. The final touch of makeup is repeated combing to remove excess makeup. The brush will remove the excess layer and make the eyebrows natural and expressive.

A wax-based pencil will help shape eyebrows in any conditions, arrange protruding, unruly bristles, and create long-term styling.

The best eyebrow pencils

The best eyebrow pencils

Before moving on to a review of the best offers on the cosmetics market, let's take a brief tour of the types of pencils and features that you need to pay attention to.

According to their resistance to moisture, pencils are divided into:

  • moisture resistant;
  • non-moisture resistant.

There are varieties depending on the type of device:

  • ordinary - require periodic sharpening;
  • automatic - have a retractable mechanism activated by rotating the handle.

When choosing a pencil, pay attention to:

  • density. A good pencil is moderately soft, but does not resemble graphite. Medium-hard leads are best for eyebrow makeup;
  • shading . Swatch the pencil on your hand and try to blend it. Shading should be light, soft and not leave a feeling of dirt;
  • wearing period . Makeup should last 8 hours on your face, more is better. Just keep in mind that long-lasting pencils require special attention during makeup removal. To remove them you need a special product or hydrophilic oil.


Flormar brand pencil

The cosmetics company Flormar was founded in Milan, but soon moved to Turkey, where it still exists. The brand's assortment includes makeup products, including eyebrow pencils. The palette contains 4 shades with warm undertones.

Flormar pencil shades


  • low price. The cost is from 270 rubles.
  • stability - enough for 8 hours exactly.

Buyers note one drawback - the brand's pencils are difficult to sharpen, as the lead crumbles and breaks. To remedy this, the company has released automatic variants that do not require sharpening. They cost more - about 700 rubles.


Art-Visage is one of the most popular companies among budget cosmetics. Girls praise the brand's concealers, eye shadows, foundations and, of course, excellent eyebrow pencils. Art-Visage has 6 shades - from warm brown to black, there is also graphite and gray with an olive undertone.

Art-Visage pencil shades


  • blends well, does not leave “dirt” on the skin;
  • dense lead that does not crumble when sharpening;
  • reasonable price - from 150 rubles.

The only complaint I have is the cap – it doesn’t fit tightly enough, so you need to carry it with you carefully.


Another budget brand for makeup lovers with a line of their own eyebrow makeup pencils. The company has existed for more than 15 years and during this time it has acquired a decent number of admirers.

The catalog contains regular pencils and automatic ones. The first ones cost around 300 rubles, the second ones are twice as expensive - from 600. The usual double-sided ones - in one part there is a drawing part, in the other there is a round brush. The automatic models are designed similarly, but their brush-brush is less voluminous and is not suitable for shading.

There are 3 shades available.

Limoni pencil shades

Vivienne Sabo

Vivienne Sabo brand pencil

And again, a budget brand loved by women. Customers are confident that Vivienne Sabo is one of the best brands in terms of price and quality. The range includes both regular and automatic pencils. The latter are more popular because they last longer, do not require sharpening, and all this at an adequate price of about 300 rubles.

And everything would be perfect if it weren’t for the flimsy case, which becomes loose if not handled carefully. But all this is compensated by excellent tones that do not turn red, but give a normal, pleasant shade.

Number of colors – 4.

The automatic version is equipped with a brush on the opposite side, the regular version has a cap with a comb.

El Corazone

This brand is usually classified exclusively as a manicure brand, but the manufacturer has quite a few makeup products, for example, eyebrow pencils. Here it must be said right away that the manufacturer took a responsible approach to the product and produced as many as 14 different shades - light, dark, olive, red-brown. In general, there is a shade for every taste.

El Corazone pencil shades

Cost - around 250 rubles.

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