Advantages and disadvantages of using an eyebrow corrector


Craftsmen are recommended to have both types of dyes in their arsenal:

  • henna;
  • paint.

This way you can cover the needs of a larger number of clients - some prefer biotattooing with henna, while others may be allergic to henna.


Professional henna

Depending on the manufacturer, henna is available in the form of a dry powder or a ready-made dye. For eyebrow artists, the second option is preferable - it is more convenient and faster.

Henna is available in different shades, so at the initial stage you will need to buy at least 3 jars. A professional and experienced master should have more shades - 6, 9 or even 12.

Henna is sold in sets or 1 unit. For example, the Henna brand has ready-made henna kits of 3 bottles per package. Each set has its own color type - there are options for brown-haired women, brunettes, and blondes.

If you take single shades and more budget brands, then pay attention to Irisk. The manufacturer offers henna in tubes, in different shades to match the hair color. The cost of one tube is from 300 rubles.

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Eyebrow dye

The paint most often comes in the form of a cream - it does not need to be diluted and you definitely won’t make a mistake in the proportions. Please note that all paints require the use of an oxide - a developing emulsion. For some brands it comes complete with paint, but for others you will have to buy it separately.

Powder coatings are rare and unpopular - no one wants to waste time on preparation.

The most popular brands are RefectoCil Awf Color, Estel Professional, Schwarzkopf Professional, Kodi. Most likely, you will have to combine different manufacturers, since their choice of colors is limited. The exceptions are Kodi and Schwarzkopf Professional - they have 10-15 shades in their palette.

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About the types

Today, decorative cosmetics manufacturers continue to delight us with the variety of their forms. Among eyebrow correctors, the following categories are distinguished:

  1. Shadows.
  2. Pencil.
  3. Powder.
  4. Modeling gel.

Each of these means has its own characteristics, pros and cons. The choice will depend on the desired result, because each of the items has its own texture, color, different durability and different application techniques. Take a closer look at each of the correctors.


Before any procedure - coloring, modeling, tattooing, it is necessary to cleanse the skin.

For this procedure apply:

  • micellar water;
  • shampoo;
  • scrub.

Micellar water

Micellar water is used to cleanse eyebrows and remove cosmetics from them - eye shadow, pencil, lipstick.

For the procedure, you can use regular cosmetic micellar water or special, professional one.

The CC Brow brand has specialized water. The composition of micellar water does not differ from ordinary cosmetic water.

Eyebrow shampoo

The shampoo deeply cleanses the skin under the hairs and rids the eyebrows themselves of external impurities.

Its action is similar to sulfate-free hair shampoo - it doesn’t produce a lot of foam, but it does the job well.

Almost all brands that sell professional dyes and henna offer their products - CC Brow, Henna, OKIS, Zola.


A scrub is a cream or paste-like product with small abrasive particles. Using a scrub before coloring allows you to remove small flaking skin and remove dead cells.

For eyebrows, you can use specialized scrubs or cosmetic ones intended for facial skin.

Professional scrubs are offered by Barbara, Henna, CC Brow, Zola.

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How to use eyebrow cosmetics

On a note. In order to make your eyebrows perfect with the help of cosmetics, you should first take care of their shape. To do this, you need to calculate the proportions using a measuring ruler or using a special stencil.

Pluck out excess hairs with tweezers and then:

  • - use a pencil to highlight the contour, starting from the bridge of the nose and moving towards the arch of the eyebrow;
  • - where there is not enough color, paint between the hairs using shadows, lipstick or strokes of a pencil;
  • - if necessary, tint your hair with mascara;
  • - fix the result for a long time with wax.

Modeling and styling products


Eyebrow paste

Paste is an oil-based product that is used to determine the architecture of the future eyebrow before coloring. Due to the fact that the paste is white, the client will be able to clearly assess the shape, length and width of the eyebrows even before coloring.

The paste is offered by CC Brow, Henna, PmExpert.

Wax for depilation

Wax is a means for removing excess hair and correcting the shape of natural eyebrows.

For the procedure you can use:

  • regular depilatory wax. Sold in the form of granules that need to be melted in a wax melter. Wax for use on the face is available from Evabond, BrowXenna, WowBrow;
  • wax strips. There are special small strips specifically for eyebrow waxing. If you want to use this depilation method, take a look at the product from CC Brow, VOX, RefectoCil.

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Eyebrow gel is a means of fixing hairs in the desired position. It comes in a small bottle with an applicator, like a mascara, only slightly smaller. It is used by professionals who provide styling services, as well as by women at home.

Types of gels:

  • classic transparent . Performs only one function - fixes hairs. Does not give any tint and is not visible after drying. The brand has NYX, Sexy Brow, CC Brow;
  • tint . After application to the eyebrows, it fixes the hairs and also gives them a light tint. Available in classic colors - brown, wheat, and in extreme colors - purple, green, blue, pink. Featured by NYX, Vivien Sabo, Sourcils Styler.
  • gel cream Unlike previous types, it looks more like eyebrow pomade rather than gel. Spread with a slanted brush. The main thing is to have time to comb your eyebrows with a comb before the gel-cream hardens. Available in different shades - blond, brown. Introduced by L'Oreal.


Eyebrow soap

Eyebrow soap is another product for styling and fixing hairs. Unlike gels, it applies thinner, does not stick hairs together and leaves eyebrows airy. Apply with a round brush.

We are talking about a special soap, but some women perfectly replace it with regular soap - glycerin or baby soap at home. This option, of course, is not suitable for professional eyebrow artists - at least it is not presentable.

Zola, Brow Soap, Kapous produce their own eyebrow soap.

Styling wax

Not to be confused with hair removal wax.

Eyebrow wax is a product based on natural or synthetic wax that allows you to fix the hairs in the desired position. It goes on without color and perfectly holds the desired position of the hair throughout the day.

According to many, wax is “heavy”. Eyebrows, of course, do not get tired, but walking around all day with wax on your face is not easy.

Available in the form:

  • pencil;
  • bottle with applicator;
  • packaging without an applicator - this wax is applied with a round brush.

If you decide to, take a closer look at wax brands Kapous, Estel, Shik.

Advice from experienced cosmetologists

Cosmetologists advise taking care of your eyebrows daily

Cosmetologists advise taking care of your eyebrows every day, regardless of what you use to paint them. Care consists of:

  • - duty to wash off makeup at night;
  • — softening the skin with cream and rubbing it in with massage movements;
  • - periodic use of preparations from oils: burdock, castor and almond;
  • — for those damaged after salon procedures, you should use a restorative serum.

To correct the shape of your face, highlight your strengths and hide your flaws, you need to give the eyebrows the right shape and tint them in the right tone. You can do this yourself or contact a cosmetologist.

Related products


A remover is a product for removing paint from the skin that got there when drawing a future eyebrow.

There are two types of removers:

  • for henna;
  • for paint.

It is advisable to use a remover with paint from the same company - only in this case the manufacturer guarantees the result. The brands are the same as the paint - Estel, RefectoCil, Kodi.

Stripping liquid


Oxide is an emulsion that develops paint and is mixed into it before application. Each brand offering paint has its own oxide - CC Brow, Henna, Estel.

It is important that each paint must use its own oxide, otherwise the coloring result is unpredictable.

What is the best way to dye your eyebrows?

Eyebrow dye

At home, the most permanent coloring can be done only with eyebrow dye. Its long-term effect will last up to 2-3 weeks. Before painting, you should make sure that there is no allergic reaction by checking by applying paint to the inside of your hand.

How to dye your eyebrows so they don't wash off for a long time? Among the colors, we can highlight the best eyebrow makeup products:

  • Schwrzkopf Igora Bonacrom,
  • Thuya,
  • Godefroy,
  • Estel Enigma,
  • Ollin Vision,
  • Refectocil,
  • EssemHairStudio,
  • and others.

They differ in price, durability and long-term color retention, but in general they have identical properties.



Work gloves

When working with eyebrows – it doesn’t matter whether it’s tinting, lamination or extensions, be sure to use gloves. They are:

  • nitrile;
  • vinyl:
  • latex.

Vinyl and nitrile gloves are hypoallergenic, therefore suitable for workers with increased sensitivity and a tendency to allergies. Gloves must be selected in size and fit the hand - only in this case will they last the entire procedure and not tear. The size range of gloves, like clothing, is determined by letter indicators - XS, S, M, L, XL.

When choosing between powdered and powder-free gloves, give preference to the latter - they allow you to hold tools more confidently.


Masks protect the face from fumes produced by dyes and eyebrow tinting products, and also prevent particles of the master’s saliva from getting onto the client’s mucous membranes.

There are masks:

  • disposable;
  • reusable.

You can use both in your work, but when using reusable masks, it is important to follow the rules for handling them:

  1. After 2-3 hours, the mask should be removed and replaced with a clean one;
  2. Wash the used reusable mask with soapy water and then apply heat to it - the easiest way is with an iron with steam setting;
  3. After steam exposure, the mask must be dried with the same iron, but without steam.

Caring for reusable masks takes time, so it is better to give preference to disposable ones.

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Cotton buds

Cotton swabs are used to remove excess paint from the skin, as well as to smooth out the contour of the future eyebrow.

Most often they are found in offices where they do eyebrow tinting, but we recommend that all eyebrow artists have a set - remove a drop of paint here, wipe a pencil somewhere.

There is no need to buy any special sticks - the simplest ones in any supermarket or cosmetics store will do. Experienced craftsmen appreciated the cone-shaped cotton swabs from the brand “Ya Samaya” - they say they are an irreplaceable thing. Try it, maybe you will like it too.

Cotton pads

Cotton pads are used for makeup removal, chlorhexidine treatment, dye removal and other manipulations. Like cotton swabs, every master should have discs.

Cotton pads differ in thickness, as well as in the way the two halves are combined - some are glued, and some are stitched. Stitched cotton pads are usually denser and do not disintegrate into fibers. There is practically no difference in price between stitched and glued ones.

I know that some artists remove makeup with reusable sponges - don’t do that. The porous environment of the sponge is a cozy place for the development of bacteria, which will be safely transferred to the client’s face upon first contact.

To maintain their sterility, it is not enough to wash with a soapy solution - heat is required. Only sponges will not withstand 180 degrees of dry heat; it is impossible to sterilize them.

Bandage strips

They are used for wax depilation - in other cases they are not needed. There are no bandages suitable for eyebrows, so you can use classic ones for sugaring, cut into small strips 7*1.5 cm.

Strips of cotton fabric are also used for the procedure, but this is more of a home option and not for a professional.

Look at the bandages from Aravia, WhiteLine.


Spatulas for work

Like bandages, spatulas are used to correct eyebrows with wax. Unlike conventional spatulas for sugaring, they are smaller in size - 0.5*10 cm. The length can vary from 7 to 15 cm. This does not affect the quality of work - it is more a question of convenience for each individual master.

Hair extensions

The hairs are relevant for artists who are proficient in eyebrow extension techniques. Available in different shades, mostly brown and black, and with different curves. The hairs also differ in thickness - from 0.06 mm to 0.15 mm. The length of the hairs is usually from 4 to 8 mm.

All parameters are selected to suit the characteristics of the client who is undergoing extensions. Eyebrow hairs are sold by Lovely, MyBrows, Verdi.

Features of eyebrow care

You can take care of your eyebrows yourself and visit a cosmetologist's office. To understand what is best for eyebrow care, you should keep in mind:

  • — You can correct the shape of your eyebrows using tweezers. A makeup artist can use professional tools to calculate the architecture and give the desired shape. Not everyone can do it as well at home as a professional.
  • — Eyebrow tinting. You can dye your hair yourself with henna, basma or dyes that last for at most a week, or go to a salon where they will dye it in a suitable color relative to the shade of your hair. At home, you can also touch up daily with pencil, eye shadow and special mascara.
  • - Only in a salon they can do microblading for several years, hair extensions and lamination for 2-3 months.
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