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How to choose a makeup brush

The right choice of brushes simplifies the process of applying cosmetics several times. This makeup looks much neater and more professional. It is very important to use brushes for their intended purpose and purchase only those that are suitable for a specific user. When purchasing, you should focus on the following parameters:

  • Pile quality. First of all, we pay attention to the composition of the pile: artificial or natural. Then you should take a closer look at the quality of the padding and cutting. Hairs should not stick out in different directions, be prickly or sloppy. Ideally, the brush should not be cut, but this is quite expensive, especially in the natural bristle segment
  • Purpose of use. First of all, you should focus on the products you use, especially when purchasing sets. Too many manufacturers compose them based on their own benefit rather than versatility. Some brushes in the set may be missing or most of the brushes turn out to be useless.
  • Convenience of the handle. It should be the right size, fit comfortably in your hand and not fall out during use. The most convenient in this regard are products with a rubberized handle approximately 15 centimeters long. Pay attention to the quality of fastening to the main part, this directly affects the durability of your tool.

Focus on your own needs and feelings. Before buying, you should get acquainted with the brush in person, touch the bristles and hold it in your hands. It should not be scratchy or unpleasant, as this can cause irritation when touched and scratch the product. Give preference to multifunctional brushes and remember to clean them after each use.

Useful materials to choose from

Types of brushes

Types of brushes

Let's start with why you need an eyebrow brush.

In the professional world of eyebrow artists, a brush is the main tool for coloring eyebrows with henna or paint, as well as for applying other products - paste, concealer. In makeup, a brush is used to apply and blend eye shadow, lipstick, pencil and other brow products.

All brushes that are used for eyebrows are divided into three types::

  • beveled. The pile is cut at an angle so that one corner is sharp and the other blunt;
  • straight – pile in the shape of a square or rectangle;
  • flat round. Made of soft hairs with a slightly rounded edge.

Round utensils are used to apply dry products such as eye shadow. For, say, henna or paint, they are too soft. Eyebrow artists use angled brushes to color eyebrows, and straight brushes to apply paste or concealer.

Straight and beveled brushes can be:

  • short;
  • medium and long.
  1. Short ones are convenient for drawing a contour - under pressure the hairs practically do not bend, which allows you to create smooth and clear lines.
  2. Medium and long ones are good for shading the cavity of the future eyebrow, as well as shading the dye.

Next we will continue the conversation mainly about angled and straight brushes, although most of the information applies to any eyebrow brushes. If you want to know more about rounded ones, write a question in the comments and we will help you figure it out.

Classification by pile material

Classification by pile material

All brushes are divided into two types based on their origin.:

  • natural – made from animal wool;
  • synthetic - made from artificial materials.

Natural ones are made from the wool of a dozen different animals, but most often it is:

  • squirrel - soft and elastic pile;
  • sable – elastic hairs;
  • goat - coarse hair with a slight wave;
  • pony – dense hair.

There are also tassels made from kolin, fox, marten, and raccoon. The peculiarity of natural brushes is the structure of the hairs - they are of different thicknesses at the base and at the tip. The touches are soft, and the main part does not “walk” due to the thickness of the middle and lower parts of the hairs. It is not easy for brow specialists to work with natural brushes - particles of dye get into the small scales of the hair. As a result, the pile quickly loses its “marketable” appearance.

Synthetic brushes are made from artificial materials. The list of possible raw materials is large.

The most common synthetic materials:

  • nylon;
  • taklon;
  • polyester

The peculiarity of synthetic hairs is that they have a smooth, uniform structure; they do not have any scales that would retain the dye. That is why synthetics are used for coloring with paint and henna.

All brushes, both natural and synthetic, are available with different handle materials. Eyebrow artists can find tools made of wood, acrylic or plastic. Choose according to your own feelings, but remember - the brush must be disinfected after each use. A wooden handle and low-quality plastic may react poorly to the solution, become deformed and lose its visual appeal.

Manicure brushes - types, purpose, how to choose and care


Which makeup brushes are better, natural or artificial?

Natural brushes, as a rule, are more expensive than synthetic ones, but their differences do not end there.

Synthetic ones are softer and more pleasant to the face, easy to care for and hypoallergenic. Most often used for applying cream or liquid textures.

Natural ones are more rigid, so they cling better and apply dry products: powders, shadows, blush, etc. Using them you can create a beautiful and clean wash, but goat or squirrel hair requires careful care when washing and drying. With poor care or production, they become prickly and quickly fail.

Which brush is best for applying foundation?

There are many types of foundation brushes, here is a list of the most popular:

  • Flat ones are found in many budget sets, but are not suitable for ordinary users. They tend to leave streaks when applying tone, which are not always immediately noticeable;
  • Densely padded trapezoid brushes with a flat edge are suitable for dense foundations;
  • Synthetic duo-fiber is used to distribute the product in a thin layer and create a weightless coating;
  • Brush "toothbrush". A Korean innovation that is perfect for quickly and efficiently applying not only foundation, but also other cream products.

The optimal shape can only be chosen by trying each of these types.

What brushes are needed for daily makeup?

For the eyes: For application - flat, tightly padded, medium width; For shading, use a fluffy brush with medium density; Angled - for eyebrows and eyeliner.

For the face: For applying foundation; Large fluffy powder brush - perfect for both loose and pressed products, allows you to apply a thin layer and without smudging; For blushes, highlighters and bronzers - usually medium in size, they come in different shapes and types, it all depends on the specific brand and series.

Ask your question

How to choose

How to choose a brush

  • hardness and length of the fleecy part . This determines how flexible the brush will be - the longer the hairs, the more difficult it is to “control”. Here, an important argument should be the purpose of the brush - for shading, beveled ones with medium and long bristles are suitable, for borders - with short bristles;
  • origin. Here look at your own feelings. There are masters who love natural hair, even despite the peculiarity of its structure;
  • pen . Rely on your own comfort and the quality of the handle material - you will have to disinfect the tool every day. If the handle is wooden, it is better if it is covered with enamel or varnish. Immediately look at how the handle is connected to the working part - carefully move the place of closure. If you see even the smallest movements, then it is better to refuse the purchase;
  • density and quality of padding. Grab the lint with your fingers and pull them slightly - there should be no fallen hairs left in your hands. Also check that the brush is tightly packed - a high-quality tool does not have “bald spots” and the hairs lie one to one. Gather the hairs in the center and look at where they meet the edge - if there are gaps there, then the padding is bad;
  • evenness of cut . For beveled and straight brushes, this is one of the most important criteria - the evenness of the cut determines the accuracy of the work. There should be no protruding hairs or, conversely, too short.
  • manufacturer. Just like when buying tweezers, buy brushes only from trusted manufacturers so that there are no problems with the filling, handle fastening and the quality of the bristles. We have made a selection of the best below.

Rating of popular brands


  • 1 Zoeva is a sensational German brand in the cosmetics community, which has been wildly popular among ordinary users for many years, and is also among the top brands among professional makeup artists. The line of this brand includes many sets and dozens of individual brushes at reasonable prices for all occasions.
  • 2 Shik is the signature brand of the famous professional makeup artist Natalia Shik. Despite the fact that the company is only a few years old, their brushes have already become a favorite among users. The brand uses several types of pile. Among the natural ones you can find premium models made from goat, raccoon and artificial squirrels made from Taklon.
  • 3 Valeri-D is a leading Russian manufacturer. Buyers are attracted not only by the budget price, but also by the excellent quality. The products of this brand are hand-picked and are not cut, so they are very soft and pleasant to the skin. The brand presents artificial and natural types of pile.
  • 4 Real techniques is a British brand created by two makeup artists Samantha and Nicole Chapman that makes applying makeup easy even for beginners. The products are hand-set and have soft synthetic bristles, and the color of the handles separates the items by functionality.
  • 5 Manly Pro is a cosmetics company with a decent line of a wide variety of synthetic bristle brushes at reasonable prices. Suitable for both beginners and professionals. Many beginning makeup artists choose products from this brand for their starting case, and experienced professionals recommend them to their clients for every day.

Also trustworthy: Roubloff, Mac, Make Up For Ever, Hakuhodo, Bobbi Brown, Royal & Langnickel, Make Up Factory, NYX, Just, Ludovik, Annbeauty, Sigma, Limoni, Belil.

For eye makeup

A set of brushes, which every self-respecting girl should ideally have, consists of many types of makeup tools. Among them, eye makeup brushes occupy a special place. .

They are interchangeable.

So-called pencil brushes are good for making up the lash line and applying shadows to the lower eyelid. This makeup tool perfectly draws details, so it is also suitable for emphasizing individual eyebrow hairs.

A flat, angled eyeshadow brush is needed to work with gel eyeliner. It can be used to draw neat arrows in the corners of the eyes. This eyeshadow brush is perfect for working on eyebrows.

A barrel brush is a tool made of dense bristles and has a rounded shape. It is used to blend shadows on the outer corners of the eyes. This eyeshadow brush blends well any coloring cosmetic product, be it loose eyeshadow or a pencil. She is especially comfortable applying the dye to the eyebrows, carefully filling them with color.

You need to choose your eyeliner brush carefully, because the quality of its bristles determines the quality of your makeup. In specialized stores you will find two options. Wide creates clear and even arrows. . A thin brush creates a string line. Eyeliner brushes are used to draw individual eyebrow strokes and to create an outline.

An eyeshadow brush with an applicator can be flat or fluffy. She applies color to the eyelids, creating accents and transitions. .

To do this, it is better to use a special shading brush. Its base is flat and the tip is slightly beveled. This makeup tool allows you to achieve a blurry effect on your eyelids and create a voluminous color on your eyebrows. If you are used to using a pencil to color your eyebrows, then a shading brush will help distribute its pigment along the contour of the hair.

To draw individual hairs, the eyebrows must first be combed upward.

A canonically shaped brush is needed to create smooth color transitions. It also allows you to complete your eyebrow makeup by applying powder or light shadows to fix the color.

The combination brush for eyebrow hair correction is a set of a small plastic comb and a brush in one tool. Allows you to create a good shape and position your eyebrows correctly for further work with them.

Best Makeup Brush Sets

Manly Pro Basic Set

Manly Pro Basic Set

  • Optimal made from synthetic bristles
  • Country Russia
  • Price: 6000 RUR
  • Vorstaklon (synthetic)
  • Handlestandard
  • Rating (2020): 8.9

A multifunctional set of 10 pieces that can satisfy the needs of almost any average girl. Each item comes in a separate mesh, which is great for storage and drying. The brushes are easy to use and their shape is maintained even after repeated washing. The pile is soft, non-irritating and well packed. The set includes the legendary powder brush, which has many good reviews on the Internet.

  • Advantages
      Soft pile
  • High quality padding
  • 10 protective nets included
  • Cons: No eyebrow brush
  • Not the most affordable price
  • Ecotools Start the day beautifully

    • Best for a beginner
    • Country: USA
    • Price: 1513 RUR
    • Artificial pile, soft
    • The handle is made of bamboo and fits comfortably in your hand.
    • Rating (2020): 9

    Eco-set that combines quality and affordable price. The handles are made of bamboo, the bristles are soft and pleasant, they perfectly apply and distribute dry products. If you are used to using mostly cream or liquid textures, then you will feel a clear lack of necessary brushes. The best option for those who are just starting to get acquainted with the world of cosmetics or for unpretentious girls who do not use a lot of products every day.

    • Advantages
        Convenient storage container
    • Soft pile
    • Affordable price
  • Disadvantages Not the best brush for foundation
  • Will not satisfy the needs of advanced users
  • Zoeva Luxe Prime Set

    • The most versatile set
    • Country: Germany
    • Price: 5000 RUR
    • Pile natural, artificial
    • Wooden handle, short
    • Rating (2020): 9.7

    High-quality universal set of 10 items. The black series is considered the best in the Zoeva brand; the handles are made of high-quality wood, slightly shorter than the standard ones, but this does not affect the convenience in any way. The brushes are easy to care for, even the white bristles wash well and retain their shape. The set includes all the most necessary elements; you don’t have to buy anything extra. Excellent blending of both creamy and dry products into a light haze without much effort.

    • Advantages
        Good quality of pile
    • Stylish cosmetic bag included
    • Universal equipment
  • Disadvantages There is no opportunity to touch it live before buying
  • Which eyebrow brushes should you buy? What should you pay attention to?

    For a long service life and the absence of an allergic reaction, you need to be able to choose the right brush. Let's reveal a few secrets.

    1. We run our fingers along the ends of the fibers, pulling them out slightly. If they remain in your hands, the brush is unsuitable for purchase. When used, such a tool will “throw out” loose fibers. They will interfere with the beauty of your makeup. It is strictly forbidden to wash such eyebrow brushes.
    2. It is necessary to check the quality of the pile filling when purchasing. There are unscrupulous manufacturers who try to “save” on bristles. You need to collect it with your fingers and check the place where the border and pile are fixed. If there is even the slightest gap, you cannot buy it, because the rest of the hairs will fall out very quickly.
    3. Now the pen. It should connect securely to the lint ring. You have to try to loosen it. A ring that sits firmly on the handle is suitable for purchase.
    4. Price. A good professional is not a very cheap pleasure. But we must remember that inexpensive is not always high quality, and certainly always short-lived.

    The best professional makeup brushes


    • For blending shadows
    • Country: USA
    • Price: 1820 RUR
    • Vorskoza
    • Wooden handle, black
    • Rating (2020): 9

    A flattened and elastic shading brush from the famous American brand MAC. It is one of the best-selling not only in the brand, but throughout the world. The model may seem harsh to some, but the bristles that are too soft are not capable of properly blending shadows into a light haze. The padding is dense, high-quality, perfectly aligns the shape of the eye, creates an invisible transition from one color to another, and is even suitable for contouring the nose.

    • Advantages
        Ideal shape
    • Comfortable handle
    • Flexibility suitable for shading
  • Disadvantages Over time, the pile changes color
  • Fluffy
  • Hakuhodo B104

    • Best for powder
    • Country: Japan
    • Price: 8739 RUR
    • Vorskoza
    • Wooden handle, short
    • Rating (2020): 9.2

    Legendary brush for powder and other dry textures from the Japanese brand Hakuhodo. Unlike the black series, models with white pile are simply indestructible and will serve not only you, but also your children. Hand-picked goat fur hairs apply a thin layer of powder and are very pleasant to the skin when applying bronzers, blushes and highlighters. The short handle may not be to everyone's taste, but it allows you to maneuver the brush and apply all the products you need with ease. The build quality matches the price.

    • Advantages
        Soft and hand-picked pile
    • High build quality
    • Multifunctionality
    • Durability
    • Good customer reviews
  • Disadvantages Exorbitant price
  • Annbeauty A11

    • For small parts
    • Country Russia
    • Price: 1400 RUR
    • Vorsponi
    • Wooden handle, glossy
    • Rating (2020): 9.6

    An ideal brush for detailing eye makeup. The elastic and soft bristles allow for precise application of concealer, suitable for working on the corners of the eyes, between eyelashes, applying eyeliner, pencil technique and shading. The model is assembled by hand and washes well. The brand has not been on the market for long, but has already managed to win the hearts of many professional makeup artists not only in Russia, but all over the world thanks to the high quality of the products and their durability.

    • Advantages
        Soft and elastic pile
    • Multifunctional
    • Does not scratch the eyelid and the product
    • Fits perfectly in the hand
    • Easy to clean
  • Disadvantages High price
  • May create dust on dry foods
  • Other brushes and opinions about them

    The Art Deco Eyebrow Shadow Brush is very small. The reviews it receives are not very flattering. The pile is hard and uncomfortable in the hand. I don't want to recommend it for purchase. This is roughly what girls say about the instrument.

    Bobbi Brown Eye Brow produces eyebrow shadows and brushes for them. As the girls say, the brush looks no different from many others. The first thing that upsets us is the rigidity. The brush is very hard. It is difficult to apply shadows with it. And it is generally impossible to shade, since it scratches the skin, shedding the applied shadows (the consumption almost doubles). The recommendations are negative.

    The next most popular product in reviews is ELF Brow Comband Brush. Comes with brushes in a case. The device itself has a comfortable wooden handle. Combi brush: brush plus comb. Excellent at work. Separates hair perfectly. Easily adds Helps to correct eyebrows when cutting and shades pencil and shadow with amazing gentleness.

    Correct makeup with shadows

    One of the modern means for tinting eyebrows is eyeshadow. If earlier no one could even think of using them for hair, now girls create the perfect color with the help of shadows.

    This product has an undeniable advantage: with the help of shadows you can create natural eyebrows that cannot be created with a pencil. A soft color fill will look much more natural. The only disadvantage of such funds is the inability to make a clear outline if necessary. Therefore, for perfect makeup it is better to use both a pencil and shadows.

    Angled makeup brushes will help fill your eyebrows with color. The technique of applying shadows consists of several stages.

    • First, take a brush and comb the hairs against their growth;
    • Using the edge of the brush, make an outline with a color one tone darker than the intended one;
    • . This can also be done with a sponge;
    • To evenly distribute the shadows along the hair contour, you can use a blending brush;
    • Then the eyebrows need to be combed;
    • Take the angled eyeshadow brush again and spread the pigment in strokes;
    • The color needs to be distributed especially well on the inside of the eyebrow;
    • Comb your hair again and fix the result with hairspray or foam.

    Experts also advise using this trick: before applying makeup, apply foundation to your eyebrows. Thanks to this, the shadows will not crumble, and the color will remain in its original form all day long.

    You should wash your tools with regular shampoo diluted in water. Simply rinse your blending, eyeliner or eyeshadow brush, then dip it in clean water and pat dry with a tissue or towel. The cleansing is not complete yet. To prevent the pile from fraying, it needs to be given a marketable appearance and dried in a horizontal position. .

    An eyebrow brush is a real must-have in the beauty arsenal of any modern fashionista. For several years now, leading designers, stylists and makeup artists have been focusing on thick, even, black eyebrows.

    A high-quality tool is able to paint the desired area in one movement, and therefore correspond to the natural width of the “edge of the eyes.” It is used for applying special shadows and dyes to hairs, as well as “styling” them.

    It helps to give the eyebrows the necessary shade with the help of decorative cosmetics, smooth them out, or vice versa, harmoniously “ruffle” them, and create the visual effect of shiny hairs with the help of colorless glitter.

    Let's figure out how to choose the right device for makeup and eyebrow care, and which tool is best to choose when pursuing a particular goal.

    Brushes for professional coloring

    If you are used to performing temporary tattoos yourself, at home, you are guaranteed to find certain tools useful to make the job easier. How to apply eyebrow and eyelash dye?

    A glass or plastic sticker with a flat or ribbed tip is included with any coloring pigment. It is intended for applying pigment to hairs. However, professional artists, and even ordinary women who know how to do coloring correctly, abandon the basic tool in favor of a brush.

    Professional brushes for tinting eyebrows can be purchased in online stores or specialized boutiques for hairdressers and cosmetologists.

    But how to choose it correctly?

    • An angled eyebrow brush with stiff synthetic bristles is designed for quick, precise, and most accurate application of pigment to the treated area. Due to the characteristics of its material, it lasts a long time and rarely fails at first. The artificial bristles do not fall out, and the instrument itself is easy to wash and clean. Everyone knows that for high-quality and attractive eyebrow coloring, you need to use literally every hair. And it is with this thing that this is real - in one fell swoop it covers all the vegetation above the eyes with a dense layer of coloring cream or paste;
    • Flat, soft brushes with a rounded tip are used to gently and evenly apply product to thin eyebrows. They are also suitable for use among women with thin and sensitive skin, since contact of the dye with the eyebrow areas is almost impossible. Brushes accurately and accurately apply paint, in particular lightening paint. They wash well with ordinary shampoos that you are used to using to care for your own hair. Synthetic material provides strength and durability to the product;
    • Soft, angled brushes with short bristles are ideal for those who are not particularly careful when applying makeup or paint. Even if your movements are not very precise, such a brush will prevent the paint from spreading to nearby areas of the skin. It will quickly and evenly apply color to the hairs in accordance with the desired shape. If the hair goes beyond the scope, you can quickly remove the paint from the brush using a dry cloth, and use it to remove excess cream from the skin under the eyebrows. A soft brush can be either natural or artificial. And it is better to opt for synthetics - it is tougher, stronger, and more suitable for using both aggressive compounds and solid shadows.

    Secrets of the right choice

    The best eyebrow brush that suits every girl simply does not exist! You should use your own comfort when choosing an instrument. Pay attention to the pen: if it is too thin or thick, it will be uncomfortable to hold in your hand, which means the quality of pigment application will decrease sharply.

    The handle material can be plastic or wood, and here too it all depends on your personal preferences. But we cannot help but note that plastic products are much more practical, since you can easily and effortlessly remove the remnants of cosmetics and creams.

    Wood actively absorbs coloring elements and reluctantly releases them when washed or another method of cleaning. If your choice falls on it, take care of its protection and apply a clear varnish to the wooden surface.

    When professionally correcting eyebrows, it is better to use tools with synthetic bristles. Natural hair is sensitive to chemicals, which are sufficient in all hair dyes. Therefore, if you dye your hair not with henna, but with other compounds, it is better to give preference to synthetics. Squirrel fur will definitely not last long and will soon have to be replaced.

    And pony hair, which is often used in the manufacture of paint brushes, is more resistant to irritants. But still, it is better to give preference to nylon or other artificial material.

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