Everything about eyebrow lamination: benefits, effects and indications

Eyebrows are an indispensable element of any image, because they determine how others perceive us. Whatever the fashion and whatever trends take over the world, the natural shape of moderately thick eyebrows always looks perfect. Thin threads and wide black stripes - previously relevant trends - extremes have already become obsolete, and now almost every stylish woman strives for natural beauty, gifted to us by nature. But when the hairs don’t want to obey, a newfangled procedure comes to the rescue - eyebrow lamination. According to cosmetologists, it is very useful and extremely necessary for almost every woman.
  • Useful “eyebrow styling”
  • What lamination will not save you from
  • When to come for a session
  • Face like from a glossy cover
  • Duration of effect and need for correction
  • Lamination and other procedures

Useful “eyebrow styling”

Cosmetologists insist that lamination is not just a necessary, but also a very useful procedure. Think about hair lamination - every woman has heard about miraculous transformations after exposure to keratin and gelatin, which are certainly included in the mixtures. It’s the same with the hairs on the face - after the eyelashes and eyebrows are exposed to this procedure, they are transformed into obedient and very attractive elements of the image. What problems can lamination solve:

  • irregular eyebrow shape;
  • abnormal hair growth;
  • unruly hairs that do not obey styling;
  • rapid color fading;
  • lack of time for daily makeup.

That is, after the procedure, your eyebrows will look like those of the model in the photo in a glossy magazine. An ideal shape, a suitable shade that you don’t have to touch up with a pencil - what’s not a dream? Also, keratin in special mixtures promotes accelerated hair growth, so that the eyebrows are renewed faster and look more well-groomed and healthy. Don’t forget that lamination serves as excellent protection against harmful environmental influences.

Care Balm.

A very important point to consider when laminating eyebrows is the choice of cosmetics for removing makeup, and especially washing gels. Foams and gels for washing, it would seem, have long been known to everyone as cosmetic products, but the truth is much worse. 93% of washing cosmetics contain chemical elements that are harmful to facial skin and can harm lamination.

We are talking about sulfates (SLS,SLES). You may have already heard that this chemical is added to almost all shampoos, balms, toothpastes, and this also applies to washing gels. With all the abundance of cosmetic brands, it is very difficult to find worthwhile products.

Recently, our experts disassembled all the famous cosmetic brands into their components. The only company we can recommend is Mulsan Cosmetic. Completely natural composition, as well as the absence of aggressive preservatives. Official online store with free delivery mulsan.ru.

The best kit manufacturers

Mini-set “Lamination” from Innovator Cosmetics

Mini-set “Lamination” from Innovator Cosmetics

The kit includes all the necessary products for the procedure - hair loosening agent, fixative, keratin fixative, as well as glue and clinser. Additionally, silicone rollers of three sizes are included, but they are not useful for eyebrows - these are for eyelashes. The products are packaged in 8 ml packs. According to the manufacturer, the mini-kit is enough for 40 sessions.

Shelf life after opening – 6 months.

Cost – from 3 to 4 thousand rubles.

By the way, the same manufacturer has a kit for protein reconstruction.

Protein Reconstruction Kit

In its composition, it is similar to this kit, but the action of each of the products is aimed at improving hair health and gives a more gentle effect. If your main goal is to improve the condition of your eyebrows, and not to style them, pay attention to the set. Its cost ranges from 2.5 to 4 thousand rubles.

Set for natural eyebrows and eyelashes EvaBond

Set for natural eyebrows and eyelashes EvaBond

The kit also includes 4 tools and glue if you have to work with unruly hairs. Tools for the procedure – microbrushes or rollers – are not included in the set.

The setting compound, which is applied last to the hair, includes waterproofed keratin and silicone, which restore the hair and make it stronger. Waterproofed keratin is keratin split into small molecules, which has not only external, but also internal effects.

The price of the set is about 3000 rubles.

The volume of the bottles is 5 ml.

Sexy Lamination

A fairly large set from the Sexy brand is suitable for eyebrow specialists in whose offices the lamination service is in demand.


  • all laminating compounds;
  • cleaning and degreasing products;
  • paint and oxide;
  • consumables – brushes, microbrushes;
  • paint container;
  • tweezers;
  • cosmetic storage bag.

The cost of the set is 7,000 rubles.

What lamination will not save you from

Since the procedure is new and its cost is relatively high, it is also worth familiarizing yourself with the list of things that lamination cannot save from. After all, not every master can honestly admit to a client that the procedure will not bring benefits. Moreover, there will certainly be no harm from it. So, after the procedure, you will not notice much effect if your eyebrows have bald spots or are crossed by scars.

The reason for this is simple: the special composition cannot grow hair. It also does not stain the skin, and therefore all voids will remain visible. Lamination is recommended for women with thick eyebrows, whose shape is lost throughout the day. Also, lamination cannot radically change the curve, length or width of the eyebrows - the procedure only records what the client came with. Therefore, before the session, it is advisable to bring your eyebrows to perfect condition.

Beautiful eyebrow styling

How does eyebrow lamination work?

First, the master prepares the work area by degreasing and disinfecting the surface of the eyebrows. He then coats them with a special compound in three stages. At each stage, the composition is different and carries its own character and certain benefits.

The master also performs eyebrow modeling so that the shape suits your face type well. Which subsequently, thanks to the composition, is reliably fixed and the result lasts for a long time.

When to come for a session

Since lamination allows you to forget about makeup, it is often recommended to do it before a vacation - a trip to the seaside or a hike in the mountains. And indeed, after the procedure, the effect is noticeable on the face: even after long dives into the sea, the woman will look wonderful. But experts recommend doing things a little differently. Since sea water is not harmful, but on the contrary is very beneficial for both skin and hair, lamination should be carried out after vacation in order to consolidate the positive effects of nature.

It is also advisable to perform the procedure after tinting your eyebrows - this will help protect the color and keep it for a long time.

After all, most women suffer from the fact that the color fades in just a few weeks. Now the desired shade can last not days, but entire months - until new hairs grow. And in order to prolong the effect of lamination, you should not wait until it completely disappears before the next procedure - do lamination a little earlier! The cumulative effect will definitely please you.

Step-by-step instruction

Step-by-step instruction

To carry out the procedure you will need:

  • makeup remover . Any micellar water you use to remove makeup will do, or a special one for eyebrows;
  • cleanser – you can use shampoo or lotion designed for eyebrows. Additionally, use a scrub if your skin is prone to dryness and flaking;


  • eyebrow degreaser;
  • eyebrow lamination kit . If you don’t have such a kit yet, look at our review immediately below this section;
  • brush-brush. It’s better to take 3-4 pieces at once - one for each product. It is not recommended to use the same brush for all formulations - a decrease in their effectiveness may be noticed;

Cleaner brushes

  • cotton pads and sticks.

Cotton pads and buds


  1. Remove eyebrow makeup with a cotton pad and micellar water;
  2. Do a cleanse. If you use lotion, then apply it to a cotton pad and thoroughly wipe your eyebrows; if you use shampoo, then drop a little on your eyebrows, lather with a brush and remove with a cotton pad moistened with water. Apply the scrub with your hands and rub with massage movements, but without strong pressure;
  3. Degrease your eyebrows by soaking a cotton pad in a special degreaser;
  4. Wait until the hairs dry and you can begin the procedure.

The process may have different steps depending on the formulation manufacturer chosen. Below we will describe the general procedure, but be sure to look at the recommendations for a specific product in the instructions.

  1. Using a clean brush, pick up a small amount of the product to loosen the hair. Typically, manufacturers number bottles to make the procedure easier - here you need packaging with the number 1;
  2. Distribute the composition evenly over the hairs and try not to touch the skin too much. The compositions are now being produced that are safe, but there is no need to expose the skin to stress once again;
  3. Next, look at the instructions - some manufacturers recommend covering your eyebrows with cling film to create a bathhouse effect;
  4. Remove the composition with a cotton swab and apply the product from the second package - it will help fix the hairs in the desired direction. Here also follow the instructions - whether you need to cover with film or not;
  5. Use a dry cotton swab to wipe off the second composition and apply the final fixing one. You need to keep it on for a couple of minutes - during this time the voids in the hair will be filled with protein.

Some kits also contain glue. It is not necessary to use it - it allows you to better fix your hair in the desired position and is suitable for unruly hair. If there is a need to use glue, then apply it at the first stage before the baking powder.

A few words about coloring during the lamination process:

  • Read the instructions carefully if you plan to tint your eyebrows as part of lamination. Manufacturers usually clearly indicate the procedure for carrying out the procedure. Most often, coloring is carried out after the second product, and the third, keratin composition, is applied to the colored eyebrows;
  • when dyeing with henna, it is recommended to wait at least 24 hours after the procedure to allow all components to be absorbed and set;
  • It is also recommended to use a lamination kit and paint from the same manufacturer. In other cases, the result may be unpredictable.

Face like from a glossy cover

In fact, well-groomed eyebrows are quite enough for you to appear on the street without makeup without a twinge of conscience. If, of course, the cleanliness of the skin allows it. But the fact remains: eyebrows decide, if not everything, then a lot. Therefore, when you sign up for a session called “lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows with keratin,” there is a chance that you won’t recognize your eyebrows afterwards. Don't believe me? Take a preliminary photo and compare the results before and after the procedure.

The process itself does not last long: only about an hour. It starts with the eyebrows and the skin around them being thoroughly degreased and disinfected. Then a special softening composition is applied to smooth out wrinkles and unevenness. Afterwards, the master gives the eyebrows the desired shape, which will last for the next few months. Only then is a special serum applied to each hair, softening and fixing the hairs. They will become visually denser and longer, which will add thickness to the eyebrows.

After all these procedures, color pigments are applied, which will give saturation and brightness to the eyebrows. The effect is secured with a thin layer of beneficial keratin. Don't worry: no pain, itching or redness during the procedure! After all, this is not a tattoo or even painting with paint containing chemicals. Lamination is a useful procedure that does not require any rehabilitation period.

Performing lamination


Some women mistakenly believe that this procedure has no prohibitions; in fact, this is not the case. There is a list of conditions under which these manipulations are prohibited.


  • during pregnancy, due to the presence of an unpredictable reaction of the body due to constant changes in hormone levels;
  • up to six months after surgical interventions in the area of ​​the brow ridges;
  • in the presence of irritation, rash, or other damage to the integrity of the skin in the area of ​​future exposure (unpleasant reactions of the body can seriously intensify);
  • during acute periods of diseases of the organs of vision;
  • in case of allergies or individual intolerance to the components of the composition used.

You cannot hide the presence of contraindications from the specialist; this can cause the development of serious side effects.

Duration of effect and need for correction

The initial effect of the procedure will last about a month, after which it will gradually begin to fade. It is unlikely that others will notice the changes, because this will happen almost imperceptibly to the prying eye. After 6-8 weeks, you can carry out the lamination procedure again to return your eyebrows to ideal condition. You will not need any adjustments between sessions.

If you still doubt whether this procedure is dangerous, then just read the reviews and look at photos of women who have already decided to undergo it. And remember that even a bad master cannot spoil the effect of lamination. So, low-quality materials can ruin the picture. But it’s unlikely that a cosmetologist will do the wrong job. Since the procedure is absolutely harmless, the maximum negative effect can only be a mild result.


Despite the abundance of advantages, the lamination procedure, like other cosmetic procedures, is not without a number of disadvantages. You should familiarize yourself with them in advance in order to promptly refuse exposure if you do not accept them.


  • the impossibility of hiding scars, camouflaging completely absent brow ridges, sparse hair (you can only stimulate the appearance of hairs if their absence is not caused by the presence of serious pathologies in the body);
  • the procedure is not able to change the natural curve of the eyebrow, its shape, length, width of the arches;
  • the need to pluck or otherwise remove hairs that are out of shape;
  • the likelihood of developing allergies or complete individual intolerance to the components of the formulations used;
  • presence of contraindications to exposure;
  • not maintaining the achieved effect for too long, requiring regular repetition of manipulations;
  • the high cost of the procedure, due to the low prices of the products used by the master.

Lamination and other procedures

Many women are also concerned about the issue of combining lamination with other eyebrow procedures. It is worth noting that all kinds of procedures remain available, even if you did lamination just yesterday. After all, there is only one restriction after a “beauty session”: do not touch your eyebrows and do not wash your face for 24 hours. And then whatever your heart desires is allowed. Even solariums, baths and swimming pools, which are usually contraindicated after eyebrow procedures, will not cause any harm.

What to look for when choosing

In order for the procedure to go as expected and allow you to achieve all the goals that were set, you need to pay attention to the choice of a suitable product.

Features of choosing the optimal product:

  • the composition should contain a large amount of natural, beneficial substances, a minimum of preservatives;
  • the material and form of the product must be convenient for the person who will use the product;
  • a preliminary test for the likelihood of developing an allergic reaction is required;
  • You only need to trust your own face to a professional who works with high-quality compounds.

Laminated eyebrows: how long does it last, care

Eyebrow lamination: how long does it last, how to do it at home, new trend 2019

The undoubted advantage of the eyebrow lamination process is the absence of additional care requirements. There is no need for additional nutrition, creams, masks and tonics.

The main thing is to avoid sunbathing during the first 24 hours and refrain from exposure to water and detergents.

You can repeat the lamination procedure after 6-7 weeks.

Depending on the qualifications of the artist and the quality of the products used, eyebrow lamination lasts more than 60 days.

Post-procedure care

This procedure is good because it does not require any serious restrictions after implementation. Only on the first day after the procedure you need to follow a few simple recommendations.

You can’t: get it wet, take a hot shower, engage in physical exercise that provokes profuse sweating, rub, scratch or pull hair, tint it or apply any caring cosmetics.

Not recommended : visiting the sauna, bathhouse, swimming pool and solarium.

Within a day you can lead a normal life. You can swim, take a steam bath, do makeup of any complexity and use facial care products, including in the eye and eyebrow area.

Laminated eyebrows do not require special care. Just don't pluck laminated hairs. You can remove those that grow outside the eyebrows. Facial peeling is also allowed. However, you should not be overzealous in the eyebrow area.

By the way:

It is allowed to use decorative and skincare cosmetics, as well as remove excess hair yourself (preferably with tweezers).


The procedure for lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows: features, advantages and disadvantages

Despite the presence of some conditions when the procedure cannot be performed, many women seek eyebrow lamination.

Advantages of the method:

  • keratin film protects hairs from mechanical damage, moisture, cold, and sunlight;
  • the thinnest cover remaining on the surface of the hairs does not allow moisture to evaporate from the inside, however, allowing air to enter;
  • the structure of the hairs is restored, their shade changes, and their appearance changes for the better;
  • the thickness of the rods increases, which makes the entire eyebrow thick and shiny;
  • the procedure is affordable;
  • lamination is absolutely safe for hair, allows you to restore lost beauty without worsening its condition;
  • the natural appearance of the brow ridges is preserved;
  • the condition of the hairs improves;
  • the need for daily care and styling disappears;
  • there is no recovery period;
  • already a day after the exposure, you are allowed to visit the bathhouse, sauna, solarium, and swimming pool. which will not affect the achieved result in any way.

What is the purpose of lamination?

Eyebrow lamination: what is it, types of lamination, before and after photos

What can you get from eyebrow lamination?

Eyebrow brightness. especially if staining is carried out at the same time. Together, the eyebrows will retain an intense shade of color for a long time. This is achieved using a composition that reliably fixes the pigment in the hairs. If after regular coloring the eyebrows fade for one and a half to two weeks, then after lamination the color will remain for one to two months.

Fixing the form . Eyebrows play one of the main roles in the perception of the face as a whole. For example, “house” gives a naive expression, and overhanging brow ridges make the face gloomy. The shape of your eyebrows is of great importance for the perception of your appearance. Lamination helps to give this important part of the face a neat appearance and visually lift the eyebrow, thus providing a lifting effect.

Care. Unlike eyebrow tinting, in which the pigment can dry out the hairs, eyebrow lamination strengthens, heals, and creates protection from negative external influences. Lamination compositions are enriched with keratin, silk proteins and vitamins, which have a positive effect on hair follicles.

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