How to lighten lip tattoos at home. Perm removal using laser and paint

In what cases is tattoo removal necessary?

Removal of lip tattoos with a laser or other method should be carried out if a cosmetologist advises you to do so. You should not make such drastic decisions on your own, because there is a possibility that the unsuccessful work can be corrected.

Lip tattoo removal

You should delete the result if you have the following problems:

  1. Due to improper lip care, an uneven distribution of coloring remains on them. This occurs due to premature peeling off of the crust or other factors that disrupt the connection between the pigment and the epidermis.
  2. The shape of the lip contour has changed. If you are doing tattoo techniques that involve outlining the border of the lips, it is important to take good care, otherwise the line may change. In this case, only elimination usually helps, since it is difficult to correct such a side effect.
  3. Shades of other colors appeared. Often, when using low-quality dyes in a cosmetic center, pink and blue tones appear on the lips. This leads to a deterioration in the aesthetic factor, and it is difficult to overcome such a change. This also includes the discrepancy between the resulting colors and those initially expected.
  4. Bad effect. When performing complex tattooing technologies, illiterate work by a specialist often leads to poor quality of work. If a girl is doing a 3D effect, if the dyes are applied incorrectly, she may not get the expected result.
  5. The occurrence of a strong allergic reaction of the body to the dye. This also includes other changes in health status for the worse. A negative consequence worsens the client’s health, so in this case it is often necessary to remove the tattoo.

In similar or other situations, it is worth removing the previous tattoo, because otherwise the consequence may progress, which will worsen the result. And correction of work does not always correct all shortcomings.

Why do tattoos lighten?

It is necessary to make eyebrow tattooing lighter in several cases.

  • If the work is done poorly, and this happens, as a rule, there is no need to wait a month in such cases: blurry strokes indicate incorrect application of paint. When tattooing, the pigment remains under the skin in a kind of capsule, so the design remains clear. If the strokes immediately lose their clarity, this means that the paint has not formed a capsule.
  • If the color is still too dark after a month. Lightening in this case will completely solve the problem.
  • If you no longer like the shape and color of the eyebrow arch: the curve has gone out of fashion, the color does not match the freshly dyed hair, and so on.

Before making a decision, you need to understand exactly whether permanent makeup needs to be removed or just lightened. The first is absolutely impossible at home. Only special hardware methods can get rid of eyebrow tattooing truly without leaving a trace. You can lighten the drawing at home.

How does laser removal work?

Removing the technology with a laser leads to a decrease in the amount of pigmenting component in the epithelial cells. Extraction can be performed in two ways in cosmetology:

  1. High frequency laser beams gradually destroy cells affected by the dye. As a result, this leads to the removal of the pattern from the epidermis.
  2. Remover is a product in the form of a cream that is applied to an area of ​​the skin, and then begins to gradually fade the pigment from this surface.

Laser elimination of the unsuccessful effect of a cosmetic procedure is used more often, because this method is more effective and definitely guarantees a total elimination of the result.

All work is performed by a specialist; the client only needs to follow his instructions for preparing the skin. One session of laser lip tattoo removal usually lasts up to forty minutes. Up to seven such visits may be needed, it depends on the tattoo technique and on the complexity of the work and the degree of filling of the lips with the dye.

Eyebrow tattoo

This solution is resorted to in many cases: if you absolutely do not like the shape of the eyebrow arch, and it cannot be corrected in any other way, if the shade of the hairs is too light, if the hairs are sparse, or even with bald spots, and so on. Tattooing - applying a contour drawing that imitates the eyebrow arch - allows you to solve all these problems, but such a solution has its own price.

The beauty salon uses 3 main technologies.

  • Hair method - in this case, your own hairs are removed, and the artist tattoos their image in place of the eyebrow arch. The thinnest strokes are applied, observing the correct, natural direction of hair growth. This imitation looks most believable, but at a certain distance.

There are 2 subtypes of procedures. The European technique assumes even hairs of equal length and thickness, located in the same direction. The Eastern technique allows you to “draw” strokes of different lengths and thicknesses to make the eyebrow arch appear more realistic.

It is extremely difficult to remove a drawing made using the hair method: the strokes are drawn as clear and bright as possible. Accordingly, the paint ends up quite deep under the skin, so most mechanical methods are powerless here.

  • Shot - the hairs remain in their place, but the overall shape and length of the eyebrow is adjusted in accordance with the expected result. Then the drawing is applied - partly in the form of a stroke. Partially with shading in order to create a general background. Overall, the result resembles a tinted eyebrow.

Removing tattoos is also not easy. Lightening is a much more achievable goal.

  • Shadow technique - involves only shading. In this way, they change not so much the shape as the color of the eyebrow arch and make it visually thicker. This is the most gentle method of tattooing and the easiest to remove.

Lip care after tattoo removal

After removing lip tattoos, the girl must follow the same instructions as after providing cosmetic services, since similar damage to the skin was carried out, which leads to the same side effects.

During the recovery period, the master prescribes instructions for lip care to the client:

  1. In the first days, you should not wash your face, but only wipe your face with a cotton pad. Drying your entire face with a towel is also not recommended.
  2. You should not use cosmetics for care or decorative cosmetics, so as not to spoil the effect of laser tattoo removal.
  3. When crusts appear (and they usually form because, due to damage to the epidermis, lymph is released, creating a protective layer), they should be smeared with an antiseptic and healing ointment. After three or four days, the crust should come off on its own; you cannot rip it off so as not to damage the integrity of the lip.
  4. During skin rehabilitation, you should not visit a sauna, bathhouse, swimming pool - places with high humidity.
  5. You should not sunbathe for a month after the tattoo is completely removed, regardless of the type of tan: artificial or natural - under the sun's rays. Use sunscreen if necessary.

By following the instructions for restoring the skin after removing the unsuccessful result of the cosmetologist’s work, the styling obtained during the session will safely come off the surface of the tissue.

If during the skin rehabilitation period you observe non-standard healing, tell the specialist about it. This way you will prevent possible consequences that occur due to improper care or due to the illiterate work of a cosmetologist.

Home methods for lightening eyebrow tattoos

Permanent makeup (tattoo) is a procedure during which pigment is introduced into the surface layer of the skin using a special needle. This manipulation requires the master to have good taste, great qualifications, and special education. Improperly done permanent makeup can not only ruin the appearance of the eyebrows, but also leave scars.

You cannot judge the final eyebrow color immediately after the procedure. During tattooing, the skin is injured, so processes aimed at regeneration begin in it. The epidermis is actively restored, cells are renewed and exfoliated. Along with the scales, the pigment that is closer to the surface of the skin goes away, so a week after application the pattern becomes lighter.

Contraindications to laser removal

There are certain restrictions for tattooing lips or other areas of the body, under which not all girls are recommended to undergo a cosmetic procedure. So, for deleting work there are also certain restrictions and prohibitions that are important to observe for the correct flow of the session.

There are quite a lot of limitations to laser removal:

  1. Cancer. Oncological diseases are a direct prohibition for using a laser on tissue, because in this case the client’s health condition may worsen. When the patient recovers, the procedure to eliminate the result may be permitted, but this requires the doctor’s permission and the consent of the master.
  2. Pregnancy, breastfeeding. During the third trimester, you should absolutely not expose your lips to laser because it may harm your baby.
  3. Diabetes mellitus, its form of manifestation is practically unimportant, because the disease negatively affects the condition of the whole organism.
  4. Recent tan. A measure of preparing the skin for work is the absence of tanning for a month, so this factor limits the client from carrying out the technique.
  5. Damage to the lips. In this case, the removal does not always proceed correctly, and after it is carried out it can leave negative consequences in the form of scars, cicatrices, and large scratches.

Lip tattoo removal

You should not ignore prohibitions for health reasons, as this may negatively affect the drawing at the end of the work. Some points may also leave side effects that affect the health of the client who deliberately breaks the rules.

Lightening methods

Lightening at home is possible only according to one principle: removing the top layer of skin in order to gradually reduce the intensity of the coloring. The salon may also offer other techniques, including the introduction of flesh-colored pigment.

Before taking any action, it is worth assessing the advantages and disadvantages of this solution.

Without a doubt, the cost of a home procedure will be minimal: in fact, this is the cost of the auxiliary product itself - hydrogen peroxide, for example. In addition, you can start removing the pattern almost immediately after the healed crust comes off. Unfortunately, home remedies have even more disadvantages.

  • Firstly, you can only lighten the tattoo; it is not possible to completely remove the design.
  • Secondly, the color of the pigment can change in the most unexpected ways.
  • Thirdly, there is a high probability of burns or mechanical trauma to the skin. That is, instead of the drawn pattern, you can get inflammation in the eyebrow area, which heals very difficult and takes a long time.

If the decision is made, all that remains is to choose the appropriate method.

Tips to help you get rid of eyebrow tattoo yourself:

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent and can destroy almost any color pigment. This is the basis for its use in home and cosmetic hair lightening procedures.

Is it possible to withdraw completely?

The degree of tattoo removal depends on the number of sessions that the girl underwent at the cosmetic center. The proportionality is direct: the more visits to cosmetology a woman has had, the better the style of work of the cosmetic service is derived.

Also, the quality of tattooing depends on the density of the pattern. The more complex the work performed by a cosmetologist, the more difficult and longer it will take to remove it from the girl’s lips. That is, when performing shading or a 3D effect, a woman will have to visit a beauty salon longer than standard times.

Usually the work is not completely removed, because to completely remove the dye from the epithelial cells, a long and strong impact on them is required. And this either takes a lot of time or severely damages the sensitive epidermis on the client’s face. Consequently, usually after completing a course to remove work, a part of the style remains, which then naturally comes off, by burning out or being washed out of the lips.

Tattooing is a gentle and safe technique, but it is quickly and firmly attached to the client’s face. Complete removal of the result is usually not required, it is enough just to reduce the sharpness, which usually happens within four visits to cosmetology. The removal of the remaining effect occurs later, gradually, without aggressive effects on the tissue.

Which eyebrow tone should I choose?

Choosing the right eyebrow tone is very important, although today there is no shame in having bleached eyebrows. For many women, a light tone suits them much better than a dark one. The dark color of the eyebrows gives the face seriousness and severity, while the light tone gives ease and spirituality.

It is very important to adhere to the rule that the eyebrow arch should have a color that matches the color of the hair or be one shade darker. But if you watch fashion shows, very often stylists paint the eyebrow arch a whitish shade.

It is forbidden to dye your eyebrows with lightening hair dye, as it may inadvertently get on the mucous membrane of the eyes and cause irritation. For these purposes, it is better to use the advice and recommendations of traditional medicine or choose the most gentle method of lightening hairs.

If there is a radical change in image, when transitioning from dark hair color to light, and also if your skin tone is light, then you should lighten the eyebrow arch. Sometimes there are cases when the natural hair color is light, but the eyebrows are much darker. With this combination, they look unnatural, so you need to quickly change their tone to give the image sophistication and femininity.

How to lighten eyebrows after coloring

Sometimes, when you radically change your image, you have to change the color of your eyebrow arch. If such changes do not bring the desired result, you have to return to your previous appearance, but with eyebrows it’s a little more difficult. In order to return them to their original color after henna, it is worth making an effort.

You can take the advice of traditional medicine and apply olive oil to a cotton pad. Then wipe the eyebrow arches and wait a couple of hours until the oil dries, and then wipe the surface of the eyebrows again, only with a dry cotton pad. This way, you can wash off all the paint in one day. Every time you wipe the surface of your eyebrows with a cotton pad, the paint will also wear off, and at the end of the day it will be completely erased.

How to lighten eyebrows with hydrogen peroxide?

Lightening with hydrogen peroxide is the simplest and cheapest way to give your hair the desired shade. You can purchase this product at any pharmacy, and a doctor’s prescription is not required at all.

Hydrogen peroxide, due to its properties, is able to slow down the release of coloring pigment in each hair, so the color of the eyebrows is lightened and subsequently does not acquire its original shade.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Apply hydrogen peroxide to a cotton pad;
  2. Rub the disc in the direction of eyebrow growth.

This procedure should be performed no more than once a day for one week, until the shade of the eyebrow hairs achieves the desired result. If you perform this procedure several times a day, you can dry out the skin and cause inflammation and irritation. So you should not overuse peroxide and perform the procedure more than recommended.

If the eyebrows have a rich color, then it is very difficult to lighten them; hydrogen peroxide is unlikely to cope with this task. Here you need to use either cosmetics that can change the color of the eyebrows, or use a whitening cream. If you use the second option, then after a couple of sessions you can notice the result.

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