Recommendations for caring for eyebrows at home

Parting your eyebrows – a way of self-expression or a failed procedure?

It is believed that a scar or stripe on the eyebrow was a symbol of belonging to a certain subculture. Most often it was shaved by rap musicians. However, it is no secret that as soon as one of the youth idols demonstrates a new brand in clothes or makeup, fans immediately pick it up. They are followed simply by people striving for individuality. Changes on the face are a way of self-expression or protest for them.

The popularizers of this new trend like to talk about how it is a sign of masculinity, courage and bravery. But, most likely, initially, it was someone’s unsuccessful visit to a cosmetologist or a defect received when the brow ridge was cut in a fight. How else can you beautifully justify a scar on an eyebrow that appears as a result of a girl’s inept use of a razor? The best way is to declare such a stripe a fashion trend!

eyebrow strip

It's simple! You post a photo with a scar on Instagram with the caption that this is a new trend. Then it all depends on how authoritative and popular you are. Subscribers and fans of bloggers quickly pick up a new fashionable idea. And now there are a lot of photographs on the Internet with stripes-scars on the brow ridge.

Further more! Once a new trend is launched into fashion, it immediately begins to improve. For some, one strip on the eyebrow is not enough; they shave several. Their width and direction change, the scars become a real work of art.

A detailed description of the procedure for eyebrow correction with wax

You can model the shape of your eyebrows with your own hands. The procedure will take about half an hour, and the effect will last a month or even more. First you need to prepare the following items:

  • eyebrow waxing kit;
  • hairpin or strip;
  • tweezers;
  • scissors;
  • eyebrow brush;
  • large mirror;
  • wax heater, if you plan to shape your eyebrows using hot wax;
  • cleanser;
  • wooden spatula;
  • wax strips;
  • powder or talc;
  • wax remover, you can replace it with oil or petroleum jelly;
  • soothing lotion.

When all the necessary materials and tools are at hand, you can proceed directly to the procedure.

Step-by-step instructions on how to wax eyebrows

  1. It is necessary to remove hair from the face by pinning it back or wearing a special bandage or scarf. Otherwise, you may accidentally lose the curls on your head.
  2. Carefully examine the condition of the eyebrows, making sure that the hairs have the optimal length. Comb your eyebrows if necessary. Hairs that are too long or protruding should be trimmed or pulled out if their absence does not disrupt the integrity of the shape.
  3. For convenience, it is recommended to outline the future contour, then treat the skin and hairs with a special degreaser, and apply a small amount of powder to the area around the eyebrows.
  4. Now you can apply the wax. The application procedure depends on the type of modeling product chosen. But this should be done very carefully, carefully avoiding getting wax on hairs that do not need to be removed.
  5. If after eyebrow correction there are single hairs left in some places, you should remove them with tweezers.
  6. It's time to get rid of the remaining wax. This can be done using a special product or oil, and then apply a soothing lotion to the skin.

How to make a stripe on your eyebrows?

If you are interested in this trend and you decide that a shaved stripe on your eyebrows will suit you, then you can experiment with your appearance.

To imitate a scar on the eyebrows, it is better to contact a professional stylist or cosmetologist. The specialist will help you choose the appropriate design for the brow ridge and perform the procedure quickly and accurately.

Those who want to decorate their eyebrows with a strip themselves need to know that this can be done in several ways:

  • shave with a razor or trimmer;
  • pluck with tweezers;
  • use wax strips for depilation.

Each of these methods can be used at home.

eyebrow strip

There are 3 types of eyebrow wax

  • hot;
  • low temperature;
  • cold.

Hot wax for eyebrows
To remove hairs in the area of ​​sensitive skin around the eyes, it is better to choose hot wax

. It does not have such a destructive effect on the structure of the epidermis and captures hairs better.

Before use, hot wax must be warmed well so that the consistency of the composition resembles a viscous mass. After this, scoop up a little product with a spatula and carefully distribute it in the direction against hair growth.

Velvet facial wax strips

Cold wax

for eyebrows is sold in the form of plates; you can find it at almost any retail outlet. Its appearance resembles 2 small rectangular strips connected to each other by a layer of hair remover.

Before you start shaping your eyebrows with it, the plates must be rubbed between your palms. Once they warm up a bit, they will be easier to separate. After this, the strip is applied to the desired area.

Veet facial wax strips

Low temperature wax

can be found in specialized stores. It is available in the form of cartridges with replaceable applicators, making it convenient to apply to the skin in the direction of hair growth. This product also needs to be heated before application, but not as much as hot wax.


Before you shave a strip on your eyebrows at home, you need to carefully consider:

  • where it will be located - on the right or left side of the face;
  • how wide will the space be?
  • how many stripes there will be - one, two, three;
  • how they will be directed - straight or at an angle.

It is important to decide on all these parameters in advance. After all, you are not just going to apply makeup, but remove hair. If the result is not quite what you expected, it will be impossible to fix anything in the near future.

Therefore, to better imagine how the strip crossing the eyebrow will look, use a cosmetic pencil. Paint over the area you are going to shave with a light tone. Look at your face in the mirror. Better yet, take a selfie. After all, the effect is always better visible in the photo.

eyebrow strip

Once the design is finalized, prepare disinfectants. This could be hydrogen peroxide or any other disinfectant from the pharmacy. They will be needed in case of careless movement with a sharp razor. After all, it is very easy to cut an eyebrow.

Features of wax

In a broad sense, waxes include certain chemical substances of both natural and artificial origin. Natural substances include plant (carnauba wax, pine resin, latex, etc.) and animal (beeswax, lanolin, etc.) varieties; and industrial ones - fossils (ozokerite) and petroleum compounds. Currently, the vast majority of waxes are made from petroleum. Many of the listed substances are used in cosmetics, as independent products or as additives to other substances.

A variety of natural and artificial compounds are used as eyebrow wax, which causes their differences in properties. Their main purpose in eyebrow cosmetics is:

  • epilation (depilation);
  • coloring, modulation and ;
  • healing and strengthening functions.

Many cosmetics include carnauba, beeswax, and lanolin as minor additives to enhance properties.

How to part your eyebrows with a razor

There is nothing easier than making a stripe on your eyebrows with a razor. Take the one you are most comfortable with. This could be a straight razor, a disposable razor, or an electrical appliance with a special trimmer attachment.

Mark the area to be shaved with a cosmetic pencil. Shave your hair in one precise, confident motion.

Use your usual aftershave cream or lotion.

Shaving a strip of eyebrows using a razor is a good option for those who do not intend to walk around with such a mark for a long time. After all, shaved hairs will grow back after a short time and hide the traces of your experiment. If you like the effect, then you can periodically shave this area or use another method of hair removal for a longer lasting effect.

Sculpting wax for eyebrows

The modeling composition is made on the basis of silicone and paraffins and allows you to maintain eyebrows in a condition close to ideal. This wax fixes hair, provides natural shine and rich color shade. The cosmetics are sold in the form of a tube and are equipped with a special brush. The wax is applied similarly to eyebrow mascara. The most common shade is brown. The wax maintains the desired shape of the eyebrows throughout the day, and is easily washed off in the evening with plain water.

The modeling composition is applied to combed eyebrows, laid in the desired direction. The wax fills the entire volume well and colors each hair along its entire length without changing the color of the skin. When purchasing, you should not choose a completely transparent composition.

The leading manufacturer of modeling cosmetics is Lumene; waxes such as Blueberry Shaping Wax, Blueberry Eyebrow Wax, etc. are popular. They are based on stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, candepil wax, blueberry extract and other ingredients. Cosmetics are sold in various rich shades. For example, light brown wax is perfect for light-colored eyebrows.

Hairless strip on eyebrow with tweezers

You can part the eyebrows of men or girls with tweezers. For those who know how to handle this tool, this will not be difficult. Outline the area with excess vegetation with a pencil and pluck out the hairs on it with tweezers. It will hurt. But beauty requires sacrifice.

It is important to understand that imitation of an eyebrow scar using this method will last longer. After all, tweezers pluck out hairs from the root (hair follicle). After such a procedure, the follicle from which the hair grows will need time to recover and start growing a new hair shaft.

Sequence of the procedure

Eyebrow waxing does not require significant costs: neither physical nor material, and the process does not take up much free time.

Sequence of procedure.

For the procedure to be successful, you should follow these instructions:

  1. Degrease your skin using toner and a cotton pad.
  2. Sprinkle your skin with baby powder or talcum powder.
  3. Depending on the chosen application method, prepare the wax: using a special stick, take a small amount of the prepared epilation product. If using strips, warm up with your hands.
  4. Distribute the product in the direction of hair growth. When using for the first time, do a small test on an area with little hair.
  5. Without waiting for the product to harden, apply a strip of cloth and wait until the product adheres tightly. Sharply tear off the strip in the direction against hair growth. Repeat until unnecessary hairs remain.
  6. The final point is the complete removal of the cosmetic product from the face.

As you can see, the procedure is very easy; you can do it yourself or with the help of a close friend. With a competent approach, a little practice and high-quality materials, home correction will be in no way inferior to expensive salon procedures.

Without a doubt, no matter how much effort you put in, eyebrow correction with wax will not be successful the first time, well, or not as successful as you can see in stylish photographs in magazines.

To achieve such a result, you must improve, continue to develop your skills and follow a few tips, namely:

  1. Ready-made stencils with specific shapes will help you create a more perfect shape for your eyebrow arches. Having brought it to your face, you need to outline the hairline, and then proceed to the procedure itself.
  2. Cold wax is definitely not suitable for those with skin prone to irritation.
  3. When using sets with hair removal sticks, strictly follow the instructions.
  4. To examine all imperfections, use a mirror with two surfaces: regular and magnifying.
  5. To reduce pain, take a piece of ice and rub it over the area to be corrected.
  6. To remove eyebrow wax from your face, use baby soap or Vaseline.

Girls who regularly use wax to correct their eyebrows note that skill and practice will help you achieve the ideal shape.

It is noted that wax hair removal brings the least pain in the area of ​​the brow ridges.

Most people are afraid of applying wax to their skin for the first time. But if a girl has ever dealt with wax hair removal, there should be no difficulties with the procedure.

Colored wax.

When applying, try not to take too much mass, as you can accidentally touch areas of the skin that do not need epilation with strips of hot wax.

If the mass stops sticking to the skin, remove the wax with tugging movements. Irritation is removed with regular talc.

Using wax strips

This method of hair removal is quite effective and safe. To begin with, you need to make a clear parting on your eyebrows so that the wax strip captures only the hair that needs to be removed. Then the wax is applied to the desired area and, after hardening, is torn off along with the hairs.

eyebrow strip

Any of these procedures carries danger. After all, one wrong move and you will get a real scar on your eyebrow. Why do you need such a mark for the rest of your life? After all, fashion is so changeable!

Key Benefits of Eyebrow Wax

Women always pay a lot of attention to their face. They take the most responsible approach to eye makeup. To visually enlarge them and make them more expressive, a lot of attention will have to be paid to the eyebrows. Excess hairs and their excessive density disrupt the ideal curve of the brow ridge. To change this and make life easier, eyebrow wax was created for women.

If you use it for modeling, you will have the following advantages:

  • with regular use, hair growth slows down significantly;
  • long intervals between procedures, on average they are 4-6 weeks;
  • some types of wax are suitable for removing coarse, thick, dense and fast-growing hair;
  • saves time;
  • the pain is not as strong as when plucking with tweezers.

Before and after eyebrow correction with wax
Eyebrow correction with wax is a responsible task that requires certain skills and dexterity, otherwise it will be quite difficult to achieve the ideal eyebrow shape.

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