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22-02-2020, 14:23

Author: Erica Radostnaya


How to make a man want to have a childIn our last article, we already talked about men who do not dare to have children. As it turns out, there are several reasons for this reluctance. But, as you know, a person’s opinion is quite changeable. This means that a woman, with the right approach to her man, can simply awaken in him the desire to have a child as soon as possible. How to do this correctly, read our new article. Material reason

If a man refuses to have a child, citing the fact that your family is not financially ready to take such a step, it doesn’t matter.
You just need to prove to your man that no matter how high your family’s income is, there will always be not enough money for something. However, if you have a stable income, and even better, your own home, you can decide to have a child. Psychological reason
In this case, things are somewhat more complicated.
Perhaps the man should just be given a little more time and wait until he “grows up.” Or, you can show him that a child is not as scary as he thinks, and you are an adult and independent woman who is ready to share with him all the hardships associated with the birth of a child. Moreover, you can prove to him that you are ready to take on the vast majority of these concerns. Fighting banality
If a man is convinced that having children is banal, and with their appearance your family will no longer be different from the rest, you can give him a lot of other banal examples.
For example, getting married is banal. More time for each other
If a man is not sure about something, be there for him.
Communicate with him, bring him into frank conversations, and you will understand what the real reason for his insecurity is. At the same time, try to prove to him that your relationship will remain unchanged even with the advent of a child. Talk about the positives
Tell your spouse about all the positive aspects that will appear after the birth of the child. Perhaps the man thinks that children are unnecessary worries, and nothing more. Try to prove that you believe in your man and that he can handle the child. Prove to him that you trust him and really want to have children with him. But, do not forget that quite often a man may refuse to have children, citing, for example, financial instability. But, in fact, he may simply be afraid of becoming a father. But in this case, you have a great way to practice understanding how a person feels who does not express his feelings in words. Be patient and you will succeed.


Who is it suitable for and who is not?

I give this method to everyone, but it is not suitable for every woman! Of course, there cannot be a strict ban here. I will explain what the essence is, and you will decide for yourself whether this is your method or you have a different strategy.

You already have an image of the bearer of the smell - I wrote about it above. It is clear that not all women are like that, and among the “not like that” there are people who are very, very closed, loaded with thoughts about their worthlessness and inferiority, stuffed to capacity with a bunch of complexes and prejudices. This water is contraindicated for such people. She will break you, she will twist your brain and ruin your life.

Why do I say this? Try to imagine a situation where suddenly such a reserved girl is faced with the manifestation of male attention in places and situations that are unexpected for her. She immediately gets lost and tries with all her might to “dissolve” in the surrounding environment, to merge with it. But she fails. The man, seeing that his prey is running away, begins to catch up and behave more and more persistently. The woman gradually panics. The man is perplexed, but so is she. If he perceives this behavior as a game, he may allow himself to be much more assertive than is permissible. A prolonged game will turn his passion into lust, and this is where the big problems begin...

This is a simple sketch of a possible development of events, but in essence, I can say the following. Due to the composition of Florida water, the “fiery” qualities in a person are strengthened, to whom this is completely unusual and alien. This fact will “break” a person from the inside, “exhaust” him, and create the feeling that the person is “out of place.” Encouraging a person to act unusually, to express himself habitually, the person receives the same unusual “echo” in the form of non-standard (in his opinion) reactions of others, and the like. All this can stress a person to such an extent that he develops the feeling that he is not living his own life, but someone else’s. All this will ultimately only lead to irritation, dissatisfaction, and will make a person more hot-tempered and aggressive.

The composition of Florida water is a passion stimulant. And if you:

  • you don’t even admit the thought that you are a passionate woman or can become one, or you think that there is no point in even striving for this,
  • if a man's passionate gaze is perceived by you as an insult,
  • if the way a man’s passion manifests itself is undesirable and uncomfortable for you,
  • if you think that passion has little value in a relationship between a woman and a man,

This composition should not be used as a perfume. He's definitely not right for you. You probably have your own ways and your own trump cards.

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