Girlish weakness. What are men's biggest weaknesses? Male psychology

What is feminine weakness expressed in and why does it attract?

According to the men themselves, they see women’s weakness in the tenderness of the chosen one, her desire to be protected from various everyday adversities, and the inability to solve all possible problems at once. They subconsciously want to protect and protect such a girl. A man cannot go against his natural instincts. If his beloved is helpless in front of some task, then the guy will definitely find a way to get out of the situation.

A woman’s weakness in front of a man is also attractive because we are all drawn to the opposite. It’s a rare guy who wants to live under the same roof with a girl who can hang a shelf, repair the family car, deal with rowdy neighbors, or fix a leaking faucet. And on the contrary, a woman is unlikely to be happy if an infantile creature is waiting for her at home, unable to make a single independent decision. Conclusion - look for balance, as in my article “Why does a girl need determination.”


A weak woman is a happy woman

There is a wonderful phrase from a famous Hollywood movie: “Women win by losing.” This is absolutely true because men like to feel stronger. Almost every man will like it if a woman feels protected next to him.

This is how you can get the sweetest and most wonderful husband. In this case, the family will be strong and indestructible. Feminine and fragile ladies will always attract those men who appreciate beauty. And these are true romantics and wonderful family men.

Otherwise, you risk becoming your husband not a soul mate, but a rival and competitor. This family model is not suitable for everyone. Men react very strongly to games and competition. Many representatives of the stronger sex begin to doubt, because why take care of someone who can take care of herself, and also of her partner in addition.

The most attractive female weaknesses

Each person is unique, but the male sex has common character traits that are characteristic of almost everyone. In terms of love for women's weaknesses, this also works. Most of all, men like the following:

  • weakness for beauty. Almost every lady loves everything unusual and beautiful, so men love to observe the genuine joy of their woman who has received a beautiful gift. This delights them and increases their self-esteem;
  • readiness and desire to accept help. Fragile ladies who cannot open a heavy front door are another reason for a man to show his good manners and attention. Any male representative loves it when a woman does not refuse physical assistance;
  • unwillingness to be alone. Any man likes to feel that his soulmate needs him, because she cannot and does not want to be lonely. Of course, we are not talking about power, which implies disrespect or manipulation of a partner. But men like to realize that their ladies need them, and that they simply cannot do without them.

Any deviations from a woman’s true purpose and character entail consequences. Of course, there are men who love female athletes - strong, muscular and independent, but there are still fewer such representatives of the male half of humanity. The ideal of beauty for most is a weak, fragile and attention-demanding nature.

However, everyone has their own picture of family happiness. If you are a representative of the fair half of humanity, and you don’t like some weaknesses, do not adopt them. Sometimes just the love of beautiful and elegant things is enough, and sometimes - the usual readiness for a gallant gentleman who will hold the door for you.

Remember that weaknesses should be treated as a game and nothing more.

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What weaknesses do girls have in relation to guys?

  • Women's main weaknesses in sex are romance and tenderness.

For example, beautiful, sensual foreplay is liked by the vast majority of beautiful ladies. Another female weakness in bed is compliments, enthusiastic epithets with which a man describes her appearance. Many young ladies literally melt when they hear how seductive, exciting, and desirable they are.

  • In a man's appearance

An extremely common female weakness is strong male arms with clearly defined veins. Seeing them, the girl already imagines herself in the strong arms of a guy. In addition to hands, female weaknesses and popular triggers in male appearance are: a clearly defined strong-willed chin, strong abs, elastic buttocks and broad male shoulders.

  • In everyday life

On an everyday level, women are attracted to men's ability to quickly solve problems that arise. Let me give you an example: your kettle burned down. While the girl sits and worries about the breakdown, the guy will already google several successful replacement models and find out the addresses of stores where they can be bought.

Type 5: Generous

Most of us have Soviet and post-Soviet ancestors in our family background, who had to live in difficult times. The ideal person “with life experience” was considered to be one who is good at biting others and defending his own. Perhaps someone in your family advised you to look for just such a husband: a tenacious one, with whom you will not be lost. Therefore, anyone who behaves differently seems strange to us. Who is ready not only to take, but also knows how to give.

Generosity is not only about material generosity and endless gifts. It is also about the willingness to forgive, not to take revenge, and not to respond to evil with even greater evil. If you didn’t immediately hit the offender in the jaw, but just looked at him with regret, this is not about weakness, but about self-respect. He is not ready to stoop to the level of a boor.

And that’s precisely why he doesn’t go to his neighbor’s throat with a knife, demanding the immediate return of the 500 rubles he borrowed before payday. He understands that if a person respects himself, he will repay the debt at least for the sake of preserving self-esteem. And if not, then it’s useless to demand with a knife.

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Why are men attracted to feminine weakness?

Women's weaknesses that attract men are a certain helplessness, confusion in the face of complex problems. Seeing that the girl cannot cope with difficulties on her own and needs his help, the man will feel like a protector who can provide the woman with peace and comfort. Believe me, such awareness is very flattering.

Type 4: open

In our culture, it is not very common to talk about our feelings. While it is still forgivable for a woman to admit that she is sad, scared, or anxious, a man is not allowed to do this. He simply must always be Olympic-style calm, fearless and unshakable.

In fact, only psychopaths are truly fearless. They have damage to the frontal lobes of the brain, and it is this feature that allows them to climb through a balcony without a safety net onto the twelfth floor or run away from armed police laughing.

A living and healthy person feels both fear and sadness, is aware of these emotions, and can talk about them. But he is also capable of acting in spite of them, overpowering and overcoming.

Why do they say that female weakness is strength?

Surely you have often heard this expression and wondered: how can a weak person be strong at the same time? Look, girls: every time you show your weakness - for example, telling a man that you can't reach a box from the top shelf - he feels proud that he can help you. This means that he gets drawn into your game and begins to feel more and more tenderness and affection for you.

I’ll offer a little life hack: if you have never demonstrated helplessness in a relationship with a partner and don’t know where to start, then start with intimacy. Female weakness demonstrated in sex will definitely turn on a man and become a powerful stimulus for him.

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What male weaknesses are disgusting

Women are contemptuous of men's weaknesses. They don't respect their partner if he constantly acts like a wimp and can't make a decision. It was after this behavior that the expression “rag” appeared. Even a lady, who is often very careful, makes the right decision much faster and does not deviate from the path. But a man can drag out the problem for years and even decades.

What else do women find disgusting about a man's character?

  • Self-pity. Many men, instead of solving problems, just walk around and complain to everyone. Sometimes, if a person drinks, he simply goes on a binge, believing that in this way he will solve the situation. He complains to his friends that he is not appreciated at work, is not loved at home, and that he himself is an unrecognized genius who is about to receive the Nobel Prize.
  • Cowardice. If a man is offered a promotion and he refuses, this is weakness. When a wife is offered a promotion and the man does not want to go with her, this is cowardice. In a word, whatever one may say, the inability to boldly look forward and act is disgusting.
  • Laziness. Living with a person who constantly stares at the TV, although everything in the house has fallen apart, is disgusting. That is why they will never forgive him for this. The woman gets tired of being pushed every time and provoked into action, and she sets off on her own, where there are no such idiotic men.

What manicure is not in fashion in 2020

  • Weakness physical and moral. A man must be strong, period, decisive, self-confident. Behind him it should be as easy and simple as behind a stone wall. Let the mumbles continue to live with their mother, and their holiday is March 8th. If a woman is tired of waiting for action from a guy, she will leave. And nothing will stop her, even if you promise her a million. By the way, the lady also hates fake promises.
  • No strong-willed qualities. Even a woman’s will is much stronger when she is sick and has a fever to earn money to feed her child. Therefore, she will not forgive the cowardice of a man who gave up everything halfway.

Yes, women are demanding, but they are the ones who raise children. And it depends on how the mother raised her how her son will grow up. A mumbler and a liar - she was raised poorly.

Guys believe that a woman wants a lot from them. But the lady also gives a lot. Strength and emotions, the ability to understand and forgive, so do not disappoint the lady, be more decisive and courageous. There is no need to blame it on shyness, circumstances, or lack of money. When a man really wants something, he will move mountains. The rest is the lot of dreamers who only have enough to dream.

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A few more distinctive features

Armed with some knowledge, you can easily determine that there is a weak man next to you. The signs are as follows:

  • He is characterized by sacrifice. A man tries to please everyone (or cannot refuse to fulfill other people's requests). This is usually done for the sake of everyone's approval.
  • Does not like change and conflicts. Moreover, this also applies to positive changes in life. A weak person likes to be in the “comfort zone,” even if it is not characterized by the most favorable conditions.
  • Suppresses his emotions and feelings. Weak people are afraid to demonstrate their state of mind. They prefer to experience all joys and troubles within themselves.
  • They love female company. In a male company, where everyone is successful and ambitious, it is difficult for such people. But with the ladies they quickly establish friendly relations.
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