How to make a guy ask you to meet and not forget about you?

How to get a guy to write first: women's tricks, tips and tricks

Most modern young ladies are still under the sway of the established stereotype that the first step in a romantic relationship between a man and a woman must certainly be taken by a young man. He should come up to meet you, invite you on a romantic date, and write first. Is this position justified in the realities of our time? Can representatives of the fair sex take initiative, even in a soft and unobtrusive format? Let's talk about this right now. Let's consider the main question that girls so often ask themselves: how to get a guy to write first?

How to get a guy to write first: women's tricks, tips and tricks

Control over the situation

For example, you met in a cafe or park and exchanged contacts, but several days have passed and there is still no news from the guy, although the young lady probably felt that she liked the young man, and she also liked him. What to do if the notification of a new message does not appear on the smartphone display? You should take some control into your own hands. We have put together a number of tips that will help answer the question of how to get a guy to write first!

By the way, experts in the field of relationships talk about the need to take into account the fact that male representatives at the very beginning of romantic relationships can be incredibly shy, and therefore any communication is difficult for them. Therefore, an unobtrusive step forward from a girl for whom a guy shows sympathy is perceived by him as a valuable gift.

How to get a guy to write first: women's tricks, tips and tricks

Could there be consequences?

Witchcraft affects the energy of both the bewitcher and the bewitched. Therefore, negative consequences are possible. If white magic was used, the side effects are not too dangerous, since such techniques do not suppress the will or destroy the person’s personality.

Black witchcraft is more dangerous. If a sorcerer imposes his will on another person and destroys an established couple, he will be deprived of the opportunity to meet love in the future. Relationships with a bewitched person rarely become happy, since the person’s character changes greatly. There may be jealousy, aggression, excessive craving for sex, or vice versa, a complete lack of sexual desire. If the fortuneteller does not protect herself, she will receive consequences of the same severity as the bewitched one.

SMS by mistake

Instead of tormenting yourself with the most incredible versions of why a young man does not get in touch without leaving his mobile phone for a second, you can simply provoke the guy to communicate. For example, you can pretend that you made a mistake and send him a message as if it were addressed to some other person. True, it is desirable that it be intended for a friend, and not another man. Otherwise, the guy may continue to ignore you further. What do you need to do to get a guy to write first? Send him something like: “Hi! I read your book, I’ll return it when we meet!” or “We’ll meet our classmates at the skating rink on Saturday!” Most likely, such a message will arouse the guy’s interest, which means he will enter into correspondence with you or even call you.

Empty message

In the event that you cannot decide what text to write, send a completely blank SMS. In response to a logical question about what this message means, you can say that you made a mistake or this is some kind of phone bug. And of course, ask about the young man’s plans for the weekend.

How to get a guy to write first: women's tricks, tips and tricks

The most typical situation is that you like a guy, but he himself does not dare to do anything more than just friendship. And in order to push your chosen one into a relationship, you need to work hard.

First, you need to determine the reason why your betrothed does not consider you as a lover

Often, men simply do not notice the special attitude from girls. But this is not a reason to throw yourself on his neck every 15 minutes or constantly loom in front of him. Besides, you shouldn’t call this man “friend.” In this case, even if there are reciprocal feelings, he may become embarrassed and make the decision “friend means friend.”

The option in which you ask him to date should not even be considered. No one has canceled men's pride. It follows from this that your gentleman must come to this decision himself.

Secondly, it is necessary to determine a plan of action to “capture”

Any girl intuitively feels how much a man likes her. And if you feel mutual sympathy, feel free to take action. Just don’t become a toy for him, a doll, ready to run at the first word and do whatever he says.

Become indispensable and unique for him. Don’t try to imitate the dolls from glossy magazines, create yourself differently, different from others. Also prepare a full arsenal of all sorts of “tricks” that will help you in the future.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about updating your wardrobe. Don't forget to buy underwear too! Buying underwear from the Annebra online store will be a pleasure for both you and your boyfriend. You just need to save it for a special occasion, when you are already at a new stage of the relationship.

Interests of a man

Also, you probably know about a man’s secret passions, interests and what he doesn’t like. Don't ignore this. It's like buttons that you can press unnoticed. Most likely, your chosen one loves football, hockey or some other sport. Amazing! You may not be as addicted to it, but you definitely won't miss the opportunity to offer your company to the next game.

A man is a child

They need to be admired and supported. Just without fanaticism. This must be done from the heart, sincerely. Your lover will easily feel the falseness, and this will only turn him away from you.

And lastly, this is freedom.

It is very important for men to have their own zone. Let him know that you are not claiming his personal space. And, in the end, if everything works out, he will let you in there himself.

It's stupid to wait for the weather by the sea! Take action and everything will work out!

Comments and likes

Quite often, immediately after meeting, young people’s communication is transferred to various social networks. However, it also happens that even on sites that encourage correspondence, a young man is in no hurry to establish a connection. You may notice that he liked the photos he liked and even commented on some, but that’s where all his actions ended. How to get a guy to write first on social networks? Try to be cunning again: comment on a new photo that he posted on a page on a social network, leave your favorite or simply interesting musical composition on his wall, or send him a virtual gift. If after such actions the guy does not rush to enter into a dialogue, we can draw conclusions: you probably simply exaggerated his interest in himself. Please note: you do not need to rate all posts or comments in a row. You should only leave messages that are relevant, otherwise it will simply look stupid.


It is enough to learn a few phrases and repeat them to your beloved spouse as often as possible. A particularly quick effect occurs if you pronounce these phrases not individually, but in groups. The first step to loneliness: tell your husband more often that he is a complete nonentity. And in order not to seem like a rude woman from a rural market, wrap your rudeness in a beautiful wrapper. For example, when counting his salary, roll your eyes and say: “And you seriously consider this a salary?!” And, without taking a breath, talk about your neighbor’s (sister, friend, colleague) husband, who puts that kind of money on the nightstand next to the bed every morning and doesn’t wince. And so that your husband doesn’t think it’s enough, add that “those” husbands earn money at work only six hours a day, and the rest of the time they raise children, wash dishes and cross-stitch. The second step to loneliness: remember your exes as often as possible. It’s better to start in kindergarten and move smoothly to school and college (the main thing is not to hide anything, in colors, colors, please!). It is very important not to forget to sigh bitterly when your husband gets ready for bed and appears before you in all his pristine glory. Remember at this moment “Sasha”, who never threw his socks on the chandelier and smelled fragrant like a chamomile in July. And in order to be absolutely sure to direct your steps towards eternal loneliness - sometime in your free time, walk through the manhood of your betrothed. No, not physically, not like a dumpling roller, but purely in a feminine way - with a sharp tongue... Compare the purely external characteristics of his “friend” five times with everything you’ve ever seen in life and – EVERYTHING! You can consider yourself free. Third step to loneliness: crash his car. Three times. During two months. An important nuance: get behind the wheel of his car only if you have been denied a driver’s license fifteen times, and your civil passport bears the stamp: “Attention to all interested parties! This person is not fit to drive a car!” If you did manage to get a license, this method is not suitable: a cute trick with his favorite car may be forgiven... In this case, you can destroy his collection of pipes, break his favorite gun, poison his dog. And bat your eyes: “How? That is yours? Is this dear to you? But I didn’t even know.” And to show with all my appearance that I knew, knew, knew. And yet, she climbed into his male territory with her boots, like a dirty invader. The fourth step towards loneliness: invite his mother to visit you as often as possible. And make huge scandals with her! This method is especially effective if your husband and his mother have sincere friendship and love. The fifth and final step to loneliness: forget that you are a woman. Stop shaving your legs, using deodorant, and combing your hair. Gain 20 kilos and learn to crack seeds so that a long, long string of husks hangs from your lower lip. How lovely, isn't it?

New avatar

Another great way to get a guy to write first is to set up a new avatar on the social network. There are a number of recommendations that should be considered if you want to attract the attention of a young man you like:

  • the facial expression in the photo should be positive and cheerful, the ideal option is an open, sincere smile;
  • do not forget to demonstrate your strengths - the new photograph should have some detail that will allow you to stand out from others;
  • forget about vulgarity and intrusiveness, it can leave a negative impression of you.
  • How to get a guy to write first: women's tricks, tips and tricks

    It is worth noting that an avatar is a great way to declare your own interests. It's very good if you and your boyfriend have similar hobbies. Not stating this in a new photo on a social network is a real crime. By the way, it is not recommended to put sparkles, rhinestones and quotes on the photo that seem witty!


If a young man never writes first, but responds to your messages, this may indicate that he is simply not completely sure of his feelings. Does he maintain sluggish communication, but is he in no hurry to move on to active action? Perhaps at the moment you are simply on his “bench”. First of all, you need to think about whether you need it. You can also try to clarify this situation by asking him for some kind of service or help.

How to get a guy to write first: women's tricks, tips and tricks

How to get a man to text you first

This is very useful knowledge) Because then you won’t have to sit and think about writing to him first. He will write to you himself!

Of course, we are talking about those cases when you know that a man likes you, but for some reason he does not write to you first. And here's how to encourage him to do this:

1. Stop being available. You can't be free all the time. The more time you devote to him, the less he will think about contacting you and writing to you. Keep your distance. You don't have to ignore him or avoid him outright, but just don't always be available. The more he misses you, the more he will want to talk to you first.

2. Give him a reason to text you. Why would he write to you? Think about what reasons he might have other than the fact that he likes you. You can post some photo online that might interest him or make a post that will intrigue him.

3. Determine how much he generally likes texting. Some men just don't like texting. They prefer to call or talk in person. So if he’s one of those people, he won’t write to you first. Unless it's just to arrange a meeting. And there's nothing you can do about it. Just remind him that he can write to you whenever he wants.

4. Stop texting him first. The point is to stop texting him and make him miss you. You can even interrupt the conversation by saying that you need to go and that he should text you later. This will intrigue him and motivate him to write to you.

5. Spend quality time with him. Think about it. What makes a man want to talk to a girl? When he really likes her. The more fun you have together, the more he will want to continue your conversation.

6. Give him a reason to remember you. He should think about you as soon as you break up, when he comes home, when he goes about his business. This means making a good impression. Be cheerful, joke, laugh at his jokes.

7. Get along with his friends. This will not only help him make sure that you are good. He will still be impressed and delighted with you.

8. Tell him everything. Maybe he doesn't even understand that it bothers you that he doesn't text you first. Maybe he, too, is just waiting for your messages, because he knows that you will definitely write to him. So just ask him what's wrong.

How to get a man to text you first

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Common friends and interests

Do you know about the young man's hobbies? Be sure to take advantage of this! For example, if he leaves a post on a social network page about the achievements of a football club, write to him that the last match was very good, and they showed a similar result at the last championship. You can also take advantage of meeting the guy’s friends. Moreover, the closer the friend is to the interesting object, the better. He will certainly tell his friend about the pretty, interesting girl he met. How will this help you? The factor of rivalry can play a significant role. In this case, you don’t even need to be active: it will be enough to leave a “like” on any of the guy’s posts or photos, and then just wait, while communicating with his friend. Why would this make a guy text first? As you might have guessed, he will want to personally meet a girl who would understand him, and the rivalry factor will only increase his interest, because men so love to achieve something. By the way, you should communicate only with male representatives, but you should not establish contacts with close friends, sisters or the guy’s mother yet, because sooner or later this can result in pimping, and the young man will simply be afraid of such pressure.

How to get a guy to write first: women's tricks, tips and tricks

Are you around more often?

If it is extremely difficult to lure a young man into your network in the virtual world, you can try to interest him in reality. To do this, it’s enough just to be nearby as often as possible. True, you cannot overdo it here, otherwise the young man may begin to associate you with the source of trouble. How to get a guy to text you first? If you often communicate at work or school, offer to work together on an interesting project or simply share responsibilities to make the work easier and more efficient. Of course, to communicate you will need to exchange phone numbers. If you hint that sometimes you are very busy, the hunter’s instinct will turn on again in the young man, which means he will certainly write first.

This is taboo!

Play, but don't get carried away. Falsehood has never adorned anyone; moreover, it repels. Naturalness and sincerity are very important in relationships and your relationship will depend on how you behave.

Don't forget about the rules of grammar and punctuation. Ignorance of the basic rules will make you a laughing stock and will irritate the guy. As a last resort, look for a program that will show you errors (there are free ones and online ones on the Internet). Do not overuse exclamation marks, question marks, or emoticons. You left kindergarten a long time ago, right? So, don’t go back there if you are in the mood for an adult relationship, otherwise they will play with you like a doll and put you back on the shelf.

Never go for things like love spells. It has its own laws and its own nature. No one can say unequivocally that love spells or damage do not have a serious basis. Essentially, this is energy. And the old witches unequivocally state that an uninitiated person will harm both his loved ones and himself. Therefore, when thinking about how to get a guy to write first, note the thought of the intervention of third forces. At best, you will run into charlatans who will extract all your money from you, and at worst... This is a separate topic...


Tips on how to get a guy to text first may not work if you break the basic rules of communication. You shouldn’t try to take over all of a guy’s personal space: under no circumstances comment on his every post, don’t “like” all his photos. You should not subscribe to all the communities in which he is a member! Your profile on a social network should not look like a place of worship in front of this guy, your avatar should not scream that you need the attention of this person. You shouldn’t establish contacts with all his friends and acquaintances, much less share with them information that you are trying to win this guy’s heart. In no case, in pursuit of a man, do not forget about yourself and your interests. You should be natural, sincere and independent - this is the main secret of how to get a guy to write first!

How to get a guy to write first: women's tricks, tips and tricks

How to make a guy ask you to meet and not forget about you?

You've been communicating well for some time, perhaps you've even had your first kiss. And so you sit and rack your brains - who are you related to each other now? You seem to like him, but at what point can your relationship be considered “official”? How can I get a guy to ask him to meet? Is it possible to somehow push him to take this step, or can I just wait?

What does relationship status affect?

how to get a guy to ask you out
It would seem, why all these labels? If you communicate regularly and reciprocity is felt, why rush somewhere? But in fact, all women want stable happiness. The more attached we become to a person, the more afraid we are of losing him. And while this is just an acquaintance or friend, you have no guarantee that one day he will not simply disappear from your life without further explanation. That is why many girls are concerned about the question of how to get a guy to propose dating. Once you become a couple, you will have obligations to each other. You probably already imagine how you can proudly introduce him to your friends or even relatives as a boyfriend, and not just an acquaintance.

The path from “I” and “you” to “we”

Why do you dream about an unfamiliar guy?
If you are sure that he is in love with you as a girl, you can begin to act. Try to show your special attitude towards him. Praise him, admire him as a man. You can sometimes even say something like “what a good guy you are, I wish I had one like that.” But the most important thing is not to cross the line: you should not be too intrusive. It’s not enough to meet a guy who suits you, you also need to be able to win him over. Try to communicate with him as much as possible. Come up with common plans, attend some events together. If most of his life is connected with you, he himself will be afraid of losing you and will take the step you need. In fact, if you know him well, you can already figure out how to get a guy to ask you out. You should become exactly the kind of girl he sees next to him. The most important thing is mutual understanding, support and good attitude towards each other. Everything else will definitely follow.

How to get a guy to ask you to meet: secret tricks

Meet a guy
Say the word “we” more often, but remember that it should be natural. For example, in sentences like: “And we’ll go...” or “We like you and I...” If you regularly use this strategy, you will become much closer to each other, and he himself will begin to perceive you as a couple. Also try to please his friends, but under no circumstances flirt with anyone other than him. Pay attention to various signs: if you don’t know why an unfamiliar guy is dreaming, then one of the meanings of this symbol is the beginning of a new relationship. If you just recently started communicating, try to avoid topics about your personal life. The most advantageous position is to tell her that you are free from feelings, have not had a partner for some time and therefore feel ready to start a new relationship. If he talks about his ex, don't be too negative about her, but don't forget to casually add that you think her behavior is wrong. The most important thing is that the criticism is justified and sounds natural.

Magic rituals

Even without any special witchcraft skills, you can perform a number of actions that will attract the attention of the person you are interested in. For example, you can make the simplest energy bindings. How to get a guy to text first? A spell with a photograph can be very effective. Look carefully at the photo, and then imagine the young man with your eyes closed. As soon as the image in your head becomes clear, try to keep it in your thoughts, repeat the following words 9 times: “My long-awaited (name of your loved one), why don’t you write to the servant of God (your name)? I am really looking forward to your good news. I want to talk to you. I’m a good girl, pretty, stately, and you’re not the only one who likes me, but others too. But only for you alone I want to be loved and significant. Take your phone, servant of God (boyfriend’s name), and send me a message. And when I answer you, your heart will tremble. Joy and love will fill him. As I said, so it will come true. Amen".

The magical ritual is quite simple, but effective. The girls who used it noted that it not only helps to gain the interest of the young man they like, but also restores the broken spiritual connection.

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