How often to do it?

The frequency of watering a tree primarily depends on the conditions of its existence. If the plant lives in a dry climate, then it needs more frequent watering; if the humidity is high, then it should be watered less often.

In summer

When watering a plant in summer, first of all you should pay attention to the temperature regime.

If the weather is hot, then the frequency of moisturizing should be increased. If the weather is cool, then you need to water less often to avoid waterlogging, which can lead to rotting of the roots.

On average, watering in summer is carried out 1-2 times a week. Also, experienced gardeners recommend providing the plant with an influx of fresh air in the summer; for this, the tree is taken out onto a balcony or terrace.

in autumn

Autumn is a time of rest; when watering in the autumn, pay attention to the condition of the soil ; water the fat plant only after the soil has completely dried. On average, watering is carried out once a week.

in winter

In the cold season, the plant goes into peak dormancy, so control of the watering process is important, the main thing is not to overwater the fat plant during this period of time. The plant is watered 1-2 times a month in winter. But if the fat plant overwinters in cold conditions, watering is strictly prohibited.

in spring

In spring, plants wake up and begin to grow with renewed vigor, and the active formation of new leaves begins.

In the spring, the fat plant is moistened once a week. As the weather gets warmer, watering times are increased. If the tree is young, then it is watered more often.

Crassula tree care at home

Crassula is quite easy to care for. The most important condition for maintenance is calm. By following simple rules for caring for a tree, you can achieve good growth and flowering.


After purchase, be sure to replant it in a pot with prepared soil mixture.
In stores, peat mixture is used for transportation. It is not suitable for the constant growth of the money tree. The young tree grows quite quickly. Therefore, it requires annual replanting . An adult is transplanted once every 2-3 years, in April or May. After planting in new soil, careful watering is necessary to avoid rotting of the root system.

Crassula has a very heavy ground part and weak rhizomes. Therefore, shallow but wide pots are chosen for planting. If the plant is mature, then after replanting it can be strengthened with supports. Remove the supports after 2-3 months.

Be sure to lay a drainage layer at the bottom. You can use expanded clay or crushed brick.


Ready-made soil mixture for planting can be purchased at the store. When making the mixture yourself, take 1 part sand, deciduous soil and humus and 4 parts turf soil. To prevent diseases of the root system, birch coals are added to the soil.


The money tree loves moderate watering. It will more easily tolerate a lack of moisture than its excess.

Since the fat plant is a succulent, it has a supply of moisture in the trunk and fleshy leaves. Frequent watering will lead to rotting of the root system.

In the spring and summer months, water when the soil dries by about 4 cm. In winter, water no more than once every 3-4 weeks. For irrigation, use soft water that has stood for 3-4 days.

Air humidity

Additional moisture is not required for the money tree. Spraying is carried out solely to remove dust from the foliage, as well as to prevent the appearance of pests.

Feeding and fertilizer

For feeding, universal fertilizers for succulents are used. Fertilize the soil no more than once a month. In winter, 0.5 parts are added after moistening the soil.


During the spring and summer months, it is desirable for the temperature to vary between 19 and 25 degrees. In autumn, lower the room temperature to 17 degrees. In winter, the temperature should be 15-17 degrees. If the temperature is maintained, the plant will develop correctly.

Light mode

Crassula loves to be in the sun. The most suitable location is on south-east windows. On warm spring days, as well as in summer, take the tree out into the fresh air, onto the balcony or into the garden. In winter, when there is little lighting, place it on southern windows. And also create additional lighting, extend daylight hours to 10 hours.

What does frequency depend on?

Crassula does not need frequent watering; the frequency depends on many factors, such as:

  • location of the flower (lighting, proximity to heating devices);
  • transplant timing;
  • current time of year;
  • humidity and temperature conditions in the room.

The determining factor in the frequency of watering a money tree is its growing conditions. The optimal temperature regime for the active growth of the fat plant is considered to be 19 – 25 degrees Celsius. For the autumn season, the temperature is reduced to 15 degrees, and in winter, it is enough to maintain + 5 degrees, since practically the plant goes into hibernation in winter.

How to water the fat plant correctly?

In order for the money tree to delight us with its beauty, it is necessary to organize impeccable watering. The regularity of watering depends on the time of year.


Many inexperienced gardeners ask the question: “How many times a week can you water the crassula in the summer?” During the hot season, watering is necessary up to twice a week. During this period, the soil dries out quickly and must be closely monitored.

It is necessary to check the soil, since the top layer dries out, and moisture can remain near the roots, which can lead to rotting of the root system. To revive the money tree, it will take several weeks. But if this happens, the flower needs to be transplanted into new dry soil and the damaged roots must be removed. If the summer is dry, it is recommended to water the plant frequently.

At the same time, you should not over-flood the tree so that there is no water in the pan, as this is detrimental to the plant.

Autumn and winter

With the arrival of autumn, the soil should be almost dry. It is optimal to flower once every seven days, in extreme cases 2 times. In winter, watering must be reduced. If the conditions for the plant in winter are warm and comfortable, then watering the money tree is required up to twice a month. But if, with the onset of cold weather, the conditions for the plant are not very favorable, then it is better to avoid watering altogether for a certain period of time.


In the spring it is necessary to resume watering. The plant needs to be watered twice every seven days, but the dryness of the soil must be taken into account. If the soil is very dry, you can increase watering.

What kind of water should be used for irrigation?

If watering is done correctly, the result will not keep you waiting long, and the tree will delight you with its chic shape. And for this, the money tree needs to be watered with settled water at room temperature. You can irrigate with melt water since it contains a small amount of impurities. Experts recommend spraying the leaves of the fat plant after a certain period of time and wiping off the dust with a damp cloth.

How to water a tree after transplanting?

After the money tree has been transplanted, it is forbidden to over-moisten the soil because the plant may not take root in the soil, the root system will rot and this will lead to the death of the flower.

Most novice plant growers, when they go on vacation, ask the question: “How many times a week can you water the fat plant?” The money tree is a flower that should not be watered often. Before it is recommended to water the flower and remove it from direct sunlight.

If the temperature in your room is high, it is permissible to sprinkle the soil with moistened expanded clay. It perfectly absorbs water and releases it to the ground when necessary. With proper watering, the money tree will be comforting with its beautiful appearance.

However, in addition to watering, the fat plant requires the correct temperature, good lighting, and fertilizing.


It is not advisable to place the fat plant next to heating devices. The optimal temperature regime for a flower is from +19 to +25 °C. In autumn, it is enough to keep the temperature within 15 °C. During the wintering period, it is allowed to maintain a minimum temperature of + 5 °C, but not less.


In order for the money tree to grow actively, it is necessary to provide a sufficient amount of light, otherwise the flower may die. Crassula needs good lighting, but does not tolerate sunlight, this can damage the flower, the foliage will wither and fall off. In addition, leaves may fall off due to lack of fresh air.

Therefore, it is recommended to place the container with the tree on the windowsill, which is located on the south or east side of the house. With the arrival of warm days, the money tree needs to be taken outside more often. In autumn and winter, professionals advise placing the flower on a south-facing window.


How much fertilizer do you need to apply for the tree to grow strong and healthy? It is best to feed the fat plant after watering; under these conditions, beneficial components are preferably absorbed by the flower. It is recommended to fertilize the plant in spring and summer. It would be optimal to feed the fat woman 1 or 2 times every 30 days. Fertilizer must be selected for cacti. During cold weather, the dose is usually halved.


Crassula is quite unpretentious to the soil. Mostly, professionals advise using soil for succulents. Or you can prepare the soil yourself at home. You need to take turf soil (4 parts), leaf soil (1) and sand (1) and mix everything. You also need to make good drainage; this can be done using small bricks. The drainage should be placed at the bottom of the tank in which the flower is supposed to be placed. You need to choose a shallow pot.

How to determine when it's time to moisturize?

In order for the plant to please with its appearance, it is necessary to follow the watering technology.
Many novice gardeners ask themselves this question: when is it time to water, the answer can be found by looking at the condition of the soil. It is necessary to monitor the soil substrate in the root zone because it can be dry while the soil underneath is moist.

Reference ! To analyze the internal state of the soil, you should carefully pierce the soil with your finger; if at the depth of one phalanx of the finger the soil is dry, then it’s time to moisten it. Looking at the top of the surface will not help, as it may become crusty.


There are two ways to water Crassula at home:

  • above;
  • through the pallet.

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages; the grower independently chooses which method is preferable for his tree.


For this type of watering, you will need a watering can with a narrow neck and a diffuser. The advantage of this method is that the water is thus delivered directly down to the roots.

The plant is unpretentious, even if water gets on the stem or leaves when watering, nothing will happen to the money tree. 1 hour after humidification, the excess water that has formed on the pan is drained.

Through the pallet

Hydrating a plant through a tray is often used by experienced gardeners when the plant has not been watered for a long time and the soil has completely dried out.
Pre-prepared water must be poured into a tray or other container, place the plant and pot in this container and wait until the soil absorbs the water; the duration of the watering procedure is on average 30 minutes.

The advantage of such watering is good prevention of the formation of fungi, since the roots do not become waterlogged with such watering. But there is also a significant disadvantage to watering through a tray.

Nutrients together with moisture rise from the roots to the top of the plant, which can lead to a deficiency of useful elements; this whole situation will negatively affect the plant itself.

Some secrets of caring for a money tree at home

The indoor Crassula flower is an unpretentious plant, but flowering can only be achieved if certain growing rules are followed. Like all indoor flowers, the Crassula needs to follow a watering regime , without waterlogging or drying out, as well as timely and proper feeding.

The money tree or Crassula is considered an unpretentious talisman flower that, with proper care, can become a real interior decoration

Crassula with a thick trunk

Many gardeners try to grow a fat plant with a thick trunk, believing that such a plant looks the most decorative. In this case, you need to pay attention to the following circumstances:

  • large varieties of Crassula require regular pruning in spring or autumn, as well as fairly limited irrigation measures;
  • large decorative indoor crops prefer rather large flower pots for full growth and development, which stimulates growth processes and has a beneficial effect on the thickness and strength of the stem part;
  • Pruning of such large plants can be done year-round, but the most active growth of indoor perennials is observed in autumn and spring.

It is not difficult to form a standard plant into one trunk. Particular attention will need to be paid to the uniform growth and development of the crown, as well as growing the crop in a fairly heavy and stable flower pot.

Crassula: care features (video)

How to achieve flowering

As a rule, few, even experienced gardeners, can achieve delicate and very attractive flowering of Crassula at home, which is due to the botanical characteristics of the perennial crop. A fairly large succulent plant native to the arid regions of South Africa, so to obtain flowering you need to create certain conditions:

  • placement on sunny windows facing southwest;
  • cultivation in a loose and sufficiently nutritious soil substrate suitable for cultivating cacti and succulents, with the addition of medium-grained river sand;
  • fertilizing approximately twice in the spring and summer months, as well as in early autumn, with special fertilizers for feeding cacti and succulent plants;
  • the presence of a comfortable temperature in the room, which in summer should be approximately 25-27 ° C, and in winter – 6-10 ° C.

Particular attention should be paid to compliance with the irrigation regime. Summer watering should be rare but plentiful, using settled water at room temperature. In late autumn and winter, watering should be significantly reduced and aimed only at minimally moistening the soil in the flower pot.

The indoor Crassula flower is an unpretentious plant, but flowering can only be achieved if certain growing rules are followed.

Subtleties of Crassula reproduction

Propagating a money tree does not present any difficulties and is accessible even to novice flower growers. Indoor Crassula can be propagated in several ways, but the most popular is cuttings and rooting shoots 10-12 cm long, which must be carefully separated from the parent plant and dried at room temperature for 24 hours:

  • when rooting in water, it is necessary to remove the lowest leaves from the shoot, and then immerse the lower part in a container filled with water with the addition of a few drops of root, which speeds up the formation of roots. If the technology is followed, the roots appear in about a couple of weeks, after which the plant can be planted in a permanent place in a flower pot;
  • Rooting in a nutrient soil mixture is also a very affordable way to produce a young plant. A drainage layer of a mixture of coarse sand and fine gravel should be poured onto the bottom of the planting container, after which a mixture based on garden soil and river sand in a 1:1 ratio should be poured. A cutting is placed in the recess, which needs to be watered relatively generously with warm, settled water.

Reproduction by leaf is carried out according to the same scheme . Further care for the rooted plant is not complicated and consists of timely watering and fertilizing. The seed propagation method is most often used by breeders to obtain new varieties and hybrids, and therefore is practically not in demand in indoor floriculture.

Indoor Crassula can be propagated in several ways, but the most popular is cuttings

Diseases and their treatment

Quite often, if the growing technology is not followed and there are no comfortable conditions, the leaves of the indoor fat plant fall off and wrinkle. In this case, you need to focus on the following signs of disease:

  • leaves fall off due to insufficient moisture or when too cold water is used for irrigation;
  • excessive moisture, especially in winter, provokes paleness and wilting of the foliage;
  • darkening and wrinkling of leaves is most often the result of insufficient irrigation measures;
  • the elongated and ugly above-ground part of the fat plant indicates a violation of the irrigation regime and insufficient lighting in the growing area;
  • If brown spots have formed on the leaves, and the above-ground part of the indoor perennial itself has become soft, then it is recommended to ventilate and treat the plant with antifungal agents.

It is especially difficult to cure indoor crops affected by root rot . In this case, rotting of the base of the stem part is observed. In this case, all affected parts are removed, the cuts are sprinkled with crushed coal and the plant is transplanted into new soil and a clean flower pot. It should be noted that if the cultivation technology is followed, the plant can only be affected by pests in exceptional cases.

What kind of water is needed?

Flower growers choose water carefully; the healthy growth of the plant largely depends on the quality of water. It is not recommended to use tap water , as it contains a high chlorine content, which can be detrimental to the fatty acid.

It is advisable to use pre-purified water to moisten the fat. If it is not possible to filter the water, then take water from the tap and leave it for at least 6 hours in a glass jar with an open lid to evaporate all harmful substances.

The water temperature for irrigation should be room temperature . A good alternative for irrigation is melt water, which does not contain harmful microelements.

To prepare it, the water in the container should be placed in the freezer, wait until some of the water freezes, then the top layer of water is drained, harmful substances accumulate in it. The ice is allowed to melt a little, heated, and water is poured over the fat plant with melt water.

Is it possible to spray and when?

In addition to the basic hydration of the root system, plants need to obtain moisture from the leaves.
However, the money tree is not at all demanding of spraying. However, if the air in the room is dry, or it is too hot, then you can sprinkle the leaves of the fat plant a little with filtered or melt water. Dust should be removed from the leaves from time to time by wiping them with a damp cloth. It is enough if spraying is carried out once a month.

Reference ! When spraying money tree leaves, it is recommended to cover the soil with polyethylene to avoid excess moisture.

Spraying is carried out in the evening, and direct sunlight should not be allowed after the procedure, otherwise there is a risk of the leaves getting burned.

Crassula (money tree): care at home - growing in summer and winter

How to care for Crassula (money tree) at different times of the year? Planting and growing a plant will lead to excellent results if you provide the seedling, and then the bush, with the correct temperature conditions.

In summer, the plant tolerates heat of up to 30 degrees and above better than many inhabitants of window sills.

However, if you live in a region where all summer long the sun’s rays heat up the space on the windowsill to 50 degrees or higher all day long, move the flowerpot to a less hot place or shade it for the entire warm season.

Excessive exposure to direct sunlight depresses the plant, its foliage turns red around the edges and turns yellow in the center, and photosynthesis deteriorates.

It is better for plants of this type, especially the Buddha Temple species or tree-like crassula, to overwinter at a temperature of 10–12 degrees, without watering, in a dark corner of the room.

How to properly carry out the procedure after transplantation?

Watering the tree after transplanting is important. The main thing is to prevent the soil from flooding. Flower growers need to remember that the principle “it is better to underfill than to overfill” applies. The plant tolerates dryness well, but excess moisture will lead to rotting and death of the root system.

There are two principles for watering a tree after transplanting:

  1. If the tree was replanted urgently, after flooding, and the roots were left to dry, then after replanting the plant is moistened completely, a little, and thoroughly moistened after a couple of days.
  2. If the transplant of the fat plant was planned, then it must be watered immediately.

During the first watering after transplanting, the soil shrinks. The gardener needs to wait until all the water has drained through the holes in the pot, pour it out and add soil to the pot, and moisten the dry soil a little more.

After replanting, it is necessary to moisten the plant moderately , removing excess water from the pan. Crassula is transplanted only in the spring.

What to do if a flower is flooded?

If the grower over-moistened the plant and it turned out to be flooded, then the only way out in this situation would be to transplant the fat plant into another soil.
This is the only way to save the plant from death. The money tree is carefully removed from the pot, with a small lump of earth, the root system is carefully cleared of soil, the roots are allowed to dry a little, they can be wrapped in a napkin to speed up the drying process and remove excess moisture. The fat plant is transplanted into already slightly moistened soil; it is not recommended to water it for the first two days after transplantation .

Important ! If during transplantation rotten roots are found in the root system, they are carefully removed.

Watering Crassula at home does not cause difficulties for gardeners, and is famous for its unpretentiousness. However, for healthy growth, it is necessary to observe the frequency of irrigation, maintenance conditions, time of year, only compliance with all measures will prevent the plant from causing disease and its death.

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